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I'm intrigued by this thing the Euros call dogging......here in the USA we sluts just call it a night out at the local dive bar.Here's how it works for me.
Either I take my husbands big Ford truck or he drives me to one of the dumpy bars in the area, parking it behind the bar.It's backed in so when the doors are opened they block the view from the ally way. I sit at the bar having dressed in one of my slutty outfits and usually get a lot of attention from the guys that are drinking and playing pool.I've yet to pay for a drink on these nights and I always reward the guys that treat me.In California we can't smoke inside so in the dives I frequent there is smoking areas set up out back near where I have parked. So after a bit of chatting I ask the guy or guys who have been so kind to liquor me up if they could take me out for a smoke.Usually they are bright enough to see the possibilities and whisk me outside. Once there I seductively put a smoke between my lips or they do....and wait for a light. Usually they smoke with me as I begin my seduction.I make sure to make eye contact as I suck the smoke out of my cigarette...... and drop something...matches, pack of smokes ect., so I can bend over to afford him a view of cleavage or ass. As I rise I continue eye contact and mention how buzzed and horny I am....waiting for a response. In most cases he will say how hot and horny I've made him.....and then I whisper to him to join me over by my truck. If I have a dumb shit with me I just get blunt and tell him to meet me at my truck ,that I need his manhood for a few minutes!!!!!!!!!I get in the passenger side and leave the door ajar to screen us from view....Hopefully he gets the message after I feel his Cock up and drops his pants....I stroke it and it hardens....I tell him how nice it looks and kiss it...Cupping his balls I start licking and Sucking until it's all the way down my throat.I increase the speed until I'm gagging to a great Throat Fucking....I work it and work it 'till it blows in my mouth savoring every drop and swallowing in one nice gulp. We then gather ourselves and head back in the bar.....sometimes after a few more drinks we do it again and if I think he's cute or has a nice big Cock I bend over the seat and have him Fuck me...usually just in my wet pussy....but on occasion I take it deep in my ass too.Sometimes I will entertain multiple guys as well....One will sit in the drivers seat and I'll stroke him as I service the one or more guys on my side....get bent over the seat with Cocks fucking me with my mouth swallowing the Cock on the drivers side...yuummmm...I luv this....but I try to not get messy with hot cummm by taking all of it in my slutty ,cumm hungry mouth.I've enjoyed these types of evenings on many a occasion...most recently last Thursday night...a li'l New years treat!!!
Licks and Sucks

Posted by Lozo44 4 years ago
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2 years ago
I want hot wet drooling kisses before you swallow
2 years ago
good stuff, wish I had a girl just like you
2 years ago
My kind of woman!!
3 years ago
sounds very fun
3 years ago
I like your style...I was taken to a parking lot in Seattle one time..and was taken into the mouth of a lovely local politician...
3 years ago
great story. so real can picture it all :)
hope it was a hot summer night
what fun eh?
3 years ago
i got come fuck u
3 years ago
dogging it a bit different, you dress your girl like a slut an drive to a local spot an you can do so many things like have her give you a blow job so people can watch or you can get them to join in random people could fuck her or you can go alone to these places an fuck some other guys girl.. its nice to see your girl on her knees with 4 or 5 perverts around her with hard cock an her being a little slut taking the each in her mouth
3 years ago
I love that!
3 years ago
loved the method
3 years ago
3 years ago
I wish there were sluts like you in my area,better yet,i wish you were in my area,I don't drink but I'd go to the bar just so I could buy you drinks!!!!!
4 years ago
You're such a whore.....And I mean that in a good way.....