My audition..

It was easy. All I did was answer the ad and make the phone call. Within two days I was there, actually doing it. Of course I was nervous, but I kept that to myself. It was exactly as I thought it would be and at the end of it all, I felt okay with what I did.

They told me to be natural, be myself, so I did. It was an apartment on the other side of town. It was mid summer so I just wore a skirt and midriff top over my underwear. I knew that I had to strip, because that was what they wanted, if they accepted me I thought.

I rang the doorbell and this guy answered. He was in his thirties and pretty good-looking. He asked me in and all it seemed was a normal dwelling apartment, nothing different. Of course I expected some kind of studio set up. In a way it was better the way it was because it made me feel more relaxed.

In the living room there was this younger guy sitting in an armchair playing around with his camera. I knew he had to be the photographer and he seemed less friendlier than the older guy, more interested in his camera than me, but I was fine with that. He was cute but not as good looking as the other, who offered me coffee brought in on a tray with real cream and sugar.

"Sit down. Tell us about yourself Laura. I take it Laura is your real name?" the older guy asked. My name was real and I wondered if some models actually gave false or made up names in this game? I told him it was real and he was cool with that. Then I told him my age, adding two years and what I did, which was real too. I was a store clerk and for a first job ever I was happy with that but wished for a better future, obviously.

"Well, Laura. You know why you're here this morning?" he asked. I knew exactly why I was there. I told him I had heard of these interviews before and what I had to do. He smiled and scratched his head. "Well, atleast you understand what we want from you." He said, pouring my coffee. "Sometimes the young ladies expect different things or either they change their minds on a second thought." He handed me the cup and saucer. "Somehow I knew you'd be more understanding of this business."

"So, do you get many dropping by?" I asked. The younger guy got up out of the armchair and set up a video cam on a tripod. "By the way, what are your names?" I noticed how quickly he brought the camera out from behind the chair all ready and waiting, hidden from view at first. The set up was exactly as I expected.

"Oh I'm so sorry, forgive me Laura. I'm Harry this is Jon, my assistant." We shuck hands, but Jon remained busy focusing the camera on me. The image came up on the TV screen in the corner of the room. "You look really good on video Laura." Harry remarked. I thanked him for his comment. Out of the two of them Jon was beginning to make me feel weird. I hated quiet geeky guys. But as long as he remained behind his camera, I felt fine.

"Okay, Laura. Just relax and sit back and answer a few more questions." Harry said with a smile. I sat back into the couch and waited. "You can move your hands from your knees it looks much better." I did as he asked. "Maybe open your thighs a little?" And so I did, noticing Jon lift the camera from the tripod and holding it so as to zoom in on my thighs. Suddenly I felt the focus of attention as things began to open up. He wanted my crotch and so I yielded to the lens as he zoomed in close, then up over my body to my face. "You look really hot on screen Laura, I'm impressed." Harry told me. "So are you still a virgin or are you experienced with sex?"

"Oh I'm experienced." I replied. "I've had a few boyfriends since high school."

"Did they all satisfy you? Any really mature experiences?"

"A few. The oldest guy I had had been in his early thirties." I smiled and he reacted as I expected.

"Like me you mean?"

"Yes, sort of like you." I began to play to the camera and Harry by now. I loved role-playing and this was for real. I just wondered how far Harry would want to go. The interview had begun and I could see that he was getting excited and so was Jon as he zoomed in on my breasts. "Do you like me?" I asked.

"I think you are beautiful. This interview is going well. Why not take off your top and relax a little more? Let the camera see what your hiding under there." And without hesitation I lifted off my top revealing my half-cup bra. "They look really nice Laura. Absolutely splendid. What size are you?"

"Thirty two B." I replied, keeping my smile fixed at the camera lens, before looking Harry directly in the eyes and asking, "Do you like them?" He hummed his reply and Jon zoomed in further. The quiet guy too was starting to get excited I noticed as I looked back into the lens running my fingers beneath my bra seductively.

"You're a natural Laura. You certainly know how to play up to the camera. Want to remove the bra so we can get a better look?" Harry asked. Then I put my shy expression on before reaching back to unclasp. "You're teasing us Laura. That is really something." He said. I just let it fall, exposing my nipples and I think they realised there and then, I too was enjoying getting turned on. "I bet your getting nice and wet too."

