A Pet's performance.

A Pet's Performance.

"Where are we going master?"

"Out my pet. Something special. Come along now like a good little girl."

He jerks on her leash and she moves quickly to his side. She is dressed in a little short skirt and a tight low cut top. Boobs on display. Ass on display.

He is tall and with long dark hair and very intense eyes. Dressed in black pants and a black dress shirt.

They walk out of the house and to the little black sports car. He opens the door and she climbs in more like an a****l than a person. Pointing her ass right at him. Skirt short enough for him to get a good look at her shaved pussy. She giggles as she turns to plop down in the seat.

He leans in to attach the lead to a hook in the ceiling and then goes around to get in. The drive is short but when the come to the Mall she is shocked.

"Your... Your gonna walk me in the Mall master?" she asked more than a little worried.

"I am going to do more than that but yes I am." he says with a confident smile.

"Master you know I am yours to do with as you will. But... But the fucking mall?"

He reaches over to put his hand along her jaw. He turns her face a little towards him and then gives her cheek a little sting of a slap.


She looks down.

"i is sorry master. Please forgive your potty mouth pet."

"I will expect you to obey me perfectly while we are out. If you embarrass me by disobeying I am going to punish you. And when I say punish you I mean chain your ass up in your bed and keep you there for a week. Besides food and drinks the only attention you will get is whippings. A week. Think about that. And I am dead ass motherfucking serious."

His voice is not harsh. But it is cold.

She gulps just a little bit. Looks down.

"I promise to obey master. Every word. Every command. Tell your little cunt what you want and she will do it."

"Good. Remember that."

They arrive at the Mall. He gets out and comes around to her door. She is up on the seat looking at him when he clips her leash on her.

"Get out. Standing up."

She climbs out. They walk inside. More than a few people notice. The looks run the full range. Some people like it some don't. Some a little some probably more. Nobody does anything.

They walk into the center of the mall with her at his side. They get to the center of the place. A large circle of wall blocks off a slight pit. Carpeted and used for all sorts of things. In the middle of it is a low raised platform covered in carpet too.

They walk down the slight ramp. He points to a bench on the side.


She walks quickly over to it and sits down. Straight not slouching against the back. He would hate that.

He walks to the center of the platform. Raising his hands he says some odd words and for a moment he glows a soft blue. Then there is a barely visible pulse of blue energy from his body. It burst out in a circle and spreads like an explosion. When it touches her she feels a little tingle but nothing else.

Looking at her the glow fades. The wave from the spell spreads across the whole building.

"What was that sir?" she asks unable to keep silent anymore.

"Nobody will react badly to anything we do here now. They will all treat it as perfectly normal."

He walks off the platform to take up her leash.

"Down on all fours little pet. Any you will be staying that way until until tell you differently.

She goes down onto the floor like a good little puppy. Even shakes her ass a little.

"Yes master. What are we going to do?"

He walks her to the platform and point so she climbs up it. Taking the leash off.

"You will stay on this platform. Now strip for master."

She freezes. Face going bright red.

"Here? In p...public? We will get arrested."

"No. I told you nothing will happen. Take you clothes off now."

She looks very hesitant but slips off her shoes, skirt, and top. Looking really nervous as she kneels before him rather hunched over.

He pets her head.

"Good. Now romp around the platform. People will look at you. Look back."

She looks up at him still confused but starts to explore the big padded circle. Doing her best to act a****l like and sniff things. People are looking. They still walk by but there eyes follow her. Looks are mostly impassive. Even old ladies who would probably drop dead normally just sort of notice.

Finally two teen girls actually stop at the upper railing to look. After a moment they loop arms around each other and there is a kiss. They watch intently.

He waves them down. The walk down the ramp and come up to the edge of the platform.

"She is very cute." the taller dark haired one says.

The pet scampers over to the two girls. Looking up at them.

"You may play with her if you like." Master says.

"What can we do?"

"What do you want to do?"

The shorter blonde one giggles and says, "Taste her pussy."

The pet turns around. Spreading her legs and sticking her ass up in the air. Wet of course and eager.

"please." she whimpers.

"Well go ahead. You know you want to my little pussy licker." says the taller one.

