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Is it just me????

I always giggle when I see that Subway commercial that has the song " 5 dollar foot long.....I'd pay 10 dollars for a big hard foot long......lol
Posted by Lozo44 3 years ago
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Mines only 8" long and I wouldnt charge you to suck it all day long anytime you wanted too!
3 years ago
I think most people do think the same, they just don't like admitting it.
3 years ago
As per my ruler pic on my profile... I got the 6" sub ready to go...
3 years ago
Thats funny I am glad Im not the only only one that thinks of Sex most all the time ! I wish more people thought the same lol.
3 years ago
Same here. I keep waiting for some sexy MILF to be the one doing the foot long signal. :)