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Finally Home

I walked up the hill to my home still reeling from the pounding my mouth and holes took.I was in a daze as I got my keys out and opened the door.When I closed the door behind me I noticed clothing s**ttered throughout the house...a trail of it led to the back bedroom...not the master bedroom.I peeked in to see three girls and four guys sl**ping on the bed ,floor and futon...all completely nude but Bob wasn't one of them.I continued to the master bedroom and opened the closed door.In it I found Bob, two other guys and a girl all cuddled up on the bed.All their Cocks were hard as rocks and she had coats of cumm all over her...I smiled knowing Bob had a good night as I did....The stories we could tell each other when we next Fucked would be highly erotic.I stripped off my clothes and showered coming back to the bed. The girl was delicious looking and so were the Cocks so I took a taste of each waking all involved.Before long we had a nice little orgy going and us two girls were getting all we could handle...Dp Double Vag and Airtight....so dirty.After our Cocks had spewed their loads all over us we held each other and tasted each others juices also licking the Cock juice off each other.We all fell back to sl**p intertwined with body parts from all of us mixed together.
We all woke around noon and I formally met our guests including the ones in the other room...six guys ,three girls, me and my husband Bob.We all had some food, Cocktails and some 420 together while still completely nude. We got the Hot Tub going outside and continued our orgy for the rest of the day and into the night until our guests left one by one.I had to give my holes a rest in the late afternoon due to being so worn out and sore but continued Sucking Cock and eating pussy 'till the end. Bob and I wearily went to bed to rest for our next day back to work.....It was going to be a rough one indeed!!!
Posted by Lozo44 4 years ago
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3 years ago
I love double vaginal. It feels so good. And then you feel the other cock swelling and filling the pussy with cum. You know you will be left alone in that cunt. Fucking it hard. Making all those fantastic noises when you pump that fresh cum in and out of a hot sluts body.
3 years ago
good girl