Too Much is Not Enough

Disclaimer: Hey, reader, do me favor, don't steal my work! All of my work is copyright of me, Luca77. Alright got that out of the way, don't think anyone would anyways.

Disclaimer 2: If you're fascinated with numbers, aside from height and a few others ("and she had 42DDD breasts and he had a 22" dick") look elsewhere or become a mathematician.

Hello reader, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tracy Rose and I'd like to tell you a little about myself. In your world I would be referred to as a hermaphrodite, having the genitals of both sexes. Here though having both is not uncommon which is why I make it my hobby to find true men and women, to fuck and get fucked.

I look completely feminine, standing 5'5", my short blonde hair in a bob cut and a lean hourglass figure. Despite my lithe figure my ass is quite round, a perfect bubble butt. This and my lush hips are accented by my full, creamy breasts topped with perky pink nipples. Each one fits perfectly in a man's hand. What makes dressing in my sexiest clothes difficult is my pretty little cock. It just barely takes me both hands to cover the entire shaft. Complementing that is my dark slit, with full pussy lips.

With all that in mind, I want to tell you about a wild night I had.

Dressed in my favorite leather pants, midriff top and high heels I set out for the local club. I knew I'd find somebody, I just didn't know who.

Upon entering I scanned the crowd. A group of young guys were doing there own thing and I grinned slyly. The music was loud with the bass cranked up. Perfect for some hot dancing.

As I approached, the guys began to look me over. They already looked like a pack of wolves who had spotted a kill. Their eyes glazed over as they worshiped my body simply by looking at it. The catcalls began:

"Hey baby!"

"Come join us!"

"We'll treat you right!"

The tallest guy pulled me in and started grinding on me. I wiggled my ass against him and felt his cock harden; I knew I was going to have fun with this one. His buddies kept looking me over.

"Here, have a turn!" I was tossed to the guy across from me. He grabbed me roughly and growled in my ear "We're not gonna go easy on you I hope you can handle us."

I simply smiled and continued to dance, running my hands down my body and swaying erotically. After being passed to the other three guys and back around again the lead guy got a big grin:

"Wanna come have some more fun with us?" to which the others added

"We'll treat you right"

And other obscene but complimentary phrases. By now I was pretty turned on and was ready for a good fuck.

"Sure thing boys, lead the way," I purred. The tall guy swept me off my feet and we were off to the flat.

Once we arrived the guys took me to a stripper pole in one of the larger rooms. Not wanting to disappoint I took a few swings around the pole and started grinding on it. I didn't have many moves but it didn't matter.

"What the fuck?!?" the youngest looking guy freaked out; he had seen my extra package. He and grabbed one of the other guys "Let's scram!" They bailed.

"I...have things to do," A third guy dismissed himself. So much the better; two guys are easier to handle and please.

"You boys don't mind?" I came off the pole and stood in front of them.

"Heheh, we sure don't, do we Nick?" the tall guy pulled out his hard-on while asking this.

"Of course not, Phil. we like'em this way," Nick and Phil were both stroking themselves. Nick had a particularly large cock, thick cock that was leaking lots of precum. Phil's stood out more, a bit thinner but with a thick, dark mushroom head.

I took all my clothes off, starting with my top. I tossed it aside and squeezed my breasts together. They hooted and hollered for me. I slowly, painstakingly peeled my leather pants off after kicking off my shoes; I made sure they had a good full view of my heart-shaped ass. I gave it a good slap, then slinked over to Nick and Phil.

Kneeling in front of them, I stroked Phil's length while sucking Nick's larger rod. Nick groaned and grabbed a hank of my hair. I went down deep on his cock, drooling on it. After coming up for air I switched, jerking Nick's manhood while trying to take all of Phil. I gagged and sputtered but I couldn't quite tale it all. Nick pulled me up.

"It's time we gave you a good fucking, princess! Bend over!" I did so obediently, bracing myself against a couch. Phil slapped my ass a few times and I moaned. Nick slipped a finger into my slit, then another. He jackhammered his fingers into me. Phil came around in front of me so I could suck his cock.

Phil dickslapped my face: "Uh! You like slapping my pretty face with your hard cock?" he dickslapped me again. "Mmm yeah now let me suck those balls."

Nick slid his girthy shaft into my throbbing entrance as Phil's heavy balls were bathed by my tongue. Nick grunted as he slammed into me, hard and fast. My body quivered with sexual delight.

"Lets fuck her at the same time," Phil looked expectantly at Nick.

Nick paused, thought for a second. He pulled out. "Sure, lets get her ass ready."

Phil carried me to a bedroom and layed me out on the bed. Spreading my ass, he lubed up my asshole and slowly pushed a finger in. With his other hand he stroked my girly-cock. I was making all sorts of sexual sounds.

"Get her ready with this," Nick walked in and handed Phil a dildo. It was short but fat. Phil removed his fingers, lubed the dildo and pushed it against my sensitive asshole. There was resistance at first, then it popped in; I was seeing stars and breathing in gasps before calming down.

Nick came up alongside my and grabbed my breasts, taking each on into his mouth. My nipples were hard peaks, sending waves of pleasure through me every time he touched them.

With a loud pop, Phil pulled the dildo out. "Relax sweetheart, it'll slide in just fine." Pressing his dick against my raw hole, he entered me, inch by inch until he was buried to the hilt. He pulled all the way out, then slammed back in. I cried a bit.

"That's enough," Nick said, "here, you get down here so we can do this right." The two guys switched places. Phil rolled me on top of him and grabbed me by the waist. He guided my ass onto his cock and it slid in, much easier this time. He leaned me back so Nick could enter my pussy. Both men began fucking me, one in, the other out, alternating into my holes.

"Oh yes!" I had lost all control; I wanted more and more. Too much is not enough for me.

After being pounded by those magnificent cocks, after being stimulated so much, my cock spurted out a small stream of cum. It leaked down to my holes where it lubricated the cocks infiltrating my body. My pussy began to pulsate heavily and I had an orgasm. I screamed and writhed from the intensity flowing through me.

Nick pulled out and picked me up, setting me on the floor. He thrust his cock into my mouth and instantly began to cum, one, two, three, so many streams of cum into my hungry mouth. I greedily swallowed it all. Phil was jerking his cock, I pulled his hands away and took it all into my mouth, so hungry for cum. I throat fucked his cock until he came. I swallowed his cum, too every last drop.

Still I wanted more. Nick and Phil were drained, so I would have to find pthers who would treat me right...
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1 year ago
one of my girl friends had tits that were 44DDDD which is like about a 44G, as big as watermelon's, and firm and hard, when your 16, everything is like that, firm hard and ready to go
2 years ago
Nice story. I envy her.
3 years ago
good story, thats my kind of girl