Saturday Night Slutting

It had been a long week at work and I'd only been able to Fuck a couple of times and only with my Husband...I was very horny.I told him Saturday morning I wanted to go Slutting that evening so after he went off to work I prepared myself.A trip to the salon for the works including a nice massage did the trick.....Having a hot female masseuse made me all the more wet and horny. When I left I felt so ready...freshly waxed ass and pussy,pedicure and manicure with new red polish, and fresh color and cut on my hair.

I dressed for the evening in my black braless corset, black crotchless panties, fishnets, red heels, a somewhat see through white blouse and my black leather mini. I looked like a real whore...before I did my make up I wanted to Fuck Bob.....He got home from work and I attacked him, dropping to my knees and Sucking his Cock and then leading him to the bed. I told him to Fuck my holes but not to mess my hair and clothes up. I was face down with my ass up, ready and wanting Cock.

Bob slid his hard Cock through my crotchless panties filling my wet pussy.... Fucking me so good ......making me Cummmm and Cummmm....then switched to my lubed up asshole.I luv a Cock in my ass....and continued cummming as he Fucked mine.I wanted him to cumm in my ass and have the feeling of a cumm filled asshole when I was out Slutting. I moaned for him to fill my ass with cummm and soon he did...spurt after spurt ...I love that feeling.

We had a smoke and finished getting ready. What we call Slutting is when Bob takes me to a bar with a purse filled with condoms and drops me off returning later to check on my well being. If all is good he remains anonymous and lets me have my fun.We choose different bars in neighboring towns to add to the unknown excitement.

I kissed him goodbye and went in the bar checking the crowd out as they checked me out with leers and unheard comments. I like to make a plan of action for the evening, finding out where the dark spots are...are the bathrooms usable? ...or will I have to go to cars outside??This bar had a long dark hallway to the bathrooms and I was happy to see a four stall ladies room.

As I sat at the bar having a tequila shot and beer I began my search for prey.My nipples were aroused and hard,my pussy was wet, and I still had cummm leaking out my asshole on the barstool....All the guys looked good to me at this did the girls...I was so aroused with fantasies racing through my mind. It was a mix of ages,anywhere from 21 to 50 I'd say, mostly guys as usual....about 20 guys and 6 girls.Most were playing pool and the rest of us were sitting at the bar watching Baseball.Soon an older guy ,40ish sat next to me chatting me up....then a younger guy ,30ish, sat on the other side and bought me another round.We were getting loud, laughing and yelling about the game.More and more guys were joining us for conversation....I was enjoying this .

Jim ,the older guy I first talked to asked me out to the patio to have a smoke.The patio was all the way down the dark hallway, past the bathrooms and outside.Sounded good.....Gary the younger guy that had bought me a drink asked to join us and they took me by the arms to the patio...Jim lit me as Gary grabbed my ass under my leather mini...I purred through my smile.Jim was asking me about my evenings plans as Gary's fingers found my clit. A group of guys and a girl joined us on the patio and Gary pussy was aching for attention. I whispered in both their ears to meet me in the ladies room ....and led the way. When it was empty I called them in and we went to the back stall. I took turns Kissing them and fondling their hardening Cocks...Gary was real big and Jim was a good size as well.....My blouse was removed and my breasts were exposed, all perked up by my corset, hands were all over me, this was total bliss.

Their Cocks were out and Rock hands stroking we continued kissing.Some girls entered to use the bathroom...we tried to keep quiet...but I couldn't help giggling.The girls knew what was up and when they left said have fun you slut.I sat on the toilet seat with my mouth at perfect Cock Sucking level and started devouring my prizes.When I have multiple Cocks to serve I like the technique of six deep throat strokes per Cock...I've been told this works the best when sharing my mouth and I've been very successful at making them blow their loads.

Back and forth I went...deep throating them both as they moaned.I fit them both in my mouth at once at massaged their balls...Cumm exploded from them both and sprayed my face and hair...I got a mouthful as well as swallowed it down. they pulled up their pants and said they'd see me at the bar, I cleaned up and fixed my makeup.

