Me Аnd Мy Аunt

I've had dreams many times drkav my aunt that when I was 18 years old she had a 40 for me was perfect. Pretty breasts mmm what a nice rump butt immediately lift you horny when you see it.I used every moment when you sl**p with them to look at bathrobe after showering. Even a few times when we were poking themselves when they shower. Of course that saw only the silhouette did not want to take any risks but me and that I was enough to thrill and go running into my room to handjob.At a celebration in our entire f****y was gathered, after several hours they were all d***k except majkami. When it was already late in the morning about two began to go guests. My father and my uncle wanted to drink more, even my mother went to lie down unable to bear as a drink.They started to argue it was the custom when you drink and I suggested to my aunt does not sit to go home by taxi and uncle told me that she has a drink and he was afraid to walk alone at home so I offered to send . When we got a taxi and helped my aunt to Download gripped the waist and so I brought it to the flat on third floor.When we entered home I put the bed and she told me to push to get undressed. And I took off my shoes and jacket and she said to go further and that's just like to see in underwear as if the beach. There was black panties that were not toe but were quite sexy.Little praised for being with her pussy and let him be what he wants. But somehow refrained. He sat on the bed and told me to undress and shirt. And approached from behind and started to undress and shirt. I pretended not possible to undress. When they saw my dick chest rose up and I had a feeling she would get out of my jeans.Slowly his hands and overcame breast has huge boobs and it brought me to madness. When you took off his shirt and asked me to and releasable bra and shirt and wear it under my pillow. We do not trepnav and releasable prslucheto, I was very excited to think about the consequences.I took the woman to his chest and started to fondle them. She looked a little dazed and looked down at my dick, who wanted to come and find in her mouth. I headed to the all or nothing, he gripped the chest and pushed the bed, and pulled the cock and put it in the mouth, juicy and she accepted and began to smoke.I took the woman and the head and wedges the end into her mouth bite and told me that my very large and thick and had I not right itself until now has not seen one. Continue to smoke slowly and watched me all the time in the eye, and then I noticed that, and that she wants to be a dick nabodena tonight.After smoking excellent set aside and began to fuck omitted terrible cries, and it was louder I fucked harder. I turned on her belly and wedges in the butt. He was in shock and I asked if I forget to answer that is good now and that she likes.I fucked long and she was just an orgasm and I pulled him and stood in front of her and wanted to finish on her chest mouth ... not opposed. He splashed his face through her hair, was all sticky.Then got up and went to the shower and I went after her. Showering together and fucked in the bathroom, leaning against the washing machine, and since then we had sex every occasion that we will remain alone.
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that was translated by google translate
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That was really hard to follow.