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Kelly was a shy, introverted 19 year old college student. She was about five foot four, on the plump side with curly blonde hair and thick juicy lips. She dressed conservatively to hide her large juicy breasts and thick round ass but she still got plenty of attention from guys. Kelly had been brought up Christian though and was still a virgin having been taught that she should wait until marriage to have sex. She’d fooled around a little, a couple of handjobs here maybe a blowjob there but she was never tempted to go further.

Until she fell in love with one of her Professors – Dr. Manning. He was a well built man in his late thirties, tall and handsome underneath his long hair, glasses and beard. A man of academia he was not particularly stylish but he was incredibly intelligent and this is why Kelly wanted him to take her virginity. It was a longing she had never known before. She simply must have his cock inside her, she would do almost anything to have it. Even after the first class he’d taken she’d gone straight home and found herself masturbating, something she didn’t normally do a lot. Now though images of him bending her over and making her eyes roll back in her head entered her mind almost constantly and circumstances permitting she would touch herself.

Kelly had decided enough was enough, she would wait no longer and hatched a plan. An essay was due for Dr. Manning’s class on the last of term, the deadline 3pm. She would go, hand her essay in late and tell him she would do anything for him to accept it and give it a good grade. It was hardly a foolproof plan but she was so consumed by lust that in her mind it just had to work.

Kelly knocked on the door to Dr. Manning’s office at 4.15pm on the last Friday of term. No answer. She tentatively entered anyway. Empty.

” Goddamn it! “ She thought. She scanned the room and noticed his laptop was still on the desk. She smiled, knowing she could she just wait for him to come back and collect it. She checked her hair in the mirror and had to admit she looked fucking good. Her conservative tight fitted jumper didn’t look quite so plain when see wore nothing underneath it and her nipples strained against the fabric. She thought the plaid skirt and stockings might have been too much of a cliché but she looked so hot and slutty she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her.

She jumped up on his desk and crossed her legs, ready for him to come and take her. She began sucking a pen just to really send him wild when he entered. She heard footsteps coming down the corridor and her pussy throbbed in anticipation.
She peeked out to see not Dr. Manning but another girl from her class! “Shit!” It was Sunita, the Indian girl who was always top of the class. Kelly scrambled into the storage cupboard at the back of the office just seconds before Sunita entered.

“What the hell is she doing here?” Kelly wondered. Sunita had a small frame, she was petite with very small breasts and a barely existent ass. She stood there in a plain white shirt and blue jeans, her hair pulled back and thick glasses covering most of her face.

Sunita opened a book and started flicking through it and Kelly wondered how long she would be stuck here watching her as suddenly Manning burst through the door.

“Sunita, what are you doing here? This is highly irregular.”

“I know, I’m so sorry Dr. Manning but I had a problem with my essay. I couldn’t print it in time so I missed the deadline.” She spoke perfect English but with a heavy Indian accent that made her sound exotic and exciting.

“Well then you fail”

“No please sir, I cannot fail. There must be some kind of arrangment we can come to?”

She stepped towards him and begin unbuttoning her shirt. “That dirty fucking slut!”
Thought Kelly.

“Stop right there young lady, I have a wife and f****y”

“But I’ve been such a bad girl, I must be punished”.

Manning grabbed Sunita by the hair and threw her to her knees. Before she knew it his cock was in her mouth getting harder and harder until he was throat fucking her.

“You’re damn right you’re a bad girl, sucking my cock for an extension on every essay. I’m not even sure you need them anymore I think you just love being a slut.”

Kelly couldn’t believe what she was watching as Manning ripped Sunitas shirt open and began slapping her tits as he skullfucked her. She recoiled as he spat on Sunita’s face and rubbed it in. “What a bastard!” She thought to herself. She had imagined he would fuck her gently, tenderly and caringly. He thought he would make sure she was comfortable and satisfied. She watched as he took off his shirt before lifting Sunita by the throat and bending her over his desk. She was fascinated by his raw power as his sculpted body allowed him to take Sunita and do whatever he pleased with her.

