Aunt Ljubica

Unready to me slowly woke me draw sheet. Trying to hide the smile that pretended sl**p.''After my d***kenness d**garmi's wedding took me to sl**p at a friend's Marina.''further and pretend sl**p.I felt like caressing and playing with my dick, I moved up, down. With a hand squeezes the eggs. I just keep quiet and enjoy.I felt like pulling my foreskin back forward, then felt the humidity and heat of her mouth. Slowly I began to smoke but you can not recognize. The desire to put the faster was stronger than that of pretending sl**p. When I opened my eyes I felt a shock.It was Marina but mother and aunt Ljubica. I looked like a calf and I could not believe it. Ok, Ljubica aunt was on its 50 years but for his years looked good. Just ask where Marina and Uncle Peter and she unintentionally took it out of my mouth short answer no worries have sent the market and would not return quickly, and this apology was stronger than me and know how long I have oseteno hard dick molimte and let him enjoy and continue to smoke.I looked and saw that nice of him who has only a bra and hide big boobs and panties that were appropriate for her age.
I stopped smoking and looked at me, grabbed me by the hand and lifted me up. Looking me in the eye somehow tacitly told me to fuck her.I should not have twice told me I jumped out of bed and kissed her gently. She lay on the couch and set off panties and put on it. I touched fingers through her pussy and felt it was wet, and put it in her pussy and she dropped the blare of pleasure. He started biting me on the neck and called me''Wow how good mmm uhhh just so blessed and continue my Marina''Then I realized that a lot and missing sex, and I tried to lend the best sex as it deserves.I fucked and enjoy watching as his chest moving up and down, I caught one in his hand and put it in my mouth and started to nibble the nipple. It was loud, and I took out and told her to natrti and and put it in her pussy and even then I noticed how good a rump.I continued to fuck with the strong pace of her and flattered. As I fucked and caught them with his hands and chest roll then I saw how high. Suddenly she asked if I wanted to put in your anus, and I recognize that I am not tried until then, and she told me to try it.I took out and lean on her anus when I put in the inside she let a scream of pleasure, and wedges and to the end. I enjoy imbed wanted to remember the sex and I must admit it was excellent.He started to get closer to orgasm and she finished a few times and started full anus. The muscles know how to tighten and squeeze goal. I sat next to her I think that crying, I hugged and kissed her and she shot back.He got out of bed to get dressed and asked me if I wanted coffee ... as if nothing happened ....
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