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Posted by hk55 2 years ago

^^xHAMSTER^^ Directory of Links



Effective Date: May 02, 2013
Last Modified: September 27, 2011
Sites Covered: www.xhamster.com, www.xhamstercams.xxx
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Site Owner - Boss
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Posted by SMICHAELS 3 years ago

[Story] Les femmes fontaines... mon chemin.

Au bord d'un lit, l'été dernier, les volets clos et le soleil s'infiltrant, les corps nus encore dans l'onde du plaisir, paroles respirantes dans la sérénité du moment. L'homme à mes côtés me parle des femmes fontaines. J'écoute, j'entends ces mots pour la première fois. Il me parle aussi du point G, je lui parle de mythe, de fantasmes d'hommes, inventés par les hommes, dans un monde d'hommes.
Je ne connais à cette époque que les orgasmes « infantiles » de Freud (hum), en d'autres termes, ceux provoqués par les caresses sur mon clitoris. Ils sont violents et courts, et... rares. Ils ne s... Continue»
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Everyone here in xHamsterland receives avatar invitations from people who are not known to you in any way. Sometimes you even wonder where your path crossed theirs to elicit such an invitation. Unless you are into "peacocking" or collecting friends avatars just to have them on display, chances are that you would like to get some kind of a feel for this person contacting you before you click "yes" or "no". Life in xHamsterland starts for all of us in only one dimension...the profile. It's what we bring to that profile that adds depth, color and richness. But, if you click on an "invite ... Continue»
Posted by SMICHAELS 3 years ago

The nine degrees of submission

1.The outright non-submissive masochists or kinky sensualist.

Not in to servitude, humiliation or giving up of control. It is just pain or spiced up sensuality on the masochists own term and for own pleasure. It is solely to satisfy one’s own pleasure and not to gratify the other partner.

2.. Non Slave

Not in ti even playing as a “slave” but in to other “submissive roleplaying”, for example school teacher scene, infantilism, f***ed transvestism. Its usually in to humiliation but in to servitude even in a play.

3. Play slave

Likes to play at being slave.. Likes to “feel’ subser... Continue»
Posted by nastylonghair 2 years ago


100% Spam- / Fakeprofile

Wer noch selbst Profile weiß, einfach den Link mir senden / Who knows own profiles, just send me the link
danke für eure Unterstützung / Thank you for your support

Neustes Update immer am Schluss der Liste / Latest update always at the end of the list

!!! NEW UPDATE !!!
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Posted by MO007 3 years ago

Free material

Free material

Dot A

[image]http://userdisk.webry.biglobe.ne.jp/020/969/14/N000/000/000/130209265415716106633_dot_20_A05.gif[/ima... Continue»
Posted by zeus4096 3 years ago

IMPORTANT: Your account may be in danger!

Today was found a vulnerability in xHamster user profile pages.

Your password may be stolen by this vulnerability!

My advice is to change your password, especially if you saw some strange numbers in status text.

Now, of course, we have a clean xhamsterland again and vulnerability was fixed (also we were added password confirmation when somebody (may be you, may be cracker) wants to change a password or email).

And, guys&girls, please don't use a simple passwords like a single dictionary word or your birth year!

Please, say to others!

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Posted by briz 5 years ago

What is Squirting?

After listening to a very misinformed explanation about what female ejaculation was by another female, I feel somewhat obligated to cancel out the misinformation and offer a better and more educated answer on what happens when a woman "squirts".

Squirting or female ejaculation happens during an intense orgasm and releases clear fluid from the vagina by stimulating the "G-spot". (I won't go into HOW to make a woman squirt, maybe another time, but for now this is simply what it is). When rubbing the G-Spot either by fingers, toys, or even rubbing it with the penis, a build up of fluid consist... Continue»
Posted by LolaBohemia 3 years ago