After that comment I realised things were changing pace, and perhaps maybe going too fast. Going topless was cool, but their attention was moving south far too fast I thought. "Am I what?" I asked, trying to look innocent. There was silence as Jon concentrated his focus on my breasts. Harry looked at his notes and smiled.

"Want to show us that tight little ass of yours?" Harry asked. "Turn over and lets see it. Things are looking good so far." And so I obliged, turning and kneeling to let Jon focus on my butt. I could see the image on the TV screen as he zoomed in on my panties disappearing between my thighs. So I gave them what they wanted by spreading a little wider. The light blue material creased along the line of my pussy lips and Harry gave a long drawn out low whistle. "Fuck, that looks so hot Laura. You are amazing."

Of course, now I was letting the dog see the rabbit at this stage and I expected that kind of comment. "Can you just get your finger inside there? Pull your panties to one side for us?"

"You sure?" I asked, playing up to their request. I knew exactly what they were wanting and gently I pushed my finger beneath my gusset and before pulling it to one side I ran it along my lips, feeling how moist I was. This was for my own purpose, because I needed to feel how it was before I went any further. I felt comfortable with the way it was, so I gave them the shot they wanted so badly. My labia were tucked in neatly and I knew that didn't look too forwards as it was kind of fresh and innocent still.

"Fuck!" Jon exclaimed, zooming in close. "She's not shaved." Of course I was not shaved. Was that a requirement? I thought to myself. "We got ourselves a hairy one here Harry."

"Excuse me?" I began to ask, "Were you expecting me to be shaved? I have a very neat trim which I happen to like very much." I told them.

"No no, that's cool Laura. We seem to get a few shaven ones these days and yours looks absolutely delicious, believe me. Nothing detrimental I assure you. I think you should sit down and take off those panties and show us more." And so I did. I turned, sat and slowly slipped off my panties while Jon cammed every second of my moves. Then I teasingly handed Harry my garment, pushing my skirt between my thighs to hide the object of their desire. "Oh shit. Thankyou." Harry said as he took them and examined them closely. I was clean and had nothing to hide. Besides, it got him going wild at the same time. That was what I wanted. I needed to see how far they wanted me to go with this and from what I saw of the TV images, it was going just fine.

"Okay Laura." Harry sat back into his chair and looked at me. "Those pigtails make you seem a lot younger than you are I hope. We don't want to be breaking any laws around here, is that fine with you?" Suddenly he turned serious and I wondered if they would make some comment about my appearance. I themed myself on schoolgirl, however I was not.

"Of course. I'm wearing them because it was so hot today." I replied with my innocent smile. Jon loved every second of it as he focused in on my face. The geeky guy was now more turned onto me than I first thought. It was amazing how you can change things with guys, as you get more raunchy. And Harry? He was actually getting more serious for a short while.

"So, Laura, how do you feel about having sex on camera?" Harry asked. The question I was least expecting. From a teasing peep show, things were going a gear higher. I had to be very careful how I answered that question. "Do you do head?" he swiftly followed on.

"Suck cock?" Jon asked more crudely. I looked at Jon and smiled as he kept his focus on my breasts and head. "I bet you really love the cock don't you?" Mister quiet guy was not as shy as I realised.

"Do you want me to suck cock for you?" I asked. Both of them nodded quickly. I should have expected that reply, it was so obvious. And I suppose I should have expected to go further the way I was teasing them. I didn't mind as long as one of them was atleast clean and fresh.

"Okay this is what we want." Harry began to explain, jumping to his feet. "I'm going to kneel beside you as you blow me and I want you to finger your pussy at the same time. That should look really cool. What do you think Laura?" I could see what he wanted. I had seen lots of porn vids before and that seemed like the common theme to me. I agreed by nodding and watched as Harry took off his pants and shorts. But then I think he intended leaving his jumper on and even his sox. No way I wanted him that way. He had to strip right off before I would do anything. And I insisted in keeping my skirt around my waist providing he didn't cum on it.

Soon Harry got into position kneeling beside me totally naked. His body was fit and sexy and I could see he looked after his diet and physique. His skin was tanned apart from the obvious patches and so smooth too. His cock seemed flaccid and quite soft at first, so I obliged in licking the tip gently as I watched it get thick and hard before my very eyes. "That feels just nice baby." He kept on repeating. I hated that term of endearment so much, but I ignored it, knowing he was getting really horny. Guys do that a lot I noticed.

