Cleaning in the kitchen :)

Ok, so it's Saturday afternoon and our weekly clean of the house. It's not the most exciting way to spend a saturday afternoon but with my boy and I so busy at work all week and Friday night being date night and Sunday being fuck day then we need to keep the place clean on a Saturday!

So my boy was tidying up the bedrooms & bathrooms and I was in charge of the living room and kitchen. I had already decided that I wanted a change from the usual, boring, cleaning afternoon so had started to hatch my plan on the Thursday night, gathering all I might need on the Friday after work and popping it into the cupboard at the back door.

We have lunch together and I'm flirting outragously...last night we had a great date night at the cinema, with me rubbing the inside of his thigh for most of the film, feeling his hard cock grow in his trousers. by the time we got out to the car after the film he told me he was covered in precum so of course I had to unzip him and look...that wasn't enough so i decided to taste and sucked him til he came in my mouth...only took a few minutes but it was the release he needed and he should how grateful he was when we got home...anyway I digress.

So we finish lunch and take the dishes through to the kitchen and off my boy goes to start tidying. I open the fridge and pour myself a large glass of wine...I cannot believe I feel nervous! Taking a large sip I move to the back cupboard and lift out my bag. Inside I find the basque and suspenders. I slip out my lounge gear and into the basque...oops my boobs seem to ahve grown since i last wore it and they are spilling out over the top. I slide on the suspenders and clip them in they're holders...this will really help as I plan a lot of movement. I pop on the ridiculously high heels I have - I cant walk in them but they are totally fuck me high heels and my boy loves when they appear.

I move into the kitchen finishing my glass of wine and move to the table, pulling out two chairs. I sit in one and put one leg on the other...already I can feel a tingle of anticipation in my pussy (dressing up turns me on, let alone what it leads to). I start rubbing my nipples and teasing my clit. wow I'm getting nice and wet already. I reach back into my bag and lift out a small butt plug and some lube...smilling as my ass twitches. I pour some lube onto my finger and start to work it into my finger in, sliding in and out - I feel like i could cum but want him to have all my cum today. I slide the small plug in and switch it on.

I move back to my pussy which is glistening with my juices. I feel so horny and I move over to get the cleaning products out, opening the oven and spray inside...I bend over and start to scrub, feeling the vibrtating butt plug in my ass - now it's time to get some help. I shout on my boy and i ask him to come help me. He walks in and his eyes pop - he smiles and asks what I'm up to. I pretend to ignore the basque, suspenders, fuck me shoes and i dont think he knows about the butt plug yet. I say that I'm struggling to reach the back of the oven and could he help. I ask if he can stand behind me and help push my arm and hand to the back...this involved bending right over. He smiles and says of course, moves in behind me, as he pushes in close I feel his hard cock in his jeans. we start to bend move and I feel the edge of the vibrating butt plug touching his cock through his jeans.

Rahter than pushing my arm to the back of the oven his arm moves off mine and onto my boobs. they are close to falling out and my nipples are rock hard. He starts playing with my right nipple and I moan, his other hand moves to my pussy and starts to finger fuck me...I cum in seconds covering him in my cum.

He asks what he can feel vibrating and I bend further over showing him my ass. oh baby he moans, pushing me over towards the sink under the window and unzips his jeans. As he slides in I feel his cock pulsing at my wetness, pussy and virbation. He starts to fuck me hard doggy style and pulls out my boobs and starts rubbing my nibbles, his right hand moves to my ass and gives me a gentle spank, then removing the butt plug and replaceing a finger. I feel my orgasm grow again and he feels me start cuming and he pumps me hard, faster and deeper.

I start to shake as I cum hard and then feel him explode inside me. I lvoe being filled with his cock then cum, truely amazing. as he pulls out some cum drops onto the top of my suspenders. he walks off to bathroom to start the shower for us and as I turn to walk away I spot my neighbour at the side watching us :D
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3 years ago
very good & naughty
4 years ago
mmmmmm lucie thats made me hard xxx
4 years ago
lucky boy!
4 years ago
Very good.
4 years ago
horny story, will never think of cleaning the house as boring again - lol!
4 years ago
Lucie you’ve done it again a truly great story can’t wait for more xx
4 years ago
You are such a good story teller, Lucie! And the payoff was completely unexpected. You should send these into a magazine - they'd pay for them xxx