Cinnamon's other b*****r

Outside the mall...

The two men watch her car. They followed her here. Seems like they have done this before. Black Van. Parked down from the spot they are watching. Waiting patiently for someone.

She is a very sexy lady. Not some stick with fake boobs an actual woman. Curves. A beautiful smile. A cascade of brown hair part way down her back. The dress and heels she wears completing a very lovely picture.

Her name is Cinnamon.

She gets almost to her car when the Van rolls up. Door slams open and she is grabbed. Pulled inside and the door slams shut as the vehicle pulls away.

Inside she struggles but a hood goes over her head and she is in darkness. A pair of strong hands holds her down. She panics and kicks hard when she feels handcuffs on her wrists. It is not an unknown sensation for her as you will see.

But all her struggles do not affect the outcome. She is cuffed at both wrists and ankles. Finding it hard to breath in the hood already she tries to rub it off her head against the carpet of the floor.

"Hey now. Stop that. Oh. I see." says a male voice.

It is a smooth voice. Perhaps trained in some fashion. Calm but strong.

Rough hands pull at the hood, and her hair, and it twists. When it comes around she sees a little light and feels a mesh against her lips. She can breath through it and does so with a couple of deep gasps.

Then her mouth kicks in. Because despite the situation she is not just going to lie there and take it. It ah took a little more to get her to do that. Thousands more to be precise.

"What the fuck is going on? Did my b*****r send you to do this to me?" She spits out. My she is pissed.

"No. But after watching your videos we figure you would love it. And if not we will still fuck you anyway."

Her heart just stops.

Fears come home. That terrible moment when something you have worried about becomes all too real. If you could see her face inside the hood you would see a very pale woman.

"Now look asshole. This is not what I am into at all. AT ALL. If you let me go now I will forget about it. I won't even tell him."

"Oh come on. It will be fun." he laughs.

"Are you k**ding me. Does the phrase ass ****d in jail mean anything to you shithead?"

She is lying on her side. Even though she cannot see him she is looking down her body where the sound comes from. Same place the harsh Smack on her ass comes from.

"That was not very nice at all bitch. I will remember that. Now shut up."

Cinnamon lapses into fearful silence. Her mind working. How long till she was missed? Her phone was in her purse and she thought she still had it when she landed in the van. Could she trick these morons into at least unhooking her legs so she could make a run for it.

The van bounces along.

It is some 30 minutes later before it screeches to a halt. She is hauled out and walked into what seems like a small cabin. Smells like one at least she notices. f***ed to her knees on some rough rug she hangs her head for a moment before lifting it up. Listening.

"So. Are you going to come to your senses?" she asks.

"I should ask you the same thing." says a new voice.

A familiar one. And she realizes that. But given the situation it just does not sink in.

"Do I know you?"

"You don't know me baby. But you are gonna." says the voice she heard in the van.

The hood is pulled off. Takes a moment for her eyes to focus.

When they do she has to blink again.

"Andrew?" she asks of her older b*****r in stunned shock.

"Hello Cinn. You have changed."

She does not know what to say. Her videos have been mentioned. The treatment. It all added up to a bad picture.

"Andy please unchain me. Your joke was not funny."

"No. And it was not meant to be. Having Charlie show me you sucking cock was not funny. Finding out the whole story was true was not funny. Finding out that I have a FUCKING CUMSLUT in the f****y was not funny." he roars and she leans back.

He is a big guy. Strong. Does things that are less than legal but mostly stayed out of jail. They were never all that friendly as k**s. He was much older and off on his own life while she was still a k**.

He calms himself with a visible effort.

"But hell. I have seen some pretty sick shit in my time. And I always did think you were a fine little piece of ass."

His look is nothing but lust. She blushes and is still a little surprised by his reaction.

"Andy..." she starts.

"Don't! I can't do anything about what is going on. He offered to let me buy you. But you ain't that hot. Sorry. But I did rent you. A couple of hundred and he won't worry about what you look like when I dump you on the front lawn in the morning."

She goes pale again. Cinnamon has been f***ed into her new life. She made her choices and the results are being sold on the Internet. She has been humiliated. Tortured. Degraded. She just accepted it. Once she did there was a certain pleasure to be found. But she could never really give up the fight.

