If you go down to the woods tonight

Step-in onto the wooden porch in my night dress
Summer breeze of a warm summers night!
I steal one of Jason's cigarettes laying on the side
I dont normally smoke but this cigarette tastes so good.

I take a seat in the swing chair.

At the end of the garden is bluebell woods
Dark and creepy with the sounds of nature

hummmmmm what to do I'm home alone
A little past midnight poor another glass of wine
One glass leads to three!
All blurry now and I'm feeling really horny!

The phone rings. It's so late I let it ring!
The door bell dings.

Who's calling. ???
I get up open the door.
No ones there. (probably k**s messing about grumble grumble grumble)
I Return to the porch one more glass before I hit the sack

Chilled crispy fruity white wine
I get comfortable in the porch swing

A Spooky chill goes up my spine.
Creaky floor boards!
I turn and look.
Only Mags the cat jumps from the window.
I Lean back and Start to nod off.
This dreams feeling good.
a tall good looking dark haired stranger

Kissing my neck teasing me with his lips his breath in my ear!
His strong manly hands Massaging my shoulders

Wow I'm getting moist this is some dream.

Biting my lips our lips our tongues tied. He slips his hand through my night dress
I'm not wearing a bra! Can feel him growing hard .

His lips taking over me his manly hands needing my breasts like dough! I'm so wet.
I want him Right now this stranger with dark features
As he slides his manly hands down my silk night dress
And up my smooth legs
My French knickers he is pulling to one side.
I'm soaking I mumble.
As he kisses me and tugs my lips
Ouch slight bite.

His fingers sliding up and down my clit.
I'm almost ready to cum. Ahhhhh. That feels so good I can barely breath my hearts pounding fast as he slides his fingers deep

He pulls out just before I'm about to cum
Dam it!!

Grips me by the hand
Pulls me down the garden path
He kisses me again So passionately deep and longing
Bends me down onto a fallen tree

Slides up my night dress pulls my knickers to the side
Cups my breasts with his manly rough hands

And slides his huge throbbing cock into my tight wet pussy........,
it's so big so hard
I haven't had sex for ages
His huge erection thrusts deep into me.
Iv never had it so deep wow
I squeal and grab the bark of the tree
As he thrusts deeper and deeper into my waxed wood
in out in out in out


he explodes inside me
I get up look around
pitch black
no ones around my eyes searching!

only the sounds of the woodland a****ls
Who is this sexy stranger?
Where did he go?

I call out Hello
No response


I walk out of the woods
up the garden path

close and lock the back door behind me
I feel so warm inside

up to take a shower
feel the water slide off my body
cool me down

then a shadow at the shower door


The lights dim

to be continued .........

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2 years ago
very good