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[Story] chick from omegle

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like sex.
You: m
Stranger: f
You: asl
Stranger: 19 F New York
You: 25 m seattle
Stranger: cool
You: what re you up too
Stranger: nothing much
Stranger: u?
You: laying in bed thinking about smoking a bowl
Stranger: lucky
You: why am i lucky lol
Stranger: i could get kicked out for doing that
Stranger: my landlords a bitch
You: lol i live in washington it is legal here
You: what are you wearing lamo
Stranger: a thong and tank top
You: sounds sexy why arent you naked
Stranger: do you want me naked?
You: i would love... Continue»
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[Story] Auntie Footjob

It was a Thursday evening,at 18:00 precisley,i had to go to my aunt's house to take her
digital camera to donwload her photos;while i was riding my bike,i was thinking to how to
try to lick her feet (I touched and massaged 4 or 5 times them),when i finally arrived.
I saw my uncle in the garden cutting the grass,and after saying "Hi" to him,i got into
the house: my aunt was stretched out on the sofa,with closed eyes (but she wasn't sl**ping);
she was wearing a white t-shirt that emphasize her big boobs and a pair of tight dark blue
jeans,with her sweet bare feet with big toes and dark... Continue»
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[Story] The Bank

The following story is fiction!!!

Brian was seating in his room with TJ. Wondering what he will do to pay his college education.
- ‘Dude, I don’t know what to do! I need $500 like yesterday...What am I going to do?’- asked nervously TJ.
- ‘b*o, look near the school has opened a new bank, maybe....’
- ‘ I can’t afford another loan!!’
- ‘It’s not that kind of a bank...It’s a sperm bank....You go there make your deposit you get your money and that’s it. Simple as that’- says TJ.
- ‘Alright....I give it a go. I don’t have any other option so...Sperm Bank here I come.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<... Continue»
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[Story] Caught!

It had been a bitch of a day. I was NOT in a good mood. I’d skipped out of the office early which meant I would not be getting sacked for smacking my boss in her over smart mouth. It was good driving along the motorway. I could let out some aggression when the road was empty but I knew the only thing to really calm me down was my wife.

I had the image in my mind of storming into the house, dragging her by her long auburn hair to the bedroom and r****g her like a cheap whore and making her do the dirtiest things I could imagine.

I could hear her voice in my ear, begging me not to ... Continue»
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