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How I Got Home

I woke and Loomis and Sammy were dressed getting ready to leave...they were heading south but I needed to go two hours north.Damn...Bob shouldn't of left me...We normally get off on each others success at partys but he just got in a bad mood.The host was getting ready to turn the hotel key in and said he'd help me get home...for a price.....I had to go with to his place and entertain his girlfriend and a couple of her friends before he took me home.....I was tired and worn out but agreed.Kevin was a tough looking guy about six foot 200 lbs, shaved head and covered in tats. looked li... Continue»
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Finally Home

I walked up the hill to my home still reeling from the pounding my mouth and holes took.I was in a daze as I got my keys out and opened the door.When I closed the door behind me I noticed clothing s**ttered throughout the house...a trail of it led to the back bedroom...not the master bedroom.I peeked in to see three girls and four guys sl**ping on the bed ,floor and futon...all completely nude but Bob wasn't one of them.I continued to the master bedroom and opened the closed door.In it I found Bob, two other guys and a girl all cuddled up on the bed.All their Cocks were hard as rocks and ... Continue»
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Saturdays Orgy Details

We arrived at the hotel suite around 10pm....There were around 10 naked guys and 4 women....just how I like it....One of my favorite Cocks was there...Loomis...a big tattooed Irish American guy with a thick 10 inch Cock. One of the women was Sammy , Loomis's girl...she is a hot little 23 year old blond slut...She and I have had much fun together in the past and we would tonight.As we got reacquainted I could see my husband wasn't too happy...The other women were not so hot...kind of obese ....and Sammy didn't like to play with older guys.....Oh well ..this was his idea and I lik... Continue»
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Sat Nite Orgy

My Husband and I are off to a Hotel Orgy .....I'll post the events of the evening and hope to get some pics too....PARTY TIME!!!!!
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Well it's Wednesday now...plenty of time to reflect on Saturday nights slutting.
My ass is still sore from the pounding it took......Whew
Sunday morning after the guys threw me out I began walking through the nice residential neighborhood....as I walked I dressed and tried to put on some makeup ect......I was a mess....Cumm all over me...my hair all fucked up ....cumm was oozing out of my asshole and pussy...wetting my jeans...nice cumm spots.....
I made it to a shopping center...it was 6:30 am...sun just rising. The taste of Cock still in my mouth...just 20 minutes before one had spur... Continue»
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So Fullfilled !

Saturday nights are a great party night ....after a Week of Hard work.I get to sl**p in and that allows for a long hard night.As the week goes on I fantasize on the different scenarios I might be involved in......a night with my Husband....or.....a one night stand with some new Cock....a threesome with a couple.... or better yet a more some with many new friends.Well this Saturday was extra kinky.....I get wet thinking of it.
My Husband and I decided to go out to a new dive bar we heard about in Ventura...Nice bar but old school...Pool Tables, darts ect....no dance floor or fluff. Just my ... Continue»
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My mouth

I need a Cock in my mouth.....I crave the taste of Cock...slightly salty,thick ,hard,Pulsating,Cock juice oozing from the tip as I Lick and Suck.....Throbbing it Spasms and unloads it's treasure,...Then another fills my open Cumm filled mouth...This is what I crave...that's why I go to Orgys..lots and Lots of Juicy ,hot Cock.Am I a freak???? I think I'm just a slutty women who enjoys pleasing....
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continued...The Other Night

After a few hours of getting my holes slammed by Cock the party began winding down.It was 4am and the two other sluts were in the shower together, I asked if I could join them to clean up.We were all so happy after what we enjoyed and they pulled me in with them.....We soaped each other up and kissed.....rubbed and kissed....licked and kissed.....and soon were in a bed together with our mouths on each others well used holes.
When I woke they were gone....It was 10am so I called my Husband and told him of my evenings activities and that I'd be home shortly.I gathered myself and though a b... Continue»
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[Story] Part 2 of The Evolution.......The Backpack Trip an

The Evolution Part 2

The Backpack Trip and Cumming Clean

I was playing with fire but I didn't care. My trips to the glory hole booth had freed me from a dull, unsatisfying sex life. I was too young and too attractive to do without Cock any longer. The fact that all the Cock I was getting was anonymous allowed me some piece of mind about getting caught. Even when I met Cocks from the hole at my rent by the hour motel, I felt secure about not being caught in my secret identity as slut wife/ Cock whore. Richard sta... Continue»
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The other night

I was all alone the other night just looking at porn on the internet while my husband was out at a strip club with some of his friends.....(guys I've had the pleasure of being used by)...well I got a message from one of our Fuck buddys on one of our swing sites that we were invited to a "party" ......Well I didn't think he'd mind if I went and mingled as he paid our rent money for lap dances.So I got prepared for a naughty evening out................
When I arrived at the large upscale home in the Hollywood hills at 10pm the party was really in full swing..lol
Two go... Continue»
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[Story] The Evolution

The Evolution

My name is Tara and this is an account of how I became a full blown slut Wife. I am now 45 and live in a world that revolves around dirty, nasty sex. I've evolved from naive high school party girl, to abusive first marriage, to divorcee town slut/whore, to faithful Wife, to my current identity of slut Wife.

I was 27, a couple of years removed from an abusive marriage, and living it up. I had a good job, nice car, cool apartment and a large circle of Cocks I played with. I had regular gang bangs with a core group of Cocks I met at the local bars and nightclubs. ... Continue»
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[Story] My Reward And Punishment

Part 2 of the story/ life experience

"I can't stop myself, My reward and Punishment?

I couldn't believe these two gorgeous guys with
HUGE cocks had asked me over to their place to fuck and suck the night away! I loved my Husband, but the fact that he saw me blowing these two giant cocks in their truck was probably going to ruin my marriage, so I was going to make the best of it! As I said before, I had been faithful to him for the 5 years of our marriage, but now the real me was cumming

I stepped off the barstool with my hands still groping their Cocks thr... Continue»
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COCK in my ass

Such a nice night...had a tongue in my ass as I sucked Cock and then they both fucked my ass....Good hard Cock I luv it...cuummm all over me
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[Story] Just Can't Stop Myself

Just Can't Stop Myself

My Husband and I love to role play, here's a story of a naughty experience I had on one of our acts.
We were to meet at a local watering hole and pretend to not know each other and then seduce each other and go home and get nasty. I'm 44 and a grandmother already, redhead of medium build,34c breasts and slender long legs. I need to lose some weight around my tummy but I seem to be attractive to men.( I get lots of attention). I'm a sports nut and can converse and hold my own with any man on any sports topic of the day. This really helps in makin... Continue»
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