Jon zoomed in and followed my fingers as I played them gently over my spread pussy, lubricating the object of my desire as well as theirs. My nub was poking generously from its hood and soon as I began to bob his cock smoothly my juices began to flow as well as those spine shaking, hip vibrating tingles. I forgot to mention that I got quite noisy after a while, but my mouth and tongue were too busy working his tasty stiff, the noise was kept down to a nice low moaning in time with my bobbing head.

After a while, I ignored Harry repeating how much he said he loved it and calling me baby. My own orgasm was getting to its peek and I released my first tiny squirt to Jon's surprise. "Oh fuck, she squirts!" he cried out. Now that sort of puts me off my stride a little. I wasn't even at my climax yet and I anticipated his reaction to my gusher. However, Harry had now taken to stroking and playing with my pigtail as he was about to throw his head back and release. That kind of slowed me down a little as I took one huge mouthful of warm creamy jizz. Then the second and third shots spilling over my breasts as he purged the last drops out with his fingers. My orgasm decided to take a vacation in the meantime.

I loved the taste of freshly released spunk, so I just enjoyed what I had and spat it over his cock as he squeezed out the last drops, rubbing it across my chin. I became conscious of the camera zooming in and smiled. Then I also noticed how Jon held the camera steady with one hand as he pulled his own cock between clenched fingers. I was certainly in the thick of it when he stood up and aimed it right at my breasts. "Oh wow! This is too cool" I cried out. "I've never had two guys before."

"Well Laura, we have never had anyone as fucking hot as you before." Harry replied, still squeezing more jelly from his flaccid cock. Suddenly, I realised where I had taken this interview. If I didn't get the job promise at the end of the day, then that would really make me a slut. I wondered if these guys knew how important that was to me?

After I cleaned up and dressed in the bathroom I walked slowly into the living room. They were discussing me in almost whispers and so I tried to listen without being noticed by hiding behind a built in decorative arch.

"She's ok. Just what they are looking for. This one is really convincing." Jon commented.

"Yes, but this is for anal and straight fucking. We did it wrong. They are going to reject. You know how they are. Blow jobs are out on this one and we certainly blew it."

"Well, she certainly did." Jon replied with a laugh. It was a cool reply, but the joke certainly turned sour in my opinion. I felt used, finding out that they led me down the wrong path on this. But then, I teased them too I suppose. The three of us got over excited and by agreeing to do what we did, I let myself down. My kinky role-play fetish got the better of me this time so it seemed.

"Ay guys!" I jumped out from my hiding place and surprised them. "No problem okay? It was fun." I tried to make things atleast cheerfully on the bright side. They looked at me deep and hard. Harry stroked his hands and smiled. "What? Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"Not really baby. How about we do it the way they want this time? You're choice, anal or pussy? Maybe even both? Lets show them how good you really are?"

Like I said, it was easy. That day certainly became interesting as it drew towards it's close. I will never forget those two guys either. They were really cool and so gentle too. I don't think I have ever been treated as well as they treated me. They both took their turns in doing it and taping it. And, I admit, every bit of it was pure unadulterated filth. And who knows? Millions may even see it all over the world. But ay! Who's complaining?

97% (49/2)
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1 year ago
have you the video of that? =)
1 year ago
going to get my camera set up
2 years ago
Great story, I am looking forward to your next story ;)
2 years ago
Lets get the 'analytical' side out of the way....
well written, all the bits in the right places blah blah blah! Okay! Thats done!
A story? Or a wish-list?
Now THERE's a question!
Great stuff...whatever the answer! :)
2 years ago
That story made my cock throb
2 years ago
Incredibly hot!!
2 years ago
great story! Thanks!
2 years ago
Great story-wish my name was Harry!
2 years ago
great story laura x
2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot and naughty a real turn on would have loved to have seen that video
2 years ago
Love it! Really well written, and now i'm very turned on! x
2 years ago
Good work! Nice to see you took it all in your stride :)
2 years ago
very hot tell me more
2 years ago
god that was hot. I wish more girls could have fun with things like you
2 years ago
Wonderfully written. Such a turn-on to read. I hope there's more in this career hehe :) x
2 years ago
love the story ;)
2 years ago
Very hot story, read it all, made me very excited
2 years ago
Great story. I would love you to audition for me xx
2 years ago
i hope you got a copy & can post it here
2 years ago
Fantastic story Laura - Girls who love blowjobs are the absolute best!
2 years ago
Excellent story, Laura.
2 years ago
very cool story.
true by any chance?
that would be hot.
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago