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I like it when you watch me stroke myself, make myself cum. I like imagining you touching yourself, too. Staring at my rigid, veiny tool. My squirting, sticky juices dribbling between my fingers.

I masturbate in the shower with the curtain pulled open and the window blinds up. I cum in front of the neighbors every morning, all slick with hot water and oil and ejaculate. I cum in a glass and sip it in full view of the sidewalk and the common area. Every morning at the same time. No matter who is walking by, or how slowly (sometimes they stand outside the window and pretend not to watch and I pretend not to notice) I force myself to stay hard and ejaculate, no matter how nervous and shy I get.

I am very shy, so forcing myself to push through that and show off for strangers in such an intimate, vulnerable way has been hard. But wicked fun.

I also drink my own cum. The taste changes depending on the time, but also on how long since the last time I came, and on what I'm drinking. If I'm drinking a lot of water, then I cum a lot and its very silky and liquid and mild. If I've been on a hike or I'm dehydrated, then my cum is more like jelly and thicker. And the flavor is stronger, more metallic. If I've been drinking coffee, my cum can even taste like coffee flavored candy. It makes a good creamer in my morning cup.

I usually jerk off in my morning coffee, careful to take my time and stand in the big, open window so my neighbors can watch. Hot French Roast with hot ejaculate. Sometimes I drink it down in front of them and lick strings of sperm from my lips. Sometimes I pour the coffee and jizz into a travel cup so I can sip it on the highway on my way to work. In stop and go traffic I have to be careful not to spill on my dress shirt. Coffee stains are embarrassing enough without having to explain cum stains on my tie.

I like to show off for the neighbors. A few months ago, my wife and I went out on the balcony and she played with my cock. She was fully clothed but I was stark naked. And so, so hard. And oily. I masturbated into her mouth. I came a LOT. Mostly on the t-shirt stretched over her double-Ds. She slurped up the rest loudly.

My gay neighbor's blinds were open. I could see him and a friend inside on his couch facing us. Our balcony is right in the line of sight of his TV. Were they watching us?

I hope so. My wife told me she watched him doing the same thing to one of his guy friends out on his balcony a couple of days before that. In broad daylight. In front of all the neighbors surrounding us.

I hope he was watching. I hope all of the neighbors were. Watching my eyes close. And my mouth open. And my cockhead swell and my balls tighten. Watching me ejaculate onto my wife's tongue while they touch themselves. Or each other.

We're getting more daring.

The other night I went out on the balcony alone while my wife went downstairs to the sidewalk below our balcony. I poured oil all over my cock and stroked it til it swelled so long and so hard that the steel rings dug into my hard flesh. I lit myself up with my smart phone, playing a double penetration vid by Angel Dark. (Its in my favorites if you want to see it.) While my wife watched me from the common area lawn, I lit up my cock from below with the video, exposing every pulsing vein twisting around my engorged tool. She watched me stroke myself, the oil dribbling down the hard length of my dick, between my fingers, dripping off my jiggling balls...

And then she lit me up with the big Mag light. It's the same kind the police carry around and its like a million candle power or something. It looked like a search light at a red carpet event. I could see my reflection in my gay eighbor's window, bright white against the red stripes of his open blinds.

Long legs, flat belly, smooth chest, and long, hard, gnarly erection bouncing between the steel supports of the balcony railing.

In her hoodie she watched me , naked and hard and shameless.

I knew everyone in our neighborhood could see me jerking off. How could they miss me in the glare of that blinding light? And still my wife held the light on me. She looked over her shoulder at the surrounding buildings, at the greenbelt to see if anyone was walking their dogs or coming back from the hot tub, or stepping out onto the balconies that surround us. But she kept the bright white beam on me as I masturbated for her.

My breathing became ragged. I could hear it surprisingly loud and clear in the quiet night air. My night vision was ruined. I would never know if any other people were watching my performance. I had to trust her to turn off the beam if anyone was coming.

All I could see was my stiff meat sliding back and forth between my fingers. My cock rings jingled and flashed in the neighbor's window. My fist gripped my tool harder, stroking faster and harder. And then suddenly slower as I reached the tipping point. I studied my reflection. I heard my wife giggle in the darkness.

A tingling, amazing, knee-weakening orgasm washed over me and I barely had tome to stick my meat out through the railing before I exploded in ecstasy. A geyser of clear white ejaculate shot out of my veiny meat, lit up from below by the blinding light. It squirted in pearly neon ropes into the night air and splattered on the sidewalk at my wife's feet. It dangled like a necklace from the green metal railing and from the leaves of our plants. I heard my grunts echo back at me from the surrounding buildings.

As the last squirts of liquid spattered and dribbled out of my cock, she killed the light and headed toward the stairs. I looked around at all my neighbor's windows to see if I was being watched. What would I do if I caught someone looking? Someone doing the same thing as me?

I know you like to watch. That's why I posted my pics and vids here. I imagine you dipping your fingers into your dripping pussy, or stroking your hard shaft, staring at me stroking, masturbating, orgasming, ejaculating for you, and licking it up.

It's a thrill to participate vicariously in strangers' orgasms, either while watching or being watched. The more strangers, the better. Especially for a shy guy like me.
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