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Catching Up with an Old Friend

Catching Up With an Old Friend

I’ve been unmotivated to write new stories of my experiences for some time now,
But last weekend I had a very erotic encounter with an old boss of mine from twenty five
or so years ago which has for some reason stuck in my mind and thought I should
write about it! I hope you find it as erotic as I did.

My name is Tara Sancho and I’m a Slut Wife. My Husband Lorenzo and I have been in
the “Lifestyle” for decade or so now and have had hundreds of erotic encounters of all
types. We both support each others kinks and desires with no jealousy or judgment.
Before I met him I had been in two other unhappy marriages which resulted in divorces.
I snuck around and cheated on both Exs with lots of guys and girls. It was such a blessing
to find a man who was so confident and secure to allow me to explore my once hidden

I was at a local convenience store getting some beer and smokes for hubby and I one
afternoon when I heard a guy behind me in line saying “Tara is that you?” I turned to
look at who was speaking to see a handsome older guy that I didn’t immediately
recognize. He then said “It’s Steve….from the Deli “! It had been about twenty five years
or so since I had worked for him there but I immediately recognized him. We embraced
and started chatting, after we finished our purchases we went outside to continue our
conversation. We both were surprised to find out we were neighbors living less than a
mile from one another. The conversation evolved into our relationship histories and
current lifestyles. We both had profiles on numerous “Lifestyle” Websites and he also
had been in two failed marriages due to jealousy, infidelity, and unhappiness. He was ten
years older than me just having his 60th birthday and was single. He had a part time
roommate at the home he owned which came to stay one week a month to do business in
the Los Angeles area. He gave me his phone number and invited Lorenzo and I over for
dinner sometime to catch up and chat about days at the deli. We embraced, kissed like
friends, as we said our goodbyes. My pussy was wet as I watched him get in his car and
drive off…He was still a hottie.

I was in my first marriage with two young k**s at home when I first met Steve. He was
the owner of a Deli I frequented .My husband worked the night shift, going to work at
5pm. We were financially secure and didn’t need me to work…..but I was going crazy
just being a stay at home Mom. No interaction with other adults, no flirting, constant
baby talk with the k**s had left me unsatisfied with my life. One day when I was at the
Deli I noticed a Help Wanted Sign. I asked Steve about it and the hours were perfect for
me, 9am to 2pm….for prep work and the lunch rush. Steve hired me on the spot so I went
home and discussed it with my Husband and we agreed it would be a good thing. Little
did he know how hot I thought Steve was and how I wanted to Fuck him.

Steve was about 6’ 2”, solidly built, dark full head of hair, deep blue eyes, and sooooo
charming. Unfortunately his wife also worked the lunch rush with me, so I never was
able to pursue my desires with him. He was a player though and I had heard all the
rumors, and I was able to explore my slutty side with guys I met at the Deli. There was a
big plus to my Husband working the night shift! After a couple of years and many an
affair, I left my husband for another man and moved away.

I drove home from the convenience store, with my wet pussy, and thoughts of finally
being able to pursue my desires with Steve. I was full of desire as I told Lorenzo of the
chance encounter, rubbing his hardening 8” thick Cock through his sweatpants as we sat
at our bar in the garage. Soon, between sentences my mouth engulfed it as he expertly
rubbed my wet clit. I came so hard before I could finish my story and soon he blew his
hot cumm deep down my throat. I finished telling him about Steve and our invitation with
cumm dripping down my chin. Lorenzo agreed with a wink we should definitely join him
for dinner soon. Yummm I thought!

I called Steve and we set up an evening to join him. He said his roomie would be there
but not to worry, he was cool. More nasty thoughts raced through my filthy mind. Three
cocks…mmmmmm. I asked about his roomie and his relationship status, although that
never stopped me before….lol. He told me his name was Jeff, 40 yrs old unmarried but
had a couple of girlfriends, tall dark and handsome. My pussy was sooooo wet in

We arrived at Steve’s home and were greeted by Steve at the door. Lorenzo and Steve
immediately hit it off and after some discussion cumm to find out they knew each other
from years back in a working relationship. I’ve found that the evening is always much
more erotic if the guys like each other and get along, so this was looking like a great
night for Tara!

Steve made us feel at home as he prepared a wonderful dinner. He made us cocktails,
turned on the football game, and warmed up the spa. We were getting a buzz on when his
roomie Jeff came home. He was very tall, well built, and very, very dark. I didn’t expect
him to be Black and soooo handsome, with a beautiful smile that lit the room up. Lorenzo
and he hit it off as well as they watched the football game, and he was so charming with
me! We all had dinner and caught up on old times. Drinks were flowing and the talk
became more and more sexual in nature.