"Fuck! You!" she shouts.

"Strip her buddy. Don't be nice about it."

Charlie advances on her. She moves away. Scrambling on her knees. Going up against a couch as she tries to get to her feet. But he is on her and pushes her face first into the couch.

"I would suggest you not fight little cunt. This is a very big knife."

She twists her head to look. It is a foot long piece of sharp wicked steel. She swallows hard and nods. Then winces as the back of her dress is sliced and then ripppppped open. Shoes get pulled off. Nylons tear of course. She does get nicked by the knife a couple of times as he works on her arms and back. He even cuts away the bra.

"Hey fucker. It did unhook. That was expensive!" she curses.

He puts the tip of the knife against the half of her ass that is exposed by her shifted panties. Pressing just a little bit she winces.

"What was that cunt?" he asks with a little heat in his voice.

"I am sorry sir." she says without a lot of enthusiasm but the knife comes away.

In a few more minutes she is naked and being hauled off the couch. Over to stand right in front of Andrew. He looks her up and down. Nodding in appreciation.

"Not bad at all. So... is this going to be the easy way or the hard way?" he asks her.

"What do you think you dick?" is her answer. Somewhat dismissive really.

"That maybe despite being a loathsome vile disgusting whore you still had a brain. Guess not huh?"

"Look. I do what I do for him because I have to. The money. A place to live. It sucks but I don't have a choice right now. This is different. I don't agree to this." she says firmly.
"Too bad. He did. And since I paid for you he expects you to perform. How about that smartass?"

That stops her. He could easily be lying. But if he was not? She could catch hell here and then go home for even worse. Fuck!

But to do it again. With him. Them. This was not the deal. But it seemed it was now.

"I... Just make me. Fine. Just do it." she mutters.

"Good enough for me." he looks to Charlie who nods too.

She is pushed down to her knees. Landing with a little oooff of pain. Charlie moves in front of her pulling the belt out of his pants. He stands about a foot away from her when he grabs her by the hair. Jerking hard her head slams against his lower chest. Ass stuck out.

"I'll stop when you ask to suck my dick." Charlie says with a jerk of her hair.

"Go fuck yourself." she curses.

He has his belt doubled over and it hisses through the air to Smack hard on her ass. He did not hold back much and it hurts like hell. Her breath hisses out of her mouth as she fights the pain. But the very next blow makes her cry out. As does the next... and the next... and the next.... and the next.

She is crying and her words are just sounds. She is balanced too far forward to stay up on her own. If he steps back or lets go of her hair she will smack face first into the ground. With her arms behind her back that would hurt. But as she twitches and writhes under the beating she constantly feels like she is about to slip and fall.

Smack... Smack.... Smack.... Smack....



"stop please."



"I heard you I just was not done." Charlie jokes.

Her ass is deep red now. Layer upon layer of strips of red all merging into one burning redness. Every inch burns. The pain causing her legs to twitch. Her breathing is harsh. His shirt is wet in a large circle from her tears.

"May this slut suck your beautiful cock?" she asks. Really not wanting to get hit again she lays it on thick.


Charlie is a bit of a dickhead. But he drops the belt. It hits the floor with a small sound. She just shudders. The wave of pain bursting through her whole body.

"Yes you may."

She writhes in pain. It was not even a hard blow but to her hypersensitive skin it might as well have been on fire.

He opens his pant and lets them drop to the floor. Boxers follow. He had a thick cock somewhat longer than the average. Under normal circumstances she would have liked it. As it was she was tilted back and it was shoved in her mouth. One of his hands grabs her shoulder. Still off balance he makes it worse by leaning back a little.

It is all him when he starts to fuck her mouth. His hands pushing and pulling and his hips thrusting. It is all she can do to keep her legs from giving out. Her knees want to collapse. She is sweating.

He goes deep. Making her gag a few times. Then pulling back and going shallow but very fast. Enjoying himself. Pulling on her hair all along the way. She gasps and she gurgles as her mouth is used hard. At least he has some sense of what he is doing and does give her a couple brief pauses to breath. When he does she takes him back willingly as a thank you after a few deep breaths.

When he cums she is grateful. Sucking it down and working his shaft with lips and tongue. He shudders against her and thrusts. Making a long low growl of a sound as he empties himself in her.

