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Saturdays Orgy Details

We arrived at the hotel suite around 10pm....There were around 10 naked guys and 4 women....just how I like it....One of my favorite Cocks was there...Loomis...a big tattooed Irish American guy with a thick 10 inch Cock. One of the women was Sammy , Loomis's girl...she is a hot little 23 year old blond slut...She and I have had much fun together in the past and we would tonight.As we got reacquainted I could see my husband wasn't too happy...The other women were not so hot...kind of obese ....and Sammy didn't like to play with older guys.....Oh well ..this was his idea and I liked what I was getting into.....Sammy and I hit one of the beds and started Sucking Loomis's and some other Cocks with an occasional deep kiss with each other. More and more guys kept showing up but no more women....Soon there was around 15 guys surrounding us on the bed...Hard Cocks pointing our way....but I was intent on getting Loomis's man meat in me....So I paid him special attention....I swallowed his 10 inches to the balls as Sammy ate my pussy while getting Fucked from behind by Cock after Cock....It was quite a scene...I was so ready for him....I begged him to Fuck me and as he spread my legs and filled me...Cocks were shoved in my mouth to Suck. Sammy was getting pounded by Guy after guy while Sucking Cock after Cock...Cumm was spurting all over us. Loomis was still Fucking me and I was cumming like crazy....My pussy really clamps down on Cocks when I orgasm and he was moaning in pleasure telling everyone they needed to try me out....this went on for quite some time until Loomis Blew his load all over my stomach and breasts...Soon another Cock replaced him and I again was getting Fucked the way I like...Hard , Deep, and fast....I was very loud...screaming in ecstasy ....After I swallowed a few more loads and was fully satisfied I took a break...Sammy was still at it.....Oh to be young!!!I went out to the living room- kitchen and my husband was just standing there naked .....soft Cock ....doing nothing...He gave me the evil eye...and whispered he wanted to go...as more guys were arriving ...a real sausagefest....Guys were asking me to go in and help Sammy out...I peeked in the room and she was being DPd with two Cocks in her mouth with a half dozen guys waiting their turn....Yuuummmm!!!...I couldn't leave now. I went back to my husband and said I didn't want to go now and we got into a argument....We were 2 hours from home and he started dressing telling me he was leaving...I said go ahead I'll find a ride..and he left. Loomis came over to me with that big Cock fully erect and gave me a drink ...Vodka on the Rocks...and I downed it.....That really did the trick ....I got back in that bedroom and was used by guy after guy...I got Dpd and DVd..it was awesome....As the party wore down and emptied out Sammy and I took a nice hot shower together and laid together in the bed to sl**p....Loomis soon joined us...and Fucked us both until the sun came up.....
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Posted by Lozo44 4 years ago
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4 years ago
Loomis aint that hung !
4 years ago
WOW Tara sounds like you had great time.