I desperately wanted to get down to action as the guys all were talking guy talk, and
whispered to Lorenzo my desires. The football game had ended and Jeff turned it to a
basketball game. Lorenzo asked Steve and Jeff if they would like to have some
entertainment during time outs, winking to them with a sly smile. They thought that
would be a great idea with deep laughter. Lorenzo asked me to get into my slutty attire
and cumm back out to them. I readily agreed as Steve led me to his bedroom to change. I
was giddy with anticipation and noticed the four post bed with ropes attached to all four.
I was about to ask about the purpose of the ropes when Steve pulled me close and kissed
me deeply, feeling up all my girly parts. I melted as our tongues swirled together and I
grabbed his bulging Cock. It was a nice big one and I knew I was in for it tonight!
We both gasped as we came up for air, and he said he’d leave me alone to get all done up
to be the entertainment.

I changed into my black corset, red frilly crotch less panties, black fishnets, and my
favorite red high heels. I checked my makeup and hair, brushed my teeth, and softened
my skin with my favorite lotion. I was soooo wet as I walked out to the guys watching
the game.

Lorenzo just sat there when I walked out to them, but Steve and Jeff both stood, with big
smiles on their faces, and took turns embracing, kissing, and feeling me. I felt up their
Cocks as they whispered in my ear what they were going to do with them. Jeff definitely
had a Black mans Cock! Lorenzo had pulled his throbbing 8” out and ordered me to drop
to my knees and suck on it. Steve and Jeff moved the coffee table so I could have some
room in front of the couch. I knelt and pulled his pants down further to get better access
and eagerly swallowed it to the balls. As I sucked hands were exploring my whole body.
Fingers were inserted in first my wet pussy and then my tight ass. I began sucking his
Cock with wild abandon as he moaned in pleasure. I was gagging from time to time and
saliva was dripping down my chin and all over his Cock. Lorenzo pulled me up from the
floor and had me sit on his Cock facing Steve and Jeff. I began riding that big, hard Cock
and hands were caressing my breasts with fingers pinching my nipples. I begged Steve
and Jeff to give their Cocks to me, and they both undressed.

When I saw what was to be mine for the night I was in heaven! Steve was like Lorenzo, a
thick 8” rock hard hunk of man meat…..but Jeff…mmmmm…must have been 10- 12
inches of jet black Cock, erect but not fully hard as of yet. I was going to have to work
hard tonight! There is something about black guys that gets me to another place. The
contrast in color does something that White or Hispanic guys just can’t do. Not to say I’m
not as passionate with them but I feel sluttier when I’m being used by Black guys. It
could be also that my father was a terrible racist and was brought up that it was very
taboo for white girls to be with Black guys.

As I continued riding Lorenzo my other two cocks were presented to me. I began stroking
them both at the same time and then sucking one, then the other. Soon Jeff was rock hard
as well….my God he was huge, I could only swallow half of it….so long and thick! I was
swallowing Steve to the balls as he moaned in pleasure. I had both hands tugging on
Jeff’s, a two hander I call it….so good! It was too hard to keep riding Lorenzo, so I asked
to get off the couch and knelt on a pillow on the floor with the three of them surrounding
me. Lorenzo had fully undressed too …the sight of these three throbbing hunks of man
meat aimed at my mouth was too much and when Jeff touched my clit I squirted my
juices all over the floor. Lucky it was tile! They took turns holding my head in place as
one of them throat fucked me, making me gag and gasp for air. I was so into this, all my
desires were being fulfilled beyond belief! Finally I had to ask for a break from the rough
throat fucking and began a slower more sensual cock sucking with my hands stroking the
two others. We were all moaning together, the sound was intoxicating. I wanted hot
cumm badly and told them so. Lorenzo asked the guys to hold off until they could all
cumm together. They agreed that would be a fantastic sight….me kneeling before them
as all three Cocks explode on my face and open mouth together…..and I so Agreed!

I was sensually sucking the balls and giving long licks to the shafts when first one then
another and then another said he was ready. I wanted to be the one to make them cumm,
so I opened my mouth grabbed Lorenzo’s and Steve’s Cocks, stroking them as Jeff’s two
hander filled my mouth. All three of my Cocks exploded, squirt after squirt of hot cumm
splattered my face as my mouth filled to overflowing, cumm dripping out and down my
chest onto my corset. It was all in my hair and some got in my
eyes…which really stings, but I was totally ready for more, after a smoke break..lol.

