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Well it's Wednesday now...plenty of time to reflect on Saturday nights slutting.
My ass is still sore from the pounding it took......Whew
Sunday morning after the guys threw me out I began walking through the nice residential neighborhood....as I walked I dressed and tried to put on some makeup ect......I was a mess....Cumm all over me...my hair all fucked up ....cumm was oozing out of my asshole and pussy...wetting my jeans...nice cumm spots.....
I made it to a shopping center...it was 6:30 am...sun just rising. The taste of Cock still in my mouth...just 20 minutes before one had spurted it's juice in it.I went into a Starbucks and ordered come coffee...the looks I got were priceless!!!!I had left my bra and my lil white blouse was showing it all...my nipples were still real hard...I was still real horny. I am like this....once I get going I cant stop 'till I drop.I gulped down my coffee and tried to figure out where I was and how to get home. A couple of young studs came in to get some coffee...tall, cut blond surfer guys.In their truck were a selection of surfboards. I thought that these two may be able to give me a ride home...and satisfy my needs...
They both noticed me and whispered to each other as I smiled at them....One waited for their coffees as the other came over and chatted me up,He said it looked like I'd been rode hard and put up wet....I replied I was definitely wet....The other stud came over and I asked if they were going north towards county line...they said that was exactly where they were going....and asked if I needed a ride...What good fortune!!!
I jumped in the truck between them and we headed up the coast.I told them that I hope my Husband had a good time last night because I really got Fucked good by a bunch of guys.....They laughed nervously....and I grabbed both their Cocks through their board shorts....Nice and hard already....I asked if they would like me to give them both a nice sloppy blowjob....And pulled their Cocks out.I went back and forth swallowing them to the ballsack.As I sucked one I stroked the other...I'm very good at multi tasking.....As one began to spurt down my throat the other started squirting cumm in the air...I tried to catch some in my mouth but it sprayed my face......Such a turn on......I licked their Cocks clean and dabbed as much up that sprayed in the truck with my fingers and licked them clean.My house is a mile or so before the spot they were going to and as we were about to turn up to it they asked if I'd like to meet some friends of theirs....I readily agreed...
We pulled into the parking area and there were ten or so surfers getting ready to go out.Three of them came over to say hi to my Cocks and immediately noticed me and my slutty look.They said she sucks Cock real good and bet that I'd suck them off too. They politely asked me and I eagerly agreed....I got out and knelt on the dirt between them as they pulled out their stiffening manhood. I started Sucking and stroking all three as more guys surrounded us. A crowd had formed and more Cocks were presented to me.My clothes were torn off as the smell of pot filled the ocean air.Soon I was bent over the hood of the truck as one Cock after another took turns Fucking me.Then I was put on all fours in the dirt as lines formed for my mouth and pussy....and then my ass...I asked for the lube in my purse and had them lube me up real good.....God I was getting pounded for what seemed like hours.Some Cocks blew their loads in my face and mouth...others in my slutholes.I was filled to the brim....Cumm was oozing out of my mouth....A thick coating of cumm was down my throat and my stomach was full....I was about to puke....As another Cock was shoved all the way down my throat spurting it's load I got sick...and the crowd started laughing.....A couple more guys Fucked me and came in my ass and then they were all out surfing. I was left to walk my way home....again.I grabbed my lube, gathered myself and started my walk south to my home.Once again smiling from ear to ear....but wanting more.....
Finally back home...and what I walked into!!!!
Posted by Lozo44 4 years ago
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4 years ago
wow love it