My First Gay Experiance Part 2

My story continues

I looked my PE Teacher straight in the eyes and said “yes please sir, I promise not to tell anyone” he then moved past me and locked the door to his office, I could not help looking at nice big bulge in the front of this tight green shorts, after he locked the door he turned to me and said that there was little point in still being covered by the towel.

So I let it drop to the floor, and my hard cock sprung to attention, I still was feeling quite apprehensive, which my tutor could see, so he moved over to me and put his finger of the tip of my cock and then just gentle rolled it around the head, I let out a little moan, he said I see you like that, I just nodded, he then lifted me up and sat me on his desk and finally took of his tee shirt, he looked fantastic, very well defined upper body, very smooth, strong powerful arms and a gorgeous flat stomach, and all toped of with a nice tan.

My cock was by this time dripping pre cum, he bent down and started rolling his tongue around the tip of my cock, then slowly worked his way down the length of my shaft until his lips where touching my balls then worked his way up, he stood up, I looked at him and he had my pre cum all over his lips which he just licked, “You taste good boy” he said, I replied “Thank you sir”.

He walked over to the other side of this office and started to remove his Trainers and socks, I was watching intently, the moment I had been awaiting for was about to arrive, down came the shorts, and a fantastic cock sprung to attention in front of my eyes, 7” long and quite thick, circumcised with a lovely purple head, I could not help myself and just said wow!! I knew at that point that I wanted my teacher to take my virgin arse, I jumped off the table and walked over to this gorgeous man, bent down in front of him, until I was level with his beautiful throbbing member.

I was not sure if I could take it all, but I was going to have a good try, so I started to do as he had done and just gently licked the tip of his cock, then rolled my tongue over and around the head, my mouth was stretched wide already, and I was not sure if I could get it all in, then I felt two hands at the back of my head, which both started to push me further onto his cock, I was taking it, but beginning to gag a little, “Relax and take it” was all I heard apart from very heavy breathing and still the pushing carried on.

This was starting not to be so much fun, but there was very little I could do about it other than let him carry on, I was slowly being pushed down all 7”, I gaged again, and my eyes where watering but finally, my teachers goal was achieved and my lips where snug up against his hairless balls.

He started to move back and forth slowly fucking my mouth, I was struggling to catch my breath, and as soon as he the tip of his cock had reached my lips I felt the hands pushing me back onto it.

This went on for some time, then just as I thought I was going to explode unless I got some air he pulled out, “How do you like it then boy “ he said , I could not talk as all I wanted to do was breath! He looked down at my cock which was still hard and said “That cock of yours seems to like it even if you won’t answer me. “Sorry Sir I spluttered”, the truth was that I was very much enjoying it.

I was told to stand up and walk to the desk, I moved over as I was told to and bent over the desk, until all my upper body was resting on this paperwork that was strewn all over it, I heard some movement behind me like a cupboard door opening and closing, then a hand went under my stomach and lifted me up just enough to place bean bags under me so my arse was presented just right, skipping ropes where attached to my hands and then passed to the back of the desk, and tied to the legs of the desk, then more where attached to my legs which were then pulled apart an fastened to the desk, and so I was unable to move and my virgin hole was being presented to my teacher, I could not move and was pretty much helpless again!

85% (7/1)
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