As I walked back to the bar I saw Bob...we acknowledged each other as he began playing some pool. I sat next to my friends again and met some of their buddies as they bought me more rounds of tequila and beer.The conversation became very uncensored and to the point as I was getting buzzed. Bob heard what was going on and joined in as we continued acting like new acquaintances.Jim said he had an empty house with a pool and Hot Tub and asked if I'd like to cumm over and soak......I nodded yes as I felt up a couple guys Cocks standing behind me.All the guys asked if they could cumm too....Jim asked me if that would be all right with me and I eagerly agreed. Six guys and Bob walked me out to the cars as I jumped in with Jim and his two buddies.Gary and his buddies followed us as did Bob.It was a short ride and I was stroking and sucking Cock all the way telling them I wanted to be gang banged. They were enjoying this...and we were soon in the house with the other guys plus Bob. I told them all I needed to be Fucked and forget the Hot Tub for now...ordering them all to strip as I removed my blouse and skirt. We went to the master bedroom to a big King size four post bed...I sat on the edge and erect Cocks surrounded me. I did my six deep throat stroke method on Cock after Cock including Bob's familiar tool. I was moved to the middle of the bed ,laid on my back with two guys holding my legs spread as I Sucked them...then Cock after Cock took turns on me...I came and came and one by one they came in my mouth including Bob.That was nine loads so far...I like to keep track.

We all went out to the pool and Hot Tub and I stripped naked. I can feel self conscious with out my corset 'cause of my mommy belly but I was made to feel like I was the hottest girl on earth by them all......I was so lucky...I was passed from guy to guy in the hot tub as Bob watched while he had a Cocktail and smoke.Guys stood so I could Suck them while riding Another cumming and cumming. After a while we were all to hot and needed to get in the pool. I felt so good ...But I wanted to get Fucked in the ass...and DPd... and airtight...and double vag.....maybe double anal....maybe.

I swam over to Jim as he sat on the edge of the pool.....thanking him for having me over.....His Cock filled my mouth....soon all the guys were sat at the edge as I moved from one to another.As I moved from Cock to Cock I expressed my desires and they were all very supportive....

They pulled me out, dried me off and led me to the bed legs were shaking in anticipation and nervousness. That's a lot of guys and I want them all to be satisfied....I have a reputation to maintain after all......I lay face down with my ass up as fingers lubed up my holes.A guy lay next to me so I could rest my face on his pelvis, Cock pressing at my lips and A Cock filled my asshole. I was getting what I luv...Deep ass fucking...Deeper, deeper and Harder...My mouth was full of Cock....They went from my ass to my mouth ...cock after cock....load after load was emptied in my mouth and on my face.....I asked to be DPd and had a few guys set me up....I got in reverse cowgirl position and slid my asshole on a hard Cock...leaned way back and another filled my pussy, and was Fucked hard this way....for a long's so great to find guys that can do DP well. I was like a crazed a****l wanted more and asshole was pussy was a sloppy mess and my mouth was full of cumm......That's what I call a successful night of Slutting.... I got Dpd in all different positions...the best and most comfy was laying on my side with Cocks filling all my holes...I was like a rag doll after a while.....And lost track of how many more Cocks came on me.

I finally had to take a break....I could barely walk and was helped to the Hot Tub...Had A smoke and a soak...Bob joined me and we talked about what a hot night I was having. He said I was so hot surrounded by Cock and how I pleased them all.....It was very satisfying ...My husband was completely aroused by my slutty behavior and had a big stiff Cock he pressed to my lips, saying He wanted to Fuck my Ass again and fill it with his load.I was so happy...I luv the way we support each others freak..I luv watching him with other sluts and he luvs watching me with my Cocks.It really makes us so close....I never thought it was possible to have this kind of relationship.....

He took me in the house and had all the guys surround us as he slowly slid his Cock in my ass...telling everyone that I was his wife and thanking them for making my night so wonderful...He Fucked me deep and Hard ,just like I like it and squirted his load deep in my ass...They all applauded and we all had some cocktails.....It was late and Bob and I prepared to leave...The guys all let me Suck their Cocks as I said my goodbyes....and we drove home.We got in bed and slept like babies....naughty ones....and I had wonderful dreams.....Hope they cumm true again.
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1 year ago
Man oh Man, what i would do to slide my dick in your ass. Very hot story!
2 years ago
that is so hot, I love a woman that loves cock like you do.
2 years ago
love her!
2 years ago are HOT!!!
3 years ago
Hwey, i have similar experience but you tell very well. Thanks
3 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
Now that's too fucking hott,Ixve always wanted to gangbang sum cum junky slut like you!!!!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Fantastic as usual!! You always keep us up and energized. :)
4 years ago
Did Bob eat out your cum dripping ass hole and pussy? Yummmmy!
4 years ago
You are such a fine Slut Baby....that was a fun night!
4 years ago
Oh Yeah!!!! It happened last Saturday night....Bob and I go out and do this 2 or 3 times a year for kicks.