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How I Got Home

I woke and Loomis and Sammy were dressed getting ready to leave...they were heading south but I needed to go two hours north.Damn...Bob shouldn't of left me...We normally get off on each others success at partys but he just got in a bad mood.The host was getting ready to turn the hotel key in and said he'd help me get home...for a price.....I had to go with to his place and entertain his girlfriend and a couple of her friends before he took me home.....I was tired and worn out but agreed.Kevin was a tough looking guy about six foot 200 lbs, shaved head and covered in tats. looked like he was a hells Angel right out of prison. He hosted these partys, controlled unruly guests and collected fees from the single guys like a true alpha male. He had Fucked me good during the party and his intimidating presence was a real turn on to me.I dressed gathered my stuff and we headed out to his place.As he was driving he grabbed me by the back of my head and ordered me to Suck his Cock as he drove.This made my juices start flowing and I quickly pulled his stiffening manhood our of his shorts and swallowed it to the root.....Yuuummmm...I love the taste of Cock!!!I jerked, slurped and sucked like the whore I am as he moaned and drove.We were soon stopped in his driveway but he hadn't cumm yet.....he told me to finish the job so I really went to town on it.....It was a nice thick 8 inches of twitching manhood and I was so into it.He roughly pushed my head up and down on it throat fucking me 'till I gagged over and over.Finally it started spurting it's reward down my throat and over my face.It tasted so good......We gathered ourselves and headed to his front door....as he put his key in the door was opened and his girlfriend greeted us. Her name was Natasha, she was dressed all in leather....corset...mini skirt...fishnets and heels...looking fantastic.She had to have DD breasts..they were huge and with a tight 'lil ass followed by long beautiful legs.She noticed I had cumm dripping off my cheek and licked it off before it dripped on the carpet.Kevin told her that I was a slut from the party that was left with no ride and he offered to give me one if I'd entertain her and her friends.She smiled and said did she know what she was getting into to....Kevin laughed and said no as he grabbed me leading me to the back of the house.
The Dungeon
Posted by Lozo44 4 years ago
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3 years ago
Great way to get a ride.
3 years ago
More I want more.. you are such a hot lover.
great story too!