The guys all wanted to get in the nice, hot Jacuzzi spa in the backyard and I thought that
would be a great idea to get the cumm out of my eyes and hair. I had swallowed as much
of it as I could get in my mouth as I looked in the eyes of each of them which made them
all rock hard again. They stripped off all my slutty attire and Jeff picked me up taking me
in the spa with him. Steve brought me a cocktail, Lorenzo a smoke as I sat on Jeff’s lap,
feeling his hard Cock twitching beneath me. They really knew how to treat a lady! After I
finished my smoke I submerged in the water to clean up and gargled with my cocktail. I
got back on Jeff rubbing my 34 c’s on his chest, deeply kissing him as he slowly inserted
his big, hard Cock in my eager pussy. He knew how to do it, nice and slow because he
was so big, and I was cumming all over him within a minute. I was howling in pleasure
and Steve stood up filling my mouth with Cock to muffle the sound, telling me I would
wake the neighbors. Lorenzo sat and watched, having a smoke and a beer as I took turns
fucking and sucking our hosts. I was in orgasmic bliss, over and over I came, and finally
both Steve and Jeff came deep in my hot pussy. I love the feeling of a Cock exploding in
me, filling me with hot cumm. But what I even love more is a Cock exploding deep in my
ass, and expressed that desire to my Cocks.

We all soaked in the spa for a while as I got some energy back, I’m 50 after all. Drinks
were flowing and so was laughter and good conversation. The talk soon evolved to the
ropes on the four post bed and if I would like to be restrained with a blindfold. I was
involved in a BDSM relationship at one time and do enjoy the scenes that can
develop….so of course I said yes.

I was led to the bedroom, blindfolded, my wrists and ankles tied securely so I had little
movement. Steve said he had a toy that I may enjoy, a Hitachi plug in wand. I had heard
of them but never used one. I heard the buzzing as two Cocks began slapping my face,
and soon it was pressed on my swollen clit. My god it was overwhelming!!! I came and
came, my screams muffled by the Cocks throat fucking me. I knew by taste and size
who’s Cock was down my throat but soon a smaller different flavored one was in it. I
liked it, the idea of another, unknown Cock f***ed in my mouth. I sucked like mad, the
moaning came from an unknown voice. Soon my ankles were untied and my legs lifted
and spread. The unknown Cock entered my hot, wet, pussy. Cocks continued being
shoved in my mouth. I was like a rag doll by this time and just went with whatever
anyone wanted to do to me. I felt the unknown Cock spasm and explode in my fuck hole,
and then was presented to me to clean off with my hot mouth. He said I was a good slut
and to keep sucking him until he was hard again. I was incredibly aroused and went after
it like the whore I am. Another Cock, I think it was Steve’s, started fucking me as I kept
sucking. Soon I had the unknown Cock rock hard again, It was easy to swallow after the
three monsters I had been servicing. He said he was going to fuck my ass now, as ropes
were tied around my ankles again. My legs were lifted and held in place by the ropes tied
to the posts that secured my wrists. My ass and pussy were fully exposed and I felt my
asshole being lubed up, fingers entering, preparing me for a good ass fucking. A Cock
filled my mouth again as the unknown Cock entered my tight ass. The Hitachi wand was
pressed on my clit as my ass and mouth were filled with Cock. It was an exquisite feeling
and I squirted all over the bed as the Cock in my mouth came, and I savored every drop.

The unknown Cock grunted and filled my ass with hot cumm, then shoved it in my
mouth to lick and suck clean. The taste of my ass and cumm was delicious. A new Cock
filled my ass, much bigger, but I was gaping and well lubed. My ass was getting pounded
as the unknown Cock said he had to go before his wife found him missing, saying I was a
good whore. After a bit a new bigger Cock filled it, Jeff’s I’m sure, It was so big, but
once again he knew how to use it to pleasure sluts and whores. Soon it was deep in my
ass and made me squirt again and again while I was licking and sucking the Cock that
had been in my ass. My Cocks kept tag teaming my ass until they all came in it, and after
the last one came I was done. I needed to take a break, a long break. God I had been used.

The guys untied me, and I just lay there gasping from all my orgasms, which would
continue for a while. Steve led me to the bathroom to gather myself clean up and shower.
After I freshened up I went out to the front room where the guys were drinking beers and
talking guy talk, in just shorts and boxers. God they all looked so hot! I kissed each one
deeply and thanked them. I asked who the other guy was and Steve said it was a friend of
his that needed some relief from a cold fish wife. He called him up after he saw how well
I handled multiple Cocks and got approval from Lorenzo. It was 2am so we chatted a bit
and had some more drinks before Lorenzo suggested we get some sl**p. He sent me to
bed with Steve and told me to pleasure him in the morning, and then go lay with Jeff and
do the same. He slept on the couch as I eagerly complied! God I love my Husband!!!!
I bet we are invited to dinner again.

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2 years ago
fucking hot as usual keep writing between cocks
2 years ago
Your best story Tara! We hope you keep it up!
2 years ago
I realize this is an older story but I just ran across it. DAMN this was hot. Nicely done, I think I'm in love! Please keep writing, I'll keep reading.