Charlie grinds against her well after he shoots his last load. When he does set her back up on her knees she stays that way for all of 3 seconds. Collapsing down she rolls onto her side. Breathing deeply. Eyes watching the two of them.

"Damn. I mean I watched it. I knew. But... damn. Bring her over here Charlie."

She is lifted up and moved across the room to where Andrew sat. Put on her knees in front of him she tries to pull back until his hand snakes around the back of her neck. His other hand explores her body. Squeezing and slapping her tits a few times. Grabbing the nipples to pull them out and make her tits wiggle as she squirms. When he reaches down between her legs he finds a very wet slit.

"You don't hate this. What a shock." Andy says with a little leer.

"Are you done with me yet?" she asks flatly.

"Done? Are you k**ding?"

He stands up right in front of her. She has to shy back a little. His pants unzip somehow very loudly. Her head is turned by his hand. His cock pushes against her lips. For a moment she refuses. Throwing her head as much from side to side as she can. He presses forward and she opens her mouth.

Andrew sits down and brings her head with him. She gags badly as the cock is f***ed deep down her throat. He pulls back only enough for her to take some gasping breaths around his hard dick.
Grabbing a bunch of her hair he makes her start to bob in his lap. Not going too fast though but when she is reluctant in the least he shoves her hard against his crotch and makes her fight the gag.

"So Charlie. Ever have a real slut for a fuck toy before?" he asks rather conversationally.

"No boss can't say that I have. Plenty of girls. Some sluts. But nothing like a girl who offers her ass to her b*****rs." Charlie laughs in return.

"You know it puts the burden on us. We could disappoint her. That would be bad. Gonna have to be creative." Andy muses

Cinnamon is a little worried. Hard to pay attention with the cock being shoved down her throat though. Andy kept her worried with the occasional deep stabs into her. But she did not like the sound of the conversation.

"Go get that bottle and the duct table."

Charlie disappears. Making some noise in another room.

"Now buddy I know you been eying that juicy pussy of hers. Me too. But a slut like this does not really deserve a hard fucking in her pussy. But I will tell you what. If you want to take a few stabs go ahead. At least that way you will have had her little cunt."

Charlie grins. His cock stiffening up as he kneels down behind her. Cinn can do nothing as he takes her. But her pussy is a seething cauldron and cock always feels good sliding inside her. He squeezes her ass and fucks her slowly. Savoring the feel and the look of what he is doing to her.

She is drooling hard down the dick in her mouth.

With a wet plop of a sound Charlie pulls out of her.

"Ok. Now what?"

"Stick that bottle in her."

Cinn's eyes go wide and she tries to turn and look. For a second she gets a look at the bottle. It look something less than a foot long. Round. Short narrow top but the main part is fat. Several inches in diameter at the very least. When the narrow end slides into her she tries to scrunch forward against the couch. It just keeps sliding and she feels the slope as it gets bigger.

Pain. Slowly building. Being stretched. She bounces. Just trying to escape. Things become a blur. The cock looking so huge right in her face. The waves of pain from her crotch. Moving and whimpering.

The pain stabilizes and drops.

"I think that is about it boss." Charlie says.

"Good. Now tape it in place. Don't want it popping out."

The feel of the strip of wide sticky tape across her thighs and crotch makes the girl cry. Not because she is being humiliated. Not because the pushing and shifting of the bottle hurts. No because she knows that tape will have to come off.

"Done. Damn that looks rude. Love it." Charlie says looking down.

She feels his hand on her tortured ass. Going between her cheeks to press a thumb against the tight ring of her ass.

"Guess I know what I get next." he says with a laugh.

"Yep. No need to be nice about. A little bl**d never hurt anyone. My s****r's ass is yours to fuck buddy."

Cinn shivers as his thumb presses inside of her. Her whole body tenses as he spreads her cheeks apart and start to nudge her asshole with the head of his dick.

"You know Cinn I been thinking. I thought this was just going to be a one time thing. You know show you how disgusted I am by what you have allowed yourself to become. But now I don't know."

Charlie's hard cock drives inside her. She grunts loudly around the cock and her eyes water at the pain. She does tear a little and that feels like fire.

