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The Dungeon

Kevin pulled me roughly to a closed door and ordered me to open it.I was thinking what had I got myself into you dumb bitch......As I opened it he shoved me in and what I viewed was very erotic......a full scale dungeon with a guy and a girl in bondage.The guy was hanging from a suspension bar with his ankles cuffed and spread wide by straps attached to the wall. His ass was bright red from what I gathered was a severe flogging.He had clothes pins clamped on his nipples, balls and Cock.....and a leather hood covering his eyes...with only a hole for his mouth.The Girl was blindfolded, ball gagged and hogtied with heavy rope laying on a large wooden bench/table. She had clothes pins covering her nipples and breasts with a double dildo inserted in her asshole and pussy. Natasha followed us in and immediately grabbed a riding crop swatting my ass with it....ordering me to strip.I started to object and to try to exit but Kevin grabbed my hair and pulled my arms behind me pushing me to the wall. There were leather cuffs attached to chains hanging from the wall at ankle and arm height......He and Natasha forcibly restrained me to the wall, blindfolded me and put a ball gag in my mouth.I was facing the wall as I felt lube and fingers entering my pussy and ass.....I was nervous as hell...wondering where this would lead.Then I was left alone and all I heard was the loud smack of that crop on an ass....and soon howls of pain and pleasure from the guy.I then heard Kevin telling the girl she was going to be disciplined further and muffled cries as the sound of a good fucking ensued.The Fucking stopped and I felt Kevin's breath on my neck....my pussy was juicing up.....and he whispered in my ear...asking if I was ready to cooperate as I had agreed to.I nodded yes and became fully aroused......my nipples were rock hard as the guy continued to yelp in pain from the cropping he was getting from Natasha.He pulled me out from the wall to the point where my restraints were taut and bent me over sliding two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass.He told me I was just a dirty Slut and needed training....I was moaning through my gag and so wanted to see the scene evolving around me.After a few minutes of finger fucking his Cock slid into my ass as he kept his fingers in my pussy. My asshole clamped around his Cock and he started to slowly fuck it building to a real pounding Ass Fuck. His thumb was now in my pussy and the rest of his hand slammed my clit until I squirted all over the floor. He pulled out and berated me .....telling me I was lucky it was a tile floor. Natasha came over and started swatting my ass with the crop as I yelped in pain. She undid my leg restraints and restrained my arms behind my back.....telling me that when she undid my ball gag I was to clean Kevin's Cock of my ass juice and then lick up my mess from the floor, she asked if I understood and I nodded yes.....I wanted that gag out of my mouth bad.She f***ed me to my knees and Kevin's Cock was shoved in my mouth...I eagerly sucked and licked it clean.Then my blindfold was removed....The guy and girl were as they were when I first entered.....Natasha showed me my juices on the tile and pushed my head down to them ordering me to lick them up......As I began she continued swatting my ass with the crop as Kevin began Fucking the girl in the ass while pulling her hair.After I had licked the floor clean Kevin pulled his Cock out of the girls ass and presented it to me to Suck and lick....I was scared and turned on....I swallowed it all the way and licked it all over including his balls. He then pulled me over to the girl and ordered me to lick her asshole and pussy.My pussy was creaming...I was so hot!!!! I started sucking and licking putting my tongue deep in her ass and pussy as she moaned in pleasure.Natasha came over with a wooden paddle that had metal rivets on it and started swatting my ass as I did my duty.It became painful but also pleasing....My pussy needed attention....She stopped and pulled the gag out of the girls mouth...pressing her pussy on it, ordering her to suck it...which she did with wild abandon. As she was getting off on the girls mouth she told Kevin to get her strap on. He brought it over and replaced her pussy with his Cock as she put it on. She got behind me telling me to continue eating ass and pussy ....and slid her big strap on Cock in my pussy.I'd look up and see the girl swallowing Kevin's Cock and we'd smile at each other.....Natasha ordered me not to cumm....Or I'd be back on the wall.....Well I was close so I told her...she pulled out, gabbed me by the hair and led me over to the guy.She pulled me to my knees and shoved her Cock in my mouth....throat Fucking me 'till I gagged...the pulled me to the