First time with a OLD man!

The thoughts all started when I would stroke my cock and wish that I could suck it. That eventually turned into the desire of sucking any cock.
Of course, growing up in the day and age that I did, doing such a thing was VERY taboo and not something I had ever considered.

Eventually I started dabbling with the Gay Male phone lines and what not, never actually following through on anything, but stroking my cock while talking to guys about it.

Once I caught up with the computer age, porn was so much more readily available and I ran into personals sites and chat rooms dealing with gay and bisexual men.
This was a HUGE turn on since I was bicurious anyway.

Over several years, I fantasized and spoke with many men online, trading pictures, cam2cam, etc. but it never really fulfilled my desire to actually taste my first cock.

One day, while in a chat room, an old man acosted me and offered to let me watch him on cam and informed me that he was in the same state I was (Colorado).
My dick rose to attention immediately at the thought.

Over a span of several weeks I would watch this horny old man stroke his uncut cock for me, all the while inviting me over to his place to give it a taste.
Thing was, he also had a live-in partner that was on oxygen and could not join but wanted to watch.

The thought of sucking an older man's dick seemed nasty, yet made me VERY horny at the same time. I decided that I would have to take him up on his offer.

One day, while in Denver visiting my parents, I was extremely horny and figured I would give the old man a call.....and of course, no answer. Such a let down after building up the courage! I figured I would go to the mall which was close to him and try again later.

After walking around the mall for an hour or so, and trying to build up the courage again, I called his number again from a payphone and he answered!
My heart skipped a beat, but I mustered up enough strength to say hello and ask if he still wanted to play.
He said he was ready anytime I was, so the ball was in my court.
I asked him for directions to his place and was on my way!

Once I pulled up in front of his apartment it felt like my heart was going to beat through my chest!
Was I REALLY going to follow through with sucking my first cock?!
And with a man old enough to be my Father?!

...I see him and he motions for me to come inside.
Funny, I don't hesitate one bit and follow him into his apartment.

I walk in, set my sunglasses on his counter and start with small talk.
But I forgot that I had instructed him that if we didn't get to it right away that I might chicken out. So, while I am awkwardly making small talk, he walks up to me, pulls his pants down and shoves his small uncut dick in my face!

....Well, that's what I came here for! So, I take his little dick in my hand, feeling very odd since I have never touched another man's dick, much less seen an uncut cock in person (mine is cut) but I peel the foreskin back slowly and notice he has a bit of cheese on it (GROSS! I think to myself) But I just brushed it off and asked if we could go to the bedroom.

Once we were there, it was the time of truth, time for me to get on my knees and do what I came to do. So I did just that. I had him lie down on the edge of the bed and leaned forward, looking intently at his little uncut dick and getting hornier by the minute at the thought of sucking an old man's cock!

I quickly put it in my mouth and instinctively started doing what I had seen in SO many porno flicks and sucked on it how I thought I would enjoy mine being sucked. Being on my knees with an old man's dick in my mouth felt VERY naughty and I loved it!

After a while I looked up into his eyes while bobbing up and down on his dick, he looked down at me and said,"You're doing just fine!"
I smiled and continued sucking.

After a bit, my cock started twitching for attention so I stood up, took my pants off and we arranged ourselves in a 69 so we could suck each other.
It was at this point, while we were sucking that his roommate came in and started to watch us. I was so horny I didn't care at all! Haha!
He pulled out his little limp cock and started tugging on it, making me hotter that we had an audience.

He really didn't get involved much, other than reaching down and caressing my ass while I sucked his roommate's dick...I didn't mind at all.

At one point, while we were going to town slobbering all over each other's cock, he looks up and asks me,"Do you want to fuck my Man Pussy?"
I simply shook my head and continued enjoying the taste and feel of an old man's uncut dick in my mouth for the first time.

After about 30 minutes of he and I sucking madly at each other, I felt a quick, small burst in my mouth and actually had to ask him if he came in my mouth.
He said that he did....not as bad as I thought it would be, but then again, I don't think he shot hardly ANY cum in my mouth.

After that I stood up on my knees on the bed and let him suck me to completion, shooting a MUCH bigger load of cum into that horny old man's mouth!
I loved it!

Once we were done, I felt a bit odd and put on my clothes and excused myself.

I spoke with him several times online after that, but never met with him again....not that I didn't want to, he just lived too far to make it a regular thing. I have tried to contact him since but I am afraid he might have passed on :(
His Yahoo username was Harvey_Halder_2000

For my first bisexual experience I was VERY pleased!

49% (38/40)
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2 months ago
great story
3 months ago
A great experience for you. I actually prefer old men. I was 'seduced' by several of them when I was in my early twenties. They are always appreciative and I like that. Every old guy I have ever been with said "Thank you" when I left.
4 months ago
Fucking HOT comment ~ message me more about you exp's. growing up...I had quite a few myself
4 months ago
Cool, a lot of your first thoughts are similar to mine
10 months ago
Great Story... I felt sooo Good as I Jacked Off Nice & Slow while Reading and devouring each sentence... Like "Albertrobert"... An Older Man molested me for the first time, shortly before my 9th birthday and I Loved that experince so much that he and Sucked & Jerked each other Off for Years after that!
Now that I am an Old Man, I Jerk Off to those memories and the incest experiences that I had growing up.
10 months ago
11 months ago
good for you going throu with it
12 months ago
great story
1 year ago
Good story. Thanks.
1 year ago
Such a hot story. I come back to it every so often to stroke to it because it brings back some memories of some of my most memorable fucks with older gentlemen.
1 year ago
Loved your story. I was seduced by an older man when I was a lot younger and from the very first I was very comfortable being naked in front of him. He taught me how to suck cock and he was the first adult to fuck me and when he started to invite some of his friends over to enjoy my body also, I was in heaven pleasing all those men. Guess he was responsible for making me a slut after I joined the Navy.
1 year ago
I lived in denver
1 year ago
Hot story, but much hotter if he had a big dick. Perhaps discrimination, but I prefer big dicks.
1 year ago
Nice I'm really horny..!!
1 year ago
great story!! I to luv playing with older men too, there is something about them that turns me on!!
2 years ago
Loved this story. Thanks for posting.
2 years ago
Enjoyed your story. Some 30 years ago, I had the pleasure of being seduced by and elderly person. The relationship lasted almost a year. He sure thought me a lot.
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
I really liked your story. It goes to show that nomatter what a mans age is, he can provide a good time!
2 years ago
Very nice story. Have you repeated the act? Have you let anyone else slide their cock into your mouth? I, like you want to do that but unlike you, I have yet to find the courage....Please tell me more about your experiences.
2 years ago
come see me and you will get a mouth full!
2 years ago
Good stuff!
2 years ago
Don't kiss and tell!! Thanks for the story!