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[Story] Kim Surrenders

Humiliation is something that different people experience for different reasons. But in my opinion, the ultimate humiliation is when someone is f***ed to the realization that something which they find distasteful, and even repulsive, is actually something that brings them more pleasure than you could possibly imagine… and there is nothing you can do about it.

Kim and I met by chance, but the connection was immediate. Our first date was great. Dinner and wine, then some live jazz and more wine, then back to her place and more wine… obviously, she liked wine. She also loved music, and as ... Continue»
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[Story] Maria: Training a Slut Pt. 2

It’s after eight o’clock and we’re finally on the road to the beach. Maria is sitting next to me, with her short black dress showing me a ton of milky white thigh. I can see she is trying to lean a little, the butt plug still wedged firmly in her ass. The trip is about three and a half hours, but it won’t be in her that long, because we are going to make a stop on the way… a stop about which she has no idea.

The first part of the trip is pretty quiet. She can sense this isn’t going to be an ordinary drive to the beach. After about an hour she puts her hand on my thigh and says, “Would ... Continue»
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[Story] Maria: Training a Slut Pt. 1

We are leaving for the beach on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Maria can’t get off of work early, which kind of pisses me off since we have to leave late… but it also works perfectly for what I have planned for the trip down. And since we’re off Monday, we’re not really losing that much beach time.

I tell her that I‘ll pick her up at 7:00. She is to wear my favorite little black dress with no bra or panties. It clings to her trim