My First Gay Experiance

This is the story of my first time I hope you all enjoy it, I know I did when it happened.

I was sixteen and in my last year at school, the school was very interested in physical education and all pupils where encouraged to take part in all its forms. I on the other hand have never been sporty in any way, and so did everything I could to avoid the weekly games lessons which even in the last year of school where compulsory.

On this particular day I could not find a good excuse for not taking part in the football match that everyone else was looking forward to with great enthusiasm. So reluctantly I got dressed in my football kit and prepared to start 90 minutes of standing in the cold and rain feeling very miserable.

As I suspected the full 90 minutes where as predicted very cold and unpleasant, I was soaked to the skin and feeling very feed up! Finally the full time whistle was blown by our teacher and we could return to the warmth of the P.E. Block. Now I may not have been very sporty as my mind and body was more interested in other physical pursuits, I was as horny as any other 16 year old, not interested in girls, but boys on the other hand very much interested me, I used to fantasise about the football team in the shower whenever I was having a wank!

The only problem was on this particular day, my mind started to wonder during the final minutes of the game and I could not get the image of all those great bodies all soaped up in the shower out of my mind, and so my cock had started to respond to this, which in soaking wet nylon shorts looked very obvious. I started to hang back from the rest of the team as they made there way to the showers, I helped the Teacher pick up all the kit and take down the goal posts and put them away in the store room.

I just wanted the time to get my rapidly stiffening cock some time to relax again. I would expect that my predicament was all too obvious to my teacher, but I was a bit to naïve to pick this up at the time. I must point out that this guy was a looker, Blond close cropped hair, blue eyes about 6” tall, he had a fantastic trim well developed body that you would expect considering his profession, but his legs where something else, very long, strong and muscular, I would suspect that he did a lot of cycling as those fantastic legs where very smooth.

Finally we finished putting away the equipment and as the work had taken my mind of off the showering football team, I started to walk to the P.E. block for my shower! When I got into the changing rooms everyone else had got dressed and left, so I started to peal off my wet kit and taking my towel and soap I headed off to the shower.

The showers where communal and in a rectangle shape, with a rail at the end to hang your towel on which I did, due to the shape of the showers you could walk into them and when you stood at the end you could not be seen from the rest of the changing room.

I turned on the water and stood under the nozzle and let the hot water revive my very cold body, I got out the soap and started to have a wash, I then thought I could hear the door of the changing room open, I didn’t think much of it and continued with my shower. Within about five minutes I turned off the nozzle and started to walk to the end to collect my towel as I turned the corner to my surprise stood my Teacher, he looked me up and down and asked why I was still in the shower, I tried to push passed him to collect my towel but he stopped me and said he had been looking for me as he wanted to close up the building, I said that I would be quicker if he let me get my towel. This got him very upset and he told me not to be so cheeky and to report to his office.

As I collected my towel and started to dry myself off the teacher got more annoyed and shouted at me to come to his office now!!, so I wrapped my towel around my waist and followed him. Wait here outside the office I will call you in a minute when I have calmed down he shouted. I decided that I had better do as he said as he was very upset by now!

After a couple of minutes standing outside the office in my towel and nothing else wondering what my fate would be, there was a shout of “come” from the office, so I opened the door and walked in.

When I closed the door behind me and turned around to face my teacher, he was sitting down near his desk with just a tee shirt and a pair of light green shorts on, with his legs crossed, he was showing a lot of his lovely smooth thighs as the shorts where very small and ridden well up. I could not take my eyes of this fantastic view and was not really listening to my telling off. After some time it was noticed that I was paying more attention to his legs than what he was saying!

He asked “what I thought I was looking at” I said “nothing sir”, he looked me in the face and then at the front of my towel which unnoticed by me had opened, he said that I had better cover up, which I did, I then detected a change in his attitude as he asked me if I liked looking at him, I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded, he uncrossed his legs stood up walked past me and put the bolt on the door. He grabbed me by the arm and spun me around to face him; I was a bit scared as I was not sure what was coming next.

He said that I must not breath a word about what was about to happen to anyone, I just nodded but in my mind I knew what I wanted and that was my teacher instructing me on how to please a man.
To be continued!
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13 days ago
what a waste of time, starts a story then leaves the site
11 months ago
love it
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2 years ago
you must continue soon
2 years ago
tell more
2 years ago
what went on ???
2 years ago
2 years ago
more more more plizzzzzz
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