The short cute blonde goes bright red but nods and moves to put her hands on the pet's butt. Stroking and then leaning in to give her a nice long lick right down her wet slit.

"hhhmmmmm very sweet." she says as she leans back still holding the girl's ass.

"Better than mine?" the taller girl asks.

"No honey. Nobody has ever tasted as good as you."

Smiling brightly the taller girl says, "Then lick her some more. I wanna watch."

The blonde giggles again and bends to the task. The pet starts to moan softly as the little tongue penetrates her and then curls around her clit.

The dark haired girl watches running her hands over her own breasts. When she reaches down to squeeze her crotch the man speaks to her.

"You should put my little pet to work. She knows how to lick a pussy too. Just grab her by the hair and put her where you want her."

The girl grins and starts to take off her pants. The pet hears this but the tongue on her cunt and the hands squeezing her ass are distracting her.

When the taller girl pulls down her thong she reveals a thin line of hair between her legs. She crawls onto the platform and grabs the pets hair. She lifts her head up and slides her crotch under her face. Pushing her back down the pet's face is fully up against the wet little cunt. Hips shift and the soft wetness is dragged across her face. Her mouth opens and she starts to suck and lick.

The three become a licking machine. The pet groaning and trying to take as much of the taller girl's pussy into her mouth as she can. Licking up the juices and wanting more. Her own cunt twitching as the blonde licks and sticks a couple of fingers into her.

The tall girl cums first. Hard and wet. The pet cums next clawing at the carpet and moaning loud enough to echo through the mall.

The two girls get dressed and leave. Both first giving the pet a deep kiss and a nice pet.

She looks to her Master and then proceeds to just romp across the platform. Leaping a little. Rolling around to stick her hands and feet into the air. Laying spread in the middle. Seeing all the eyes on her. 2 dozen people starting right at her wet pink drippy pussy. She almost cums thinking about it.

Then she gets an idea. She rolls up to all fours and then sits on her knees. She really looks at the crowd. Looking at each face in turn. Then she spots a guy. Kind big. She crawls over to the edge right in front of him with her eyes never leaving his. When she sits up again she runs one hand first across her tits and then down between her legs. Her mouth open and tongue sticking a little out.

"Kitty is thirsty." she says with a wicked little smile.

The guy looks to Master. He nods.

He is a good sized guy and he walks around the steps. Hand going to his belt.

By the time he reaches the edge of the platform he has a nice hard cock out. She dives on it with both hands and a wide open mouth. Wrapping around it and sucking happily. Hands start to pump as she starts to bob her head up and down.

He is breathing hard. Bending forward he first grabs her ass and squeezes it a few times. Then he reaches down lower to finger her wet pussy.

She groans around his cock. It is going deep in her throat.

The guy bends back up and starts to fuck his cock into her. She purrs around it to encourage him. He gets the message and grabs her collar. Fucking with his hardness and pulling her deeper.

With a long hard groan he cums. The hot liquid hitting her throat and tongue. She moves to just the tip to suck more. Swallowing what has come out and slurping hoping for more. When he is finally done he steps back and his cock half flops down.

He rubs his hand over her hair.

"Thank you."

She bounces and licks her lips. He walks walk.

"I want more master!" she turns to him and cries, "Please!"

He smiles and nods.

100% (11/0)
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3 months ago
love to have been there in your story as a master
2 years ago
I am looking forward to hearing what you think about II-IV.

And you have a brilliant Avatar.
2 years ago
Very good, I'm looking forward to the rest
2 years ago
great story & story line
2 years ago
2 years ago
Part II has been posted.

With thanks to Querena for a bit of inspiration.

**He winks at her**
2 years ago
Thank you. I know I am overly picky about wanting my work to be perfect.

But I am getting a whole lot of looks for a first time author so I am very pleased.
2 years ago
very good & your mistake were not that noticeable
2 years ago
Thank you.

I am working on the second part of it. Although I have realized I need to be way better with my proof-reading. The errors I now see are a tad painful.
2 years ago
nice story i like to read more
2 years ago
First story here. Comments would be welcome. But then I suppose that is true for everyone.