A true story: me and a transvestite man - part 1

This isn't a 'story' at all, in the sense that it really happened. I just thought I'd share my experience with you; perhaps you'd care to comment if you enjoyed it, found it sexy, or want to know more.

There isn't a 'transvestite' niche on xHamster, so this is filed rather awkwardly under 'Shemales' 'Gay male', and 'First Time'.

OK, about 10 years ago I discovered that I got turned-on by 'shemales'. Let's be clear about that: shemale is a casual term for transsexual men, that is, they were born with a male body, male genitals, but for whatever reason, don't want to live as men. Today, surgical techniques mean it is possible for men to 'become' women. Myself, I found that I was amazingly turned-on by pre-operative shemales, those who still have their male organs.

It's just something about a beautiful female face, breasts (whatever size), sexy clothes, a smooth, hairless body - but a lovely male cock! As time has gone by, I've also become very interested in transvestite men. Another definition: TV's are men who get turned on by wearing women's clothes. They aren't necessarily gay themselves, although they may like men who are also TV's. As always, everyone is an individual.

I don't know if it means I'm secretly gay, or bi; probably the latter more than the former; but I don't find 'men' attractive, only cocks. Now, I don't really care: I'm just me!

So, having discovered this aspect of my sexuality, what to do about it? Well, for a few years, there was nothing I could do about it, apart from buy TS videos from overseas, and get pictures from newsgroups (there was no xHamster then!).

Then about 5 years ago, I got brave enough to try out an adult dating site, which I shan't name. (Unless they pay me to sponsor them...) I decided to list the 'looking for' choices as 'transsexual' and 'crossdresser'. A little later, I thought I should add 'gay'. Just in case...

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I got a message from a transvestite, who was interested in my picture, and sent me one of her. (Yes, I always say 'her', 'she', etc, when talking about TV's and TS's. A lot of times, they look so gorgeous, you wouldn't know!)

Well, this girl - let's call her Toni - looked fantastic, and exotic, too: she was Brazilian. It turned out that she had a place not too far from me, that I could 'bus' to (I don't drive).

So, after arranging a suitable Saturday, I did exactly that. Toni opened the door, and she was even better looking than her picture. Amazing deep, dark eyes, full lips, slim build, about 5'10" tall in black high heels (no problem for me, I'm 6'3"), and dressed in sexy black lingerie: a kind of bodice top, with fishnet stockings and suspenders.

We sat on a two-seater sofa, and she offered me a drink while we settled down and exchanged some small talk. That didn't last long, and we had a tentative, nervous (on my part, at least) kiss. Wow, Toni had velvet-soft lips, and our tongues met and introduced themselves.

After a while - a couple of minutes, I think - Toni had her hand on my leg, around my crotch. I had started getting hard pretty quick, despite my nerves, and Toni no doubt felt this. She slowly undid my jeans, and put her hand on my cock, setting it free to swell, which it promptly did.

I think Toni like what she saw. After a couple of minutes of kissing and stroking, she stood up and moved in front of me, as I sat on the sofa. I put my hands on her body around the waist area, and enjoyed the feel of her bodyheat, the smell of her perfume, and her sexy appearance.

I moved my hands slowly lower, and then to her crotch, and then I could feel her hard cock, beneath her net panties. She removed the slip-type top, and then I could see her hardness too. I was so pleased she seemed a good size!

Toni was getting worked-up, and took down her panties, kicking them off. Oh, wow... what a beautiful cock! Cut, long and thick, and completely shaved. And a lovely pair of balls too... I judged that she was about the same size as me in length - just touching 7" - and girth - er, a good handful. Toni's cock had a slight curve to the left, which I really liked the look of.

To think that stiffness was because of me was a great feeling!

After a short while of admiring its look and feel, I knew what I wanted next: I had to have that beauty in my mouth! But I went slowly, at first kissing and then touching that stiff, smooth cock with my tongue, moving it around the head, and across the slit. I kissed my way back down to those beautiful balls, too. I'd not considered balls that much before, but I really enjoyed Toni's as I gently felt, and then sucked them.

I must've been having some effect, here, as when I felt, kissed, and licked my way back up her shaft, I could see Toni had some pre-cum on the tip of her cock. I had to taste it, and it was like nectar! I gently squeezed the tip of her cock, making the slit open wider, where I was greeted by more pre-cum which I lapped up, and then tenderly put my tongue in Toni's slit...

Well, typing all this in has certainly helped my bl**d circulation, so I'd best regain my composure, pause here, and post this as 'part one'. Let me know if you've enjoyed it; I will post the second and final part soon.

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4 months ago
I know just how you feel about a beautiful woman with a cock being the epitome of sexuality! I love the female body but, my partner has to have a cock to satisfy my sexual needs! I have never been with a true Shemale with real breasts, but a woman with a strap on just doesn't do it for me. It has to be the real thing!

2 years ago
Wow! Great experience, thanks for sharing. Almost sounds like me.
3 years ago
nice. I know I'll never forget my first.
3 years ago
Good stuff
3 years ago
Yes thats the way i like it thanks
3 years ago
Great tale got my manhood twitching under my skirt and panties
3 years ago
great fantasy fuel... you lucky guy
3 years ago
Have my own experiences very similar. Actually was with a gurl for over a year until "she" moved; I always considered her a woman with a cock.
3 years ago
Wow this is like the story of my life, except i've yet to have that shemale experience. But I mean I get turned on by them and even a few weeks ago I joined a transexual dating website.