Perfect date

Here is the whole story of my idea of a great date! probably not a first date, lol!

It starts off with us sipping a little champagne at the bar as we talked. I am standing to your right and gently touching the small of your back as I listen and looked into your eyes. My heart pounds a little as I steal little peeks at your blouse as we moved on to dinner and a little more champagne.

After dinner, I whisper in your ear as an excuse to get my mouth close to yours letting my lips brush against your bare neck. I kiss your lips gently and softly, flicking my tongue over your top lip before kissing you again until I just have to kiss you deeply. I repeat this over and over as my hands roam a little. I brush against the side of your beautiful breast with my left hand as I held you with my right arm.

I whisper that we need to go and your look tells me it’s ok. The valet brings the car as I hold my arm around you and I kiss your bare neck and slide up to your ear and whisper that I want you. You respond by kissing me deeply and pulling me tighter. The ride to my house is fast and all I can see is your skirt riding farther and farther up on your sexy thigh as you stretch and arch your back as you play with your hair. You know you are making me crazy for you and you smile the sexiest little smile. We make it to my door and you stand back as I open the door and slowly slide into the room brushing my thigh as you pass. I pull you close yet as I kiss your neck and let my hand fully cup your breast kissing my way down your blouse. I nibble slowly at your firm beautiful breast. I come close to your nipple, brushing very, very lightly over each one.

I want to bite and grab at your nipples with my mouth, but I only continue to nibble around your nipples as my hands tug on you blouse to expose those sexy hot nipples. I can’t wait any longer and suck deeply on your left nipple as I draw it slowly into my mouth flicking my tongue over your nipple. I think I feel your hand graze over my very hard dick as I continue to kiss, lick and flick my tongue over your nipples until you give my dick a little squeeze making me bite your nipple softly. I want so desperately to tear away our clothes and fuck you deeply, but instead I gently begin to trace small circles with my tongue over your sexy stomach moving farther and farther down as you roll your head back. I gently taste every inch of your stomach and hips as you peel away your skirt and drenched panties for me all while a lick and suck on your lower portion of your stomach.

I inch my way down further as I nibble on your hips as I slowly trace my hands up your legs never going beyond your thighs. I continue to kiss my way to your thigh as I kiss and tease all around your wet lips. I can smell your sweet scent I graze over your lips with my tongue and lips. I need desperately to taste you and I flick my tongue to your wet slit. I resist and lick each lip separately before I taste your slit again; gently brushing my tongue over your hardening clit. The sound you make is exhilarating and makes me want you even more, but I have other plans as I let my tongue lick your full pussy lapping at your juices. I run my tongue over your pussy gently brushing across your clit as you push yourself towards my tongue. I love to lick you and repeat his over and over until my lips and chin is completely wet as I squeeze your sexy ass in my hands.

As your juices flow down your pussy, I gently rub my fingers over your exposed ass coming closer and closer to your asshole until I gently rub it as I draw your very hard clit into my mouth. I never try to push my finger farther, but only gently stroke your ass as I suck on you until you cum and pull my face deep into your pussy.

. . . . . .
You squeeze my tongue with the muscles in your pussy as you let out a deep long “yessss.” It seems like minutes go by until you push my tongue from you. I lick your entire pussy one more time and swallow your juices as you wince from the rough texture of my tongue. I pull my shirt over my head as I move up next to you and gently kiss each lip softly on before pushing my tongue into your mouth. You draw my tongue deeply into your mouth as you taste your pussy from my tongue and lips. I alternate soft kissed with long deep slow kisses as I lightly touch your cheek and neck. All the while you take small breaths as you run your hands over my bare back.

You push me away hard as you straddle me and pull at my pants to expose my hard cock. I want you desperately to let it free as it strains against my pants. I help you pull my pants away as you gasp a little as my cock springs free. The tip is already wet from the excitement of watching and hearing you cum. I look at you as you lick your lips and my cock is swallowed in your mouth. You moan a little and the vibrations on my cock make me moan a loud. You take my whole cock into your mouth and throat as you gently stroke my hard balls. Then you take all but the very tip of my cock from your mouth as you run your tongue over the entire length of my shaft.

