The Bank

The following story is fiction!!!

Brian was seating in his room with TJ. Wondering what he will do to pay his college education.
- ‘Dude, I don’t know what to do! I need $500 like yesterday...What am I going to do?’- asked nervously TJ.
- ‘b*o, look near the school has opened a new bank, maybe....’
- ‘ I can’t afford another loan!!’
- ‘It’s not that kind of a bank...It’s a sperm bank....You go there make your deposit you get your money and that’s it. Simple as that’- says TJ.
- ‘Alright....I give it a go. I don’t have any other option so...Sperm Bank here I come.


Brian stepped in the bank and then he saw the perfect woman. The receptionist, a nice blonde goddess with DD boobs toned long legs, and with on ass you can die for.
-‘Hi. My name is Brian Smith. I called earlier to make an appointment....’
-‘Right. Follow me Mr. Smith’ –said the receptionist.
- ‘Call me Brian, please’
- ‘Ok, Brian. My name is Anna’- said with a smile on her face. You just go in this room, we have movies and magazines in there just relax and enjoy.
- ‘Ok thanks. See you later.’-said Brian while winking at her.

Oh God he is so hot. Tall and well build, I am sure he has a huge thick cock, with I could play around all day. I think I will give him a hand soon enough. Thought Anna. First I will finish my paperwork, then I take my break and I will visit Brian in his room and try to help him out.
- ‘Brian! Everything is already? ‘
- ‘Ah...Yeah I’m fine..’
- ‘Is just that you’ve been in there for an awful long time’
- ‘Everything is fine. I just have problem to....

Before he could finish his sentence Anna was in the room looking at his huge 8 inch cock...licking her lower lip. She got a bit closer, kissed him passionately and took his cock in her right hand stroking it slowly and going faster and faster....After a while she dropped on her knees and started sucking him off. She sucked him faster and harder, she gave her best blowjob.
- ‘Oh God, Anna! It feels so good...Keep going! Don’t STOP!!!! Oh YEAAHHH!!! Suck that cock......yeah that’s it. I’m going to cum!!!!!!!!
With that he took the little cup came inside the cum, what didn’t fit in there went into Anna’s mouth, sucking him dry.....


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3 years ago
Good so far. Awaiting what happens next.