My ass

I had been with my guy for 3months and we'd been gradually experiencing and experimenting with each other and until one day we were lying in bed and he asked about taking my ass.

I explained I had my ass licked before and enjoyed it but wasn't sure about actually being fucked there. He said that was ok and he would never pressure me.

it was never raised again and a few weeks later I woke up in the morning to find my boy parting my legs as i lay on my tummy. He knew first thing in the morning was one of my horniest times and that I love to be woken up by someone teasing me.

He lifted my bum up and pushed a pillow under me, I expected him to start attending to my pussy but he didnt...his tongue went straight to my ass. I jumped slightly and he told me to relax and enjoy. He slowly tongue fucked my ass and I was loving it. he slipped a small vibrator into my pussy so both holes were slightly filled and enjoyed.

he took his toungue out and I felt his finger pushing against my ass, i wasnt sure i was ready for this...I had toyed my ass alone but never with someone. he moved away and although I felt relived I was also a bit disappointed. Then he came back, parted my ass cheeks and slide, what I know now was, a plastic syringe full of lube in my ass...then he moved a finger in.

He told me to relax and that i could lead it and slowly i found myself grinding down onto his finger, he told me it looked great. I came very fast and he said i wasnt done. He started to feed something soft into my ass and told me he was going to gradually stretch my ass with a blow up dildo, i knew he wanted my ass and over the next couple of hours he stretched me til i was ready for his cock, 5mins in my ass and he filled me with him cum
64% (11/6)
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4 years ago
nice but a good enema will help
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
I would have lasted more than 5min.
4 years ago