A lesson in fisting...

"You should go see how many fingers you can fit inside you now that I've made you squirm and dripping wet from listening to what I want to do to you." he said, making her further blush and make a little squeaking sound...

"Is that what you'd like me to do Sir?" she asked smiling slightly, knowing already what the answer was going to be.

"Yes, very much so. Go and find out how many of your fingers you can get inside you...how much you can do yourself... just use that feeling and imagine me there, getting you prepared for my hand... and see how full you can get yourself, and write me up a nice little report when you're done."

She flushes slightly at the thought, clearly not displeased with it. "I can do that... if you wish." He wasn't her Partner though, this was her Sir, and she did what he requested of her... regardless of their position or location.

"Yes, I do. Now go be a good girl and do what I asked." he will say sternly.

She will smile, clearly thinking of how to explain to him her acts in vivid detail so he will be pleased with her. "yes Sir" and she will slink away to be alone.

She will look at him over her shoulder almost tauntingly, as she leaves his office, knowing full well that behind his desk, he's not standing to walk her to the door because everyone outside the glass paneled office will see just how apparent his arousal was. What a lovely thought, him hard, and aching for her based on the short little words they had exchanged.. maybe it was knowing that he could tell her to go and do such acts and knowing that she would do so without question.

She walks down the hall, her face still a little flushed from the thoughts going on though her head and patting the purse on her shoulder knowing that she had a small vibrator in there to assist with her arousal where fingers just can't always do the trick. She will walk into the restroom and then lock the door, knowing that others might need to use it and she'd have to be quick.

In the bathroom she quickly prepared her items to help her along, her small vibrator, to help lubricate her cunt by playing w/ her clit, the lube so that she can place some in her palm and along her trimmed pussy to help keep everything slick, she then sat on the edge of the little bathroom vanity chair that was there for the ladies in the office to put on their makeup and removed her skirt, and panties placing them folded next to her bag. She then took the lube and spread it across herself slowly brushing and pinching her clit, that was already stiff and waiting, her pussy dripping in anticipation of the fun she knew that she was about to have.

With her back on the back of the chair rest and her butt on the edge of the seat, and her legs spread slightly with her feet in the seat to keep her knees wider, she started to play with herself. First using her hand and lightly scr****g her nails down her own thighs and slowly inserting one or two fingers into her to make sure the lube had well lubricated her lips and vagina. Taking her toy she starts to use it in conjunction with her hand and now trying to figure out just how hard it is to press more than just one or two fingers into herself from the angle she was currently. Slightly shifting, and letting a little moan out at the same time, she’ll take her toy and start to run it across her breast and nipples and then back to her clit, enjoying the sensation and watching her flush move further up her skin, warming her neck and face.

Three fingers… a little tighter, but still ok, and with room to move more, and slowly rocking against her own hand in this awkward dance that if someone were to see would probably think she was crazy for contorting herself into that position. It’s a good thing she dances or she would have a very hard time moving as she was… slowly in and out, pressing her thumb now along her clit and hood almost ignoring the toy vibrating in her other hand… the forth finger… tight, now her whole palm was inside her, all her fingers save her thumb… tightness and a rolling sensation almost like small tremors from pressing so much against the inside her cunt. Not quite Cuming… but close.

Then the door opens… looking up startled she sees her partner in the door a little surprised look on his face that quickly turns to an evil grin as he quickly comes in and then closes the door behind him, locking it…
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