My first gang bang at 23

When I was 23, I was horny constantly. What I really wanted was to be fucked by dozens of men every day, in my mouth and pussy and ass...over and over again.

I couldn't really do that, so I masturbated constantly. It wasn't unusual for me to make myself cum fifteen times a day and I was constantly fucking my pussy and my ass with toys and then licking them clean before putting them away.

Even to this day, I almost always wear a butt plug during the day because I love the feeling of cock filling my ass and I want it all the time.

As usual, I was upstairs in my bedroom, fucking myself with a tapered candle (my phallic substitute of the day, slender so I could practice my grip to make men groan in pleasure when I clamped down on them during sex.) I looked out of my window and saw the gang of men working on my street. They were digging up the road, replacing bad pipe with new pipe. They had been there for a few days and I could tell by the way they watched me when I went out jogging in my skimpy shorts and jogging bra that they liked me. They didn't speak much English, they were Portugese immigrants, but I figured we didn't really need much conversation for what we were going to do...

I thought, "why am I using a candle when I could have the real thing?"

So I waited for them to have lunch - they always retreated to their windowless van for lunch. I supposed there were seats in the back.

It was pouring rain...I went out with my CFM sandals, a skirt that could be lifted up easily and no panties underneath, and a thin cotton white top with no bra. By the time I knocked on the van door, the rain had made my top as translucent as saran wrap and the rain was a little cold so my nipples were sticking out so nicely.

They opened the van door and let me climb in. The man sitting on the bench seat moved over for me as I sat down. They were all looking at my top greedily and I liked how they were looking at me.

I kissed the man next to me on the bench. He closed his eyes and threw his head back and groaned. "What's wrong?" I teased. "Don't you like me honey?" And the passion in his reply sobered me. "I LOVE you...' His eyes burned through me. "I love THIS, do you understand?" as he put his hand on my pussy through my skirt. I nodded and felt a wave of passion of my own, echoing what I saw in his face. "I understand, baby, and I need you. Please, please, give me your cock, let me lick it...take it out of your pants for me.."

I wasn't even aware of the other men by that point. This man and I had made a connection and we felt passion together and it was going to be good between us. He unzipped for me and took his beautiful erection out for me. I don't remember the dimensions of his cock and I really don't pay attention to that, it doesn't matter to me...I just love that you men HAVE erections and let me play with them.

I loved every cock I have every played with, and I loved the cock this man fed to me. I was on my knees by then, loving his manhood, taking it as deeply as I could, past my tonsils, pressing my nose hard against his belly, gently fondling his balls at the same time...I was so greedy for his dick that I couldn't help myself, I was holding him deep in my mouth and swallowing so he could feel the back of my throat kind of caressing his dick head every time I swallowed and I was rubbing my tongue up and down his shaft as I pulled gently on his balls...he gave me all his nice jism, squirted it all down my throat and I swallowed and swallowed and held him in my mouth until he softened and then I kissed his cock gently and his balls and his thighs and said with heartfelt emotion, "thank you...."

It was time to suck the next man's dick so he traded places....I was slurping on the next workers dick like a good little slut when I felt another man lift up my skirt...I spread my legs a little wider so whatever man it was could fuck me. I didn't bother to look back - didn't matter which man it was, all I cared about was that he had a nice hard dick and was willing to stick it in me.

I got fucked good and hard and was moaning around the prick in my mouth and all the men liked that, they liked hearing the wet sloppy fuck noises from my very happy cunt and they liked how I moaned while I was sucking dick...

Their lunch hour lasted quite a bit longer than usual that day and by the time they were finished pleasing me, I had two loads shot down my throat, three loads in my pussy and one load in my ass. Talk about satisfied! I finally got as much cock as I needed and I was such a happy happy girl...ah, good memories...

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3 years ago
Story of my life ... always in the wrong place at the right time. Next time you need some cock, call me.
3 years ago
yea really why cant i meet a slut to use when i need to unload some cum?
3 years ago
How come I never meet a slutty whore like you?
3 years ago
nicely written story , hope you write more for us