She looked down to see her nipples even harder than they had been when she thought she was about to get fucked. She ran a finger tip over one and bit her lip as pleasure coursed down to her warm wet pussy. She looked back up to see Manning pounding Sunita doggystyle over his desk. He was pulling her arms back, forcing his cock as deep inside her tight hole as he possibly could as he thrusted hard and fast.

“You like that don’t you, you nasty little bitch?”

“Yes Sir, I love it. Fuck my dirty cunt. I’m your cock hungry whore.”

Kelly was surprised to hear Sunita talk like this. She thought Sunita was just in it for the grade, but as she took a closer look at her face she could tell Sunita was enjoying this every bit as much as Manning.

“You like getting fucked rough don’t you? You pretty little fucktoy”

“Yes Sir. Use my body for your pleasure.”

Kelly was transfixed. She looked down and noticed her hand caressing her inner thigh. She licked her lips and went back to watching the action. Manning had dropped Sunita’s arms and was now pressing her face against the desk hard with one arm and choking her with the other. Kelly’s hand immediately shot from her thigh into her panties and on her clit. “Fuck yeah, if she wants it rough give it to her fucking rough!” She thought.

Kelly started to masturbate furiously as she watched Manning slam his cock into Sunita’s hairy cunt making her moan for him, saying his name over and over. “Dr. Manning, fuck Dr. Manninnnng” as she came hard all over his cock.

He pulled out and manhandled her down to her knees. He slapped her round the face and she moaned as she shoved three fingers inside her sopping twat. He grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth. “Taste your pussy and your cum you filthy girl” he roared as she moaned all over his fat throbbing dick.

By now Kelly was topless on sitting on the floor legs open. She slid two fingers inside herself quickly and roughly but she needed something more. She looked around herself but could see nothing. Suddenly she slipped off her panties, then one of her stillettos. She wrapped her panties round the heel then carefully inserted it inside herself. She felt so unbelievably dirty doing it she came, not hard, but she definitely came. She bit her lip hard as she began working the long heel deep inside herself until she was fucking herself with nearly the same ferocity that Manning was fucking Sunita’s pretty little face with.

Manning pulled out and slapped Sunita again, as he jerked his cock hard ready to spray all over her. “Mmmm, more” begged the seemingly innocent Indian girl. He slapped her again, hard. “Give me your cummmmm, please. I need it Sir.” She begged as he finally let out a guttural moan and shot his fat load all over her face, dripping down onto her pert little tits.

This was too much for Kelly as exploded herself. She grabbed her left breast and pulled the nipple hard as she came over and over again, her body writhing of it’s own accord controlled by her cunt which felt like it was on fire. She collapsed, exhausted as the sweat rolled down her.

Sunita was already standing and adjusting her clothes. Manning sat on his leather chair, panting, about to fall asl**p after a powerful fuck session.

Twenty minutes later Kelly snuck out of Manning’s office. She left the building and walked past the library. Greg, a guy in one of her classes, called out “Hey Kelly, looking hot! You going to a fancy dress thing?”

“I was going to but it got cancelled so I’m totally open if you wanna do something?” She winked at him.

Greg couldn’t believe his luck. “Oh, I’ve wanted to do something for a very long time”

“Just promise me one thing…”

“Hey, I won’t tell anyone I swear” He was so keen not to mess it up.

“No, not that. Just fuck me really rough.”

The End?
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6 months ago
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Nice story with a little unexpected twist. I see you have a thing fir rough sex too. Come by nut page. Read a story or two. I recommend: No Early Release part 3.
1 year ago
fuck - I LOVE that one !!! well written and I love the Sunita twist lol - get in touch ;-) xxx
2 years ago
I really do love this story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Deliciously wicked. :)
2 years ago
i love it, i want somebody to fuck me like that
2 years ago
Damn hot story
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
Amazing story mate, love submissive Indian girls sooooo much! Got any more stories like this?
2 years ago
Well...Kelly has a shitty taste about men- that's 4 sure:).
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
great story, I love it
2 years ago
Really good.
Kelly should've joined in too though!
2 years ago
Absolutly love it. I wish i was Sunita. Made my pussy nice and wet
2 years ago
throat fucking tits slapped verbally degraded face spat at what's not to like