On the back of a public bus

I read a really hot true story the other day on a girls blog, the orignal can be found here http://hunnyhive.com/view/profile-blog/id/205

and this is what she looks like to give you an idea for the story ;)

The gist of it goes like this...

"Heres one of my best times on a bus for you... one time I was wearing a pair of crotchless tights and got on the bus (the bus journey goes out through the country a bit to my village, so I get a good 10-20mins without a stop to play about :P), there was a couple of people near the front, and one really cute young lad (maybe 18ish) sitting at the back right, so I went and sat at the back as well on the left and noticed he kept looking at my legs (my skirt was pretty short as well...) I decided to have a laugh and started to lift my skirt a bit more and cross my legs to show him a bit more leg, i could see him trying to look out the corner of his eye, so I did this a bit longer and then really started making it obvious I was doing it for him... after a coulple of mins I slid over to his side, he said nothing but I could see a v large bulge in his shorts! (I think he had just been playing football), I was feeling very horny so just decided why not and slid my hand over his lap and started rubbing it... he said nothing so I kept going, after a moment of that I decided to get it out, OMFG it was huge... i nearly screamed... I slowly started to rub it and it just seemed to get bigger!! It was easily as wide as my arm, and I could barely get my hand round it! I was getting so wet looking at this huge cock on the end of this really cute boy, I really wanted to swing round and jump on him, but i think that would have been a bit obvious to the rest of the bus... so I kept tossing him off getting quicker, next thing I know he puts his hand down and under my skirt, right onto my bare pussy, I was in heaven!! I couldnt help moaning out loud, but luckily the buses were loud enough to drown it out, anyway we continue to do this for a few more mins then I realise my stop is coming up in a bit, so I speed my hand movements up, and I think that pushed him over the edge, after about 20 seconds his body starts to shake and his monsterous cock starts to throb and then gallons of cum start pooring out, it went all over my hand and some on my skirt... and a few seconds after that we pull up to my stop, so I stand up, give him a wink and walk down the bus with a dripping pussy and hand/skirt covered in cum! I couldnt help smiling when I walked off the bus, and was sooo horny for the rest of the day! Anyway, thats a fun story for you :)
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3 years ago
Great story- reminds me of my college days and getting my girlfriend off while she jerked me off.
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
do you ride the same bus back??? everyday? wow if the other riders only knew??? great story
3 years ago
Hot, wish i took the bus more. xox
3 years ago
Which bus was that again, Oxford to where precisley???

Nice story, pity he didn't get his cock into you
3 years ago
Nice..I hope I get to have an adventure on a bus too...
3 years ago
Whooo! Makes me wanna ride the bus!