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It is a bit of time that I had in mind to write here on my blog,
about the "hall of fame" of my most viewed&commented videos.
I know well that this "rating" of my video has no real app ..
but I like to have a blog, where I can enter details
of video most viewed and most commented that I uploaded in
the almost two years that I'm on xhamster. ..
This blog is obviously a "work in progress",
which will update data on videos ..

So, here I am! |
below will list My MOST VIEWED STUFF!(over 60.000 views) ...
I hope that you enjoy and appreciate my work, here on xhamster... Continue»
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Any Suggestions For Tha Uploads?(Qualche Suggerime

---------------------->ENGLISH version:

I ask help to you, my friends, to know if there is anything in particular you would like to see published on my Xham page.. I dont'know: pornostarz, some particular video that teases your taste ..,anything (as long as I consider it quite exciting and like it)
Therefore, I appeal to those who read my blog, and I ask you: there's some movie / scene / pornstars favorite action / etc that you would like to see published just for you?
(I already loaded on demand The two films (one is coming, already from tomorrow .. I think) that I renamed to copyright p... Continue»
Posted by Lore1390 2 years ago  |  9