Blackmail is such an ugly word

"You have got to be k**ding me?" Janet Marsden spits out at the young man across the room.

She is 39 years old. Long blonde hair a deep golden color. Curvy body kept in shape by her job at the local gym. She missed the body she had at 25 but anyone who appreciates women would appreciate her. Pretty heart shaped face. Big green eyes. The sort of woman who will never really lose her beauty.

The angry look on her face was not all that attractive though.

He was tall and lean. 18 years old. Anthony Rosmond. His face was covered in a very self-satisfied smile. Short black hand with a touch of shaggy to it. Like he was well past the need for a hair cut but just did not care. Face full of angles and some very dark blue eyes. Intense eyes.

"I am not k**ding. And you know I am not." he says in reply.

"My husband keeps a gun. I could just shoot your nasty little ass." she hisses.

"Wow. Never heard you talk like that Mrs. M. Mr. M was accused of selling secrets and was just cleared yesterday. Do you really want the police out here again?" he sounds smug. In control.

He pretty much is. She is stalling trying to find some way out.

"Let me recap. The secrets your hubby was accused of selling were in fact given up by you. You met a man in a bar, had sex with him, and then awoke to find photos of yourself and instructions. Go into your husband's home office. Photograph certain plans and files. Turn them over or the porn staring you gets sent everywhere."

She looks away. Face red. Hand reaching out all on it's own to grab the back of a chair.

"The guy got caught and somehow you came out of it all squeaky clean. Your wonderful life intact. You were oh so very lucky. Except. Except you took the papers outside to your back deck to take the pictures. I was watching from my bedroom window. Playing with my camera. It was not until the story hit the papers that I started to wonder. Did a little editing zoom and there they were. The very plans that were somehow stolen."

"It's not fair. I made one mistake. I have been living a nightmare for 2 weeks. It is over. Just leave it. Please." she hates the tone of her voice. Pleading softly. But she can barely handle this shock on top of everything else.

"Sorry. I owe you. Gotta love the symmetry though. You get my ass busted by my parents and I get grounded for 2 months. So I am in my room to catch you with my camera. Now your ass is mine." he gloats.

"Forget about that young man. It is not happening. You deserved what you got. You were screwing that little tramp under my bushes." she spits out.

"Oh? Fine then. Enjoy prison." he starts to stand up.

"Wait!" she blurts out. Her hand flying to her mouth.

"Why? My deal is simple. Either I own your ass or I send out the pictures. I should turn them over to the police. You committed a serious crime and right now I am covering it up for you. That makes me an accessory. Going to take a lot to make me want to protect you. A whole lot baby." he says with a leer.

"I am sure we can work out something. We have money. Or maybe..." she tries.

"NO!" he shouts.

He calms down with an effort to say, "That is not how it works. Jail or sex slave. Pick!"

She shakes her head. He looks back at her for a long moment.

"sex slave" she mumbles.

"What?" he asks.

"I said sex slave. You win. I.... I cannot go to prison. I know that." she says very shakily.

He grins and walks back to stand next to the couch. Turning back to her. He is filled with the buzz of victory. She was his first 'older' crush and now he had her. She was terrified. Trapped. And just to make the scene properly surreal for her she felt a creeping dampness between her legs. For a moment she thought of all the things he might do to her. Her nipples tighten.

"Strip. I like the outfit but I want to see that body you work so hard on." he says in a commanding voice.

"Wha..." she starts to say but catches herself. With a deep breath she nods.

Stepping away from the chair into the center of the room she starts to undo the buttons on her stylish red blouse. Letting it fall open to reveal the lacy bra. Reaching down she unhooks her skirt. When it drops to the floor she feels exposed. The tiny panties seemed a secret sexy touch this morning. Now she realizes how little of her they really cover. Pressed tight against her well trimmed folds.

He watches each move.

"Keep going." he prods as she falters and stops.

Top drops to the ground. She reaches back to unhook the bra. Holding it in place before looking down to let it drop. Her full c cup breasts have some sag but they still look very good. Another deep breath and the panties hit the floor and she steps forward naked.

