At last we and my wonderful gentleman

I met Lucie in a hotel after much, much texting and emailing: we'd exchanged over 250 messages on xhamster and although she talked a great game in her amazing stories, she was extremely shy in person.

But eventually, she set me a challenge. Seduce me, she typed.

So I wrote her a story. And this is what happened.

I booked into Prestonfield House, a very beautiful, and wildly expensive hotel in Edinburgh, and made sure that not only had they put a bottle of chilled champagne on ice in the room, but I'd paid them to get their florist, Maxwell Flowers, to make a beautiful arrangement of flowers in the room too. The blooms were perfect, just emerging, and their scent filled the suite with their erotic charge.

I'd also arranged with the staff that we would only be disturbed if I made a certain phone call, and with that I left the arrangements to them.

Lucie arrived around 7. She'd had a long, tiring day organising the world's business and she was very stressed.

15 minutes after she arrived, there was a knock at the door. She answered it, and there was a very handsome young black man standing there, carrying some towels, and a basket of oils.

"i had a call," he said. "apparently you need to be relaxed. That's my job, and I love my work."

He told her to get undressed and lie down on the huge bed, and began to rub the cares from her back, neck and shoulders.

The oils were exotic and heavily scented with geranium and lavender, so Lucie was in heaven. his strong hands kneaded, probed and caressed her delicious body and as he went to work, deeper and deeper, she fell deeply, happily asl**p.

When she awoke, the lights were low and 100 candles had been lit around the room. She tried to turn her head to see what else had changed, but she found that she couldn't move.

What on earth had happened?

She realised that not only had her hands been tied behind her back while she was asl**p, but her ankles had been shackled to a steel bar, and on the table next to the bed, a vast array of sex toys had been arranged.

She looked slowly over them: among other things, she recognised a glass butt plug, two neatly tied japanese bondage ropes, a set of nipple clamps, a blindfold and a set of perfectly matched black and glass, twisted dildos - going from modest to enormous in size. There were other things there that she wasn't too sure about.

What looked like a pumping system, with a cup on one end... and other smaller tubes, that went to much smaller suckers... a bottle of liquid silk lube.... a red plastic syringe.... a ball gag.... an inflatable cock.... and a glass of champagne, gently sparking.

From behind her, she heard movement. Someone else was in the room, and they were getting up out of a chair from the sound of it.

There was a gentle creaking sound, as of leather or maybe some other material, as the person stood.

And then came the voice.

"Hello, Lucie," it said. It was a deep, brown, masculine voice. Friendly, amused, trustworthy, but undeniably sexy.

"I've been waiting a very, very long time for this evening. And I think it's time that we turned fantasy into reality, don't you?"

The person moved beside the bed. Lucie looked up to see a hooded figure wearing a latex mask. Otherwise he was naked. But as she looked down, she could see that she had obviously excited him; his cock was thick, hard and swollen. Leaking pre-cum, it was only inches from her face. He brought it closer, but not close enough for her to lick or suck. Just close enough for her to smell his sex, and she knew that at last, the moment had arrived....
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3 years ago
omg how wonderful, fabulous so excited, nervous, anticipation, feeling it all ohhh i wish xxxx
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
a beautiful intriguing lead to a glorious moment in the sexual life of a woman that we all would like to know and love. Please continue
4 years ago
Lucie your great at story writing really liked this one jack sounds familiar :)
4 years ago
love it babe....
4 years ago
Lucy had been nervous about this night. They had exchanged so many messages, he knew her inside out. Her every characteristic, most of her thoughts and even more amazingly, understand why she was the way she was but he could still see past all that.

He knew she was shy from the moment they first spoke. He also knew he was the only guy she had moved from online to offline by trusting him with her details. She felt honoured that he trusted her enough to let her into his inner Jack.

He intriged her, he had from day one. He stood for everything Lucy wanted sexually and so much more. She worried that she wouldnt meet his expectations, might not be naughty enough but knew in her heart that he accepted her for who she was and that he would never push her into anything.

She also felt they had such a special connection that it would never be a one off and that slowly and gently he would show her how to experience things she had only ever dreamed of and some that she hadn't ever considered. She knew he would teach her how to satisfy him but also to see what he saw, a big beautiful, slightly nutty, lady.

No matter how much she pushed him away he had remained a close friend and tonight she knew he would become more. She was nervous, this was never how she thought things would be, she had trust issues and was insecure but she trusted Jack enough to know he would never hurt her and would try to make her ok with this.

That night, after a long day and week at work she turned to him. He was the one person that could make her feel good, even at her lowest. When she asked him to seduce her she never thought he would put in so much effort...she had expected maybe dinner and a couple of drinks, but when he told her which hotel to go to she knew he meant business, he was the best as seduction.

As she stepped into the room and opened the champange she felt the worries of work start slowly to slip away. She had no idea when he would be there and wondered if that was him when the door went. Slightly disappointed she found it wasn't but she was very apprecaitive of the opportunity to unwind further with a massage - he knew she went for them fornightly and loved it.

Slowly but surely the tension disappeared and suddenly she woke up. She knew she had been sleeping for a bit as outside had gone from light to dusk and she thought she would make the most of the wonderful view of edinburgh.

Then she realised she wouldnt be making the most of anything. She couldnt move. Seeing the toys she gasped, both excitement, nervousness and anticipation. Behind her she heard him move, knowing her wonderful Jack was there, and had probably spent some time admiring her body from afar while she slept
4 years ago
Mmmmm you horny girl you: please write more!