Wasted Beauty

So i was walking home from a house party with my friend quite recently and as we was about to turn down the alleyway towards our area of residence we noticed two women on the side of the road just up from the alleyway. Being extremely pissed we thought it would be a great idea to as a laugh ask them to follow us. We walked into the alleyway only to turn round and see both of them slowly following us, we knew ful well what they was, the scum of the sex industry, street hookers addicted to some sort of d**g. Nevertheless in our cuurrent state we found the situation hilarious and shouted up to the women who was some distance away at this point "how much?" too which the uglier of the two replied "forty". We was never going to pay forty and due to the recent partying and our current location we didnt have forty. After deliberating we shouted back "ten pound for head only?" at which point the uglier of the two went to turn away but the younger more attractive one seemed eager. must have been a bad night for them so far.

The women begin to discuss and eventually walk towards us the only problem at this point was i had 10 pounds where as my friend had nothing so we had to do some hustling. As the women approached we got a clear sight of them, one was short, fat, mixed raced with bleach blonde very short hair wearing a jean jacket and a little jean skirt. Because i was the only one paying i definitely wasnt having that girl. The other girl on the other hand was around 25 nice natural height and weight, long wavy brown hair and a pretty face and would have been rathr attractive, but due to her current situation being a street hooker and all the effect had taken its toll on her face. She looked tired and looked as though she was 10 years older than she should look. also her being white she was a paler shade than expected and didnt look all that healthy.

Anyways so the negotiation begins me and my friend stand there with our backs to the wall waiting before the ugly skank says "money first" to which we had to think, so i pulled out my money and showed her and told her we was good for it but this is a service they're providing and as such they should provide the service then they get there money. She didnt complain but rather grumpily lowered herself on to her knees and began to unbuckle my friends jeans. My girl was already there having my jeans alresady by my ankles and was getting to work stroking my cock to life, now it was hard for me to get aroused it was cold i was d***k and i had a nasty skank next to me and a slightly more attractive skank playing with more foreskin. Me and my friend at this point found it hilarious and was laughing and making jokes as they stroke our now semi hard cocks.

My cock began to grow as my girl slowly lifted my helmet into the warmth of her mouth, on a cold night like that, the feeling doesnt get much better as i lean back and let her do her thing. at first she just sucking my shiny pink helmet while stroking the lenght of me before slowly going down further and further on my cock with each motion until she reached the point. Ladies you know the point, i dont mean to brag but im well endowed enough to cause women problems before they come anywhere near fitting my entire cock into their mouths and there comes a point where they can only go so far before they begin to gag. Looking beside me i see that girls having no trouble swallowing my friend whole, now his is not as long but it is thicker, but that didnt seem to bother her as she let it go all the way to the back.

my girl grabs my attention as she begins to caress my balls with her one hand while licking the little line of skin that connects my helmet to my foreskin, it felt sooooo good the sensation was unreal before she eventually swallowed my helmet whole again. Im no solid as a rock i mean so hard it almost hurts and im enjoying this right now, so i try to encourage her to take me whole by gently reaching round the back of her head and forcing me deeper into her mouth. She pushed my hand away looked up at me and asked me if i wanted deeper. I just looked down and smiled. whe reached round and grabbed hold of my ass with moth her hands and begin to pull me hard into her mouth, edging me in deeper with each pull. she starts to pull me in harder forcing my cock all the way to the back of her throat as she pulls of my cock i can see the saliva dripping and my soaking cocks got me sooo horny that my bals are tightening. so while shes pulling me into her mouth i start thrusting with her getting my cock in as deep and as rough as i can go, i can see her eyes watering but i know she loves it as i keep puming harder and faster shes pulling my ass cheeks apart as she pulls my thighs into her face exposing my asshole to the cold air and it feels great, but i can feel the bl**d boiling and my sack tightening at which point while im thrusting deep into her little slut hole of a mouth i grap her head and keep it f***ed onto my cock and i cum deep down her throat causing her to choke like mad. i look beside me and see my boy was ready too only he opted to pull out and cum all over her face and he came alot. Now im tryna get my jeans and boxers up quick thinking about what were gonna do for payment, next thing i know my boy runs towards me and pushes me in the direction away from these sluts at which point i start sprinting away with him. We was laughing our asses off while running like hell from these two hookers in there high heels and there little jean skirts...

definitely one of the funniest days of my life and one of the best blowjobs i never had to pay for, lets just hope that my girl fixes her life up and gets out of that game because she was really something...

This is my first story people let me know what you think, i know the spacings poor and there are some errors but its late, p.s. this story is 100% true and happened on the saturday night just gone, peace
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4 years ago
very good 1st story