guys ass ordering me to put my tongue in it. I licked it and slid my tongue in it as deep as it would go to Natasha' approval as I saw Kevin move from the girls mouth to her pussy and Ass.....He traded holes, a few deep thrusts in the pussy and then in the ass....Then he began slowly pulling the clothes pins off her swollen nipples and breasts to screams of pain ....I continued my tongue fucking to deep howls of joy from the guy. Natasha pulled me away from his ass to his poor Cock.Four clothes pins on his balls and four on his flaccid rod ....she told me when she had her Cock in his ass to slowly pull the clothes pins off one by one while undoing my wrist restraints. It looked like a nice big Cock....just needed some TLC....My specialty.....I looked over at Kevin and the Girl and saw that he had released her from her restraints and removed her blindfold.....Kevin was now laying on the bench as she rode his big Hard Cock reverse cowgirl style switching holes from time to time. Natasha lubed her Cock up and slid it in the asshole my tongue had prepared....this was so hot....I just watched for a moment as that Cock slid in and out of his ass...I wanted to see his face but he had that damn hood still on....He sounded like he was in pain.I licked the head of his Cock as I slowly pulled a clothes pin off his shaft....just as I pulled it off she gave him a deep thrust which made him scream....Again I slowly pulled a second Clothes pin off his nut sack...She gave him a deep thrust and held it deep as he screamed...I cupped his balls and licked his poor shaft....it started to swell....hmmmmm....Good to see...She began a steady ass fucking which he seemed to enjoy...I watched the big strap on Cock thrust in and out of this mans ass hole as I kissed and licked his Cock and balls....and then pulled another and another clothes pin off to squeals of not so much pain but enjoyment....big red marks showed on his shaft and balls...one more clothes pin remained and Kevin and the girl came over to get a closer look as I began to pull...this one was on his balls and with every thrust from Natasha his shaft grew....he was semi hard now so as I pulled the pin off I swallowed his Cock..she gave him a big deep thrust which shoved his pelvis into my face and he exploded in my mouth...he came and came .....this was the most cumm I ever remember squirting out of a Cock...spurt after spurt filled my mouth ..I couldn't swallow fast enough and the girl's tongue cleaned the dribbles of cumm leaking from my mouth. Natasha pulled out and presented her Cock for the girl and I to suck and lick clean...and then bent us over the bench and alternated Fucking us 'till we came. Next she had us lay on the bench in a 69 position having us suck and lick each others holes.She released the guy from his restraints and took his hood off....when the girls crotch moved a bit I could see him and he was a gorgeous man. Natasha began Sucking his cock as Kevin Fucked her from behind...my mouth was filled with pussy and ass and I was squirting all over the girls face.....She filled my mouth with her juices and next thing I knew the guy and Kevin filled our asses with Cock as we continued eating each others pussys....they would pull out from time to time to allow us a good Suck and then ram it back in our asshole.Natasha was holding our legs up and apart as we took our pounding...and I came and came and came.....soon both Cocks dropped their loads in our assholes and we sucked the juice out of each others gaping holes.....I was like a crazed wild a****l and so was the girl.....We embraced and kissed passionately trading the juices on our faces and in our mouth.....Natasha joined us for some cumm swapping....it was so so so hot.... three tongues intertwined together ....Kevin and the guy had left and returned with some beers and tequila shots....Natasha brought out a joint and we all had a laugh and got a buzz....The guy and girl were a married couple from just up north from me....Jim and Hilda...and offered to give me a ride home when they took off but not until we had some more fun...I was in full agreement...and ate a lot more ass and pussy and sucked a lot more Cock before the ride home....I also took a fantastic flogging while restrained in which I squirted all over the floor again....and licked it all up....Jim has such a nice BIG Cock...at least 9 inches and thick.....he pounded my holes so well .....I hope we hook up again.
Licks and Sucks

Posted by Lozo44 4 years ago
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2 years ago
what a great story, right into my favorites
2 years ago
great sory
3 years ago
That was a fantastic session. I bet when the guy and girl took you home they didn't leave unrewarded.

I know I would take payment from your body for the trip.
4 years ago
damn... that wounds fun...