"I think next time I will buy you for a weekend. I know some guys who have these glory hole parties. You know they put hookers and sluts behind a wall. The girls suck or fuck any cock presented. Kinda impersonal but fun. What do you say? Want to suck 30 cocks in a night? Maybe get nice and dicked by a bunch of them? Is there a limit to how much cum my slut s****r can swallow before she is done?'

He is fucking her face very hard now. Angry. Charlie is doing the same to her ass. Occasionally bumping the bottle taped in her pussy. She has started to adjust to that and it is sliding around inside in a pool of wetness.

"You will love the end. When the night is finally over. Like dawn breaks? The guys who brought the girls haul them all out and dump them on a set of mattresses in the middle of the floor. They cannot leave until they have licked each other clean. Considering how much cum gets dumped on them over the night you can imagine how long that might take."

Cinnamon has reached a breaking point. Part of her horrified beyond belief at his words. But her body has finally gotten past all the pain and she is moves with both of them now. The two cocks and even the bottle becoming one throbbing thing now. Mouth goes all the way down as she almost loses the one in her ass. The head hitting the tight ring holding him. Pulling back to end up sucking hard on the head in her mouth fills her ass.

The men still think they are in control. Pulling and tugging at her. But second by second they move the way she wants them to. Now fixed on ripping every bit of pleasure she can out of this complete mindfuck of a moment. Everything else has been taken from her. She is a thing in their hands. But that thing is a living breathing woman who is now hungry beyond description.

She fucks them.

By the time it is done both pretty much get that. Not letting Charlie savor what he is doing but smacking into him so hard he gets pushed over the edge. Gushing inside her and just holding on.

She moves so fast and makes her mouth such a tight wet cave that Andy gets dragged to his own climax soon after. She does him well. Pulling up to press her tongue hard against the most sensitive underside just under the head. Sucking on him and taking each hot blast down smoothly. Making it a mind blowing, spine rippling explosion for him.

They buck and grind. Moans and groans. The scent of sweat and sex fills the air.

Charlie falls back. Andrew pulls his s****r up and pushes her onto the other end of the couch. She lands and just curls up on her side. The tape pulling at her skin harshly.

For maybe 10 minutes nobody says a word.

Finally it is the girl who speaks.

"Can I go home?" she asks quietly.

"Yes. We will wrap you in blankets and put you on the porch. He said he wanted to see what we did to you so he will."

"ok." is all she says.

That is what happens. The trip in the van is quiet. She is placed on the floor of the porch.

She watches them go. Lights fading in the distance.

"Could have at least pressed the doorbell." she mutters.

Standing up is just not fun. The tape really pulls and the bottle hurts now. A lot of her hurts now. Leaning up against the door frame she pushes the button. Trying to keep a blanket around her naked body at the same time.

She sighs as she waits for the door to open and the next round to begin.

"Seems there is no limit to the crazy that is my life."

Special thanks to Cinnamon for consenting to this story being written. Cinn you are a sexy sweetie.
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2 years ago
what a nice story and well pictured chrakters ,they do what they want conseqently.I love your storys M`lord
2 years ago
I am running a little Party Pit on my profile. Take a look folks. Cinnamon, Qknd, NastyAlly & my pet Querena are all involved. Very hot stuff.
2 years ago
I think I might have to put up a quote wall someday. I have gotten some of the most creative compliments since I have been here.

You make Nostradamus seem like a very poor meteorologist. are a gifted and talented writer, you might be the Hemmingway of Erotic stories, I am a HUGE FAN

Yeah. Might never leave.
2 years ago
yes the inspiration is a sweetheart
2 years ago
I make my characters real fully developed people. They live for a while in my head while the story plays out. It was fun having you in my head for a little while. Glad you liked it.

Thanks Q. Your support is always appreciated.
2 years ago
I read your post right away and my brother just finished reading it. I can see the gears in his brain turning. Your post was so insightful it was uncanny. It embodied many of the disgusting ritualistic scenarios that my brother repeats like a broken record while he uses me. I can't help but think that this story is going to be used as justification for doing damn near the same things in reality. However, any motherfucker who puts duct tape on my crotch is going to rue the day.
Excellent post !
2 years ago
vivid story