Me and my gentleman

at long last we agree to meet on a Thursday. it's been hard between my insecurities and his naughty side but he agrees that he wont actually meet anyone for the first part of us getting together. I know this means he is giving up a lot so I feel it is only right I become his slut.

weeks before he had asked to get me an outfit from my wish list...I was surprised to find it popping through my door this morning - I didn't know he had bought it. I decide not to mention it but pack it in my bag to take with me.

he picks me up outside my office and takes me straight to his. we go in and he says he will make something to eat. He knows i'm fussy but i know he will make my something lovely. I ask if I can have a shower while he cooks, of course he answers. we've agreed we will have a long weekend together, just dedicate it to as much pleasure as possible and I'm all his until he drops me back at the office on tuesday morning.

I go into the shower, make myself relax and feel great, lots of body lotion and then the outfit. neither of us have mentioned it, I dont think he knows i've got it. I feel great. I've never worn latex before but he loves it, hence why he bought it for me. although very shy and not very confident with my body I do love dressing up for my guy.

He shouts through there's a box at the side of the bed for me, I wonder what's in it, I open it to find me what I would call fuck me shoes, far too high, far too slutty but really work with the outfit. I slip into them and go through to the kitchen. he turns round and a huge smile spreads across his face - wow I knew u would look amazing lucie but didn't expect u to be that hot.

He turns off what he is cooking, grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom. We have a couple of hours of slowly pushing my boundaries and I doze off to sl**p. When i wake up he's not in bed, I turn over and I find a card, I open it to find a note saying I told you I would treat u well...2 tickets to amsterdam leaving the next morning and I think back to one of our last conversations on XHamster where I remember him saying he would love to take me there to get some fetish clothes and I smile...I cannot believe my wildest fantasies are coming true with this wonderful gentleman xx
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4 years ago
very good but short
4 years ago
Mmmmm lovely story, Lucie! xxx