"Kneel down against the couch."

She glances at him but walks forward. Going to her knees and resting her bare tits on the couch.

Tony has to take a moment. First of all the bl**d just rushed from his brain to his long cock. It was hard and almost throbbing and thinking was a little difficult. Second this was so good he was almost afraid to move forward. He knows he has her but even for him this was something fantastic.

Taking a step he bends down. One hand goes to the middle of her back. It presses downward. His other hand reaches out and touches her soft bottom for the first time. Sighing as his fingers glide across her round but nicely shaped ass. She shivers. Face bright red.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asks in a scared voice.

"First I am going to spank you. Get used to being punished because there is far worse to come. Then I am going to fuck you. Get used to that too."

She cannot believe what she is hearing. This cannot be happening. She has to stop this. Her mind races through those thoughts and more. Right up until the moment his hand lands on her ass.


She jumps a little. The series of 6 blows that follow get past sting and up to hot fire. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Janet howls. Kicking her feet against the carpet.

"oooooooooowwwwwwwww" she moans.

"Oh please. That was nothing. If you are this much of a wussy you are going to suffer a lot."

Another series of 6 smacks rain down on her rapidly blushing butt. She pushes against his hand but he leans his weight against her so she goes nowhere.

"Please..... stop." she says as tears start to form.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you and I will."

"NO!" she shouts.

"Good I don't want to stop anyway." he laughs

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! His hand is relentless. Coming down hard. Raising a red blush over her entire backside.

"Sure you don't want me to fuck you. I bet your little pussy is just drippy and aching for it."

She is horrified to realize he is right. Despite the pain and her complete revulsion at what was happening she was more than ready to be fucked. As she shifts on the couch her hard nipples sc****. But she will be dammed before she asks him to take her.

"Alright fine you little prick. Fuck me." she spits out.

He moves directly behind her. She feels his hands on her burning ass. Hears a welcome sound as he tears open a package. The feel of his wrapped cock against her is electric. She hates him now of course. Deeply and with a pulsing hatred. But she told herself to just get it over with. He was young and would not last long. Maybe one quick fuck and he will get over this insanity.

He thrusts deeply into her with a cock far larger than her husbands. It hurts but far less than what he did to her ass. Without bothering to rationalize it she starts to push her round bottom back against him.

"That's it. Be a good little slut for me." he murmurs.

She grimaces and just smacks her ass against him. Causing fire to burn through her tender abused flesh.

She is right in that he does not last long. Thrusting for only a few minutes with his fingers digging into her. Groaning very loudly and breathing hard he smacks into her a few times and ends with a long hard grind.

"Can I sit down now?" she asks angry not just because of what has happened but also because he did not make her cum. She does not find it odd at all that she can separate that off and be mad at him for it. It is a girl thing.

"No you can show me your bedroom." he says stripping off the condom.

"Why?" she asks with a worried look. She wanted him to just leave.

"Our night is just beginning. Your new life is just beginning."

She mumbles something. He laughs.

"I don't know what you just said but what I want to hear is.... Yes master."

Janet looks up. The hatred in her eyes could almost kill. He does not waver. The sardonic smile on his face does not even twitch.

"Yes master."

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2 years ago
Excellent start :)
2 years ago
mmm Nice story.
2 years ago
This looks great
2 years ago
Very hot and Erotic
2 years ago
Very well written.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
2 years ago
**big smile**

Very glad you enjoyed it Kirsty.
2 years ago
well done hun, i like it...:)
2 years ago
Part II has been submitted.
2 years ago
Thank you Misty.
2 years ago
Nice story very enjoyable
2 years ago
Thanks for the comments and the votes. Really love the votes.

Your comment was very nice Querena. An 18 year old boy is just exploding with sex drive. I think to give him control over a woman like this will lead to some very intense scenes.
2 years ago
very well written,looking forward to part two
2 years ago
yes master
a very interesting sitution
i never imagined do be be dominated by an youger.
how goes it on ?????
2 years ago
Well done! A thoroughly enjoyable time.