I reach down to touch your hair as I am enjoying your mouth on my cock. You stop sucking me and push my hands up to the headboard of the bed. You kiss me deeply as your wet pussy pushes down my hard cock. You push my hands under my head and tell me not to move them as you bite my lower lip gently. You return to my cock and lick my cock wholly tasting your pussy again this time from my cock before you take me completely into your mouth again. I groan and raise my hips to push my hard cock further into your mouth. Instead you pull your lips from my cock and suck on each of my hard balls. I want to cum in your mouth so badly and you know it, but you won’t let me. Instead you fondle my balls as my juices and your saliva makes them completely drenched.

You wrap your hand around the base on my cock and stroke me in and out of your mouth until I am just about ready to explode. Then you stop, lean back kneeling and rub your hand in your wet pussy until it’s soaked with your juices. Then you lean back down and lower mouth over my hard cock. I can’t wait and again push my hips up for my cock to meet your lips. I feel your hand grab my ass from the bottom as your fingers move to my ass and you slowly stroke my ass with your fingers as I had yours as you suck me deeply into your mouth. That’s too much for me and I groan that I am going to cum. You pull me deeper into your throat as I pump my cum into your mouth.

You let my cock slip out of your mouth and you stroke my cock as I still spurt cum. All the while you are stroking my ass wet with your saliva and your pussy juices. I look up at you and see you lick the cum from your lips as lick my entire cock. I am so hot that I am still very hard and you can barely tell that I had cum. As you continue to stroke me, you start rubbing your pussy with your other hand telling me you want my cock inside of you.

I pull you forward on top of me and kiss you deeply as I feel your hot wet pussy resting on my hard cock. I taste the mixture of your pussy and my cum as my tongue swirls with yours.

. . . . . .

You again bite my lip and tell me to keep my hands behind my head as you tell me you are not finished yet. You push yourself up and rest your wet pussy on my hard cock and as I look into your sexy beautiful eyes, you start to slide your pussy back and forth over my hard cock. If I hadn’t just cum in that would have been too much. Then you reach down and start to rub your hard clit as you slide across my cock. I push my hips up hoping that the tip of my cock will slide into your pussy, but it only rubs harder on your clit instead. You moan and ask me if I want to fuck you. I instantly say yes and ask you to let me fuck you. You laugh a little as you as you slide back to move your wet pussy from my cock.

My cock springs straight up as you back away and you run your tongue over my cock again and tell me how good you taste. You ask me again if I want to fuck your sweet wet pussy. I say yes, please let me put my cock in your hot wet cunt. You groan as I say the cunt and squeeze my hard cock as you give it one more lick with your tongue.

Even though I had already cum with you I am so hard it feels like my cock will burst right there just as rise up and swallow my cock with your hot wet pussy. You ride on top as your juices slop up and down my cock. I can feel the wetness running down my balls and down the crack of my ass as you fuck me very slowly and very deep, taking every inch of me into you. I look into your eyes as you ride my cock completely lost in the passion.

I reach up and grab your nipple, expecting to be pushed away, but this time you moan “yes squeeze them as I fuck you.” I wet my fingers in my mouth and slowly twist and squeeze your hard nipples as you ride fast on my cock. “You are absolutely beautiful,” I say as you tip your head back and I stroke my fingers over your exposed neck and down to your wanting tits again. I can feel your pussy squeeze my cock as you ride up and down and grind your clit on the shaft of my cock. Your eyes are half closed and you are almost drooling as you scream and ride me faster.

I feel your warmth and the pulsing of your hot pussy around my cock as you cum and I cum too, squirting my hot cum deep in your pussy. Raising my hips up to push as much of me and my cum in you as possible you let out another scream and grind your clit on my cock again as your legs shake and only my hands on your tits hold you up.

I lower you down to me, and with my cock still in your pussy, I kiss you very gently on your lips as you lay on me.

. . . . . .
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