My night in the hotel

My guy and I arrange a naughty weekend away in a hotel. He arrives before me and goes into the room. Lays out some very sexy and naughty underwear for me to slip into. Some nice new toys, a vibrator, butt plug, beads, silk scarf and a wee whip.

I arrive once he has left the room...having a relaxing bath, popping open a bottle of champagne, feeling the bubbles burst in my tummy. Opps, some has slipped into the water and i can feel them burst over my nipples & clit - yummy!

I climb out the bath and cover myself in lotion, want to be sliky smooth tonight. I slip into the underwear he has left and spot the bottle of lube on the side - really looks like tonight is the nite he has my ass.

I finish dressing and go down to the bar (hmmmm do we pretend we know each other, are strangers who meet & play or maybe I'm really his e****t for the night). Another bottle of champagne pops and I remember the feeling of those bubbles over my clit & nipples - feel like I could explode any moment now.

We go for some desert, as I whisper in his ear that I love the feeling of the silk underwear and that the knickers r making me wet. Also ask what his plans are for the butt plug and he smiles. The waiter walks past and I am sure he has heard. I look round and he winks at me.

Hmmm now I need to think of the next chapter of this story - any ideas?
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4 years ago
tell me more boys :)
4 years ago
knock knock, i rush to answer the door, throwing it open wide, 'your partner left heeeeee' stutters the tall handsome dark skinned waiter as he sees you bent over butt plug in, ass red from the whipping your pussy looking so wet.
i grab him and pull him inside slaming the door behind us.
i would love you to join us for a while i whisper in his ear noticing the sizeable bulge developing at his crotch, he slowly walks over and caresses your red ass, finger tips stroking the welts, you shudder slightly and moan, leaning down he kisses you slowly then firmly tounge slipping into your mouth. i walk over and undo your handcuffs then sit back to enjoy the show.

sitting up undoing his trousers they are very tight pulling them down you gasp at his massive cock in his even tighter pant. mmmmm you moan as you rub your cheek along it looking at me and smiling its huge you say and turn your full attention to your stud.

unleashing his monster cock sucking it as deep and as well as you can i have never seen you work so hard on a cock before it is now at its full length about 9 inches and very thick....
4 years ago
We go back to the room, and I sit and watch you strip, slowly, playing with yourself as you take off your dress, and pull your knickers to one side and show me your pussy, which even from here I can see is swollen and very wet.

You reach for the vibrator and sit on the edge of the bed, rub it all round your pussy and slip it inside yourself before bringing the head to rest on your clit.

I come and stand in front of you, and take the silk scarf and blindfold you. Then I take some japanese bondage cord and tie your breasts, squeezing them together and making them very swollen.

I play with your nipples for a while, gently at first, but as you get more excited, pulling them harder and squeezing them between my fingers, until you moan with pleasure.

Then I take your hands, make you stand up, and handcuff you, turn you round and push you face down onto the bed with your legs spread wide and your ass in the air.

Taking a little plastic syringe, I fill it with lube, and rubbing some on your asshole with my fingers, I slide it inside you. You feel the cool lube in your ass as I empty the syringe into you, and finger fuck you for a while before slipping in the butt plug.

At the same time, I tell you that I noticed how the waiter kept giving you the eye through the meal, and that I'm going to give you a little treat, but first I'm going to spank you for being a naughty flirty slut, and take the whip and begin to slap your ass, again gently at first as I slide three fingers inside your pussy.

As I hear you approach your first orgasm, I stop, sit back and watch you as I drink a glass of champagne and call the restaurant.

"Hi this is Mr Black in room 203. My partner left her sunglasses on the table after dinner. Can you ask the waiter who served us to bring them up please? Thank you...."