My first horse

Well Jessica got here about nine fifteen dressed in a summerdress and heels, we watched Mean Girls II "not my idea" for about an hour until i slide my dick out and start stroking it right there in front of her. she askes "very direct arnet you" and i answer "you like it dont you" I reach around and lift her skirt, and she gasps but dosnt stop me. I look under and see that shes not wearing any panties and i know, she came here to be fucked. I grab her clit and pinch it, and she soaks my hand with her wetness. I can tell she likes it, i take her head, and push it down to my cock and without a moments hessitation opend her mouth to take it, so i stop her and let her mouth close over nothing. i say to her "no idont thik i want you to" and this drives her crazy. she stayts saying things like "what areyou gay" and i just tell her that i just dont want her, and if there is anyway to get a spoiled highschool girl to want something, its tell her she cant have it. She starts doing this dance that can only be described as a mating dance, she is flipping up her skirt and letting it back down, over and over till I start dripping pre cum, I lean in and sniff her, and I can smell this girl want, pheromones were oozing from this girl. So I lean in and start licking her and she just start gushing over my face, I mean there was pussy juice dripping from my chin. so I stand up, and strip off the rest of my clothes, and slide my cock in her, she was really fucking tight, we had already talked about birth control and she told me that she was on the pill, so I just go right for it plundering her in. I ram hard, and I try to feel for a hymen, but of course there isn’t so I just keep going. I started spanking her ass, turning it red, and when she liked it I got the picture and started calling her a whore. She loved that, she loved being a whore. I bruised her thighs I rammed so hard so she flipped us over and started riding my cock reverse cowgirl. Well that perfect little ass of hers was bobbing in front of me so I lean in and start rimming her asshole. I couldn’t keep that up long because I had to practically fold myself over to reach it, but I got to taste asshole, my favorite flavor lol. I thought about "accidently" sliding it in her ass, and tried to do it a couple of times. you know make her slip out and slide as much in her ass as I can while she comes down on me, but she was too tight and it just sort of pushed her over. So I keep fucking her, and I want some anal action damn it, so I slide a finger into her ass while she is riding, that little girl couldn’t take it, she gasped in pain at one fucking finger, but I didn’t take it out. I started finger banging her and I could tell she was about to cum, just then my cock slid out of her by accident, ruined her orgasm, she didn’t cum and this pissed me off because after I make her squirt, it’s my time for fun, so I flip her over and start pounding her pussy as hard as I can, I think I might have bruised her thighs with mine, it sounded like a punch every time I rammed.
Well I am pumping as hard as I can, and she is starting to get loud. I dont mind because Im home alone, but she is just crying out pronouns, and then I realise, Im fucking a girl who dosnt know my name. This excites me, and I start going faster, getting ready to cum. I am about to pull out of her, and she stops me, and yells that shes on the pill, well it has been quite a while since I have cummed bareback ina pussy so I tak full advantage. I dont break pace for a sedcond as I am shooting my load, and I hear her shouting, loving my load in her. I meen this girl was a real cum whore. I keep thrusting, even as my dick goes slightley limp after finishing, and it slides out. So at this poing I am just thrusting my cock agnest her lips, this seems to drive her over the edge as she lets a torrnt of juice out over my cock. I look down and see my cum dripping out of her with it, and lean down and start gobbeling that shit down. It tasted wonderful, I drank every drop I could get. We both layed there, slightly exausted, and we even fall asl**p with my face in her pussy. I wake up a while later and she is cold and dry. I start licking because I want to go again, but her body couldent keep up with me. She was done for the night. We kiss goodbye and I am sitting there on the couch with a hardon like steel, I try just jacking off, but It didnt work, there was no way I was going to be excited by jacking after that babe.
I go limp at the attempt, and realise that I need to do something good to ge this thing going again. I think about the day or so before when I walked along those back allys stark nude and let that older woman see me walk by. I decide that I wanted to do this again, so I strip down and walk the few steps into the ally. I walk a ways and get to that house she was in, and I bold as brass walk by, she is nowhere to be seen so I do it again, and again, until after a few minutes she comes out with a trash bag in her hand. She dropps it and looks my way and this time, insted of just walking by, I turn and wave. She waves shyly back and we just stand there looking at each other a minute. After about two minytes of just stairing, I get braver and grab my dick and start stroking it, she just staires at me while I do it but I could tell by the way she lookes and moved that she was liking it so I walk tword her but sh emoves backward. I walk about halfway into her yard and by now she is pressed agnest her back door, and I start moaning. I am really liking this so I start blowing my load all over the ground. She watched wantingly but nervousley and then walks reluctantly back into her house. I having just blown my load again start walking back to my house. I strole down the ally and when I exit the ally onto my street, insted of running to my door like I uisaley do, just continued stroleing back. A car drove by and honked at me and I just waved back. After that, I got home, checked my messages, andwent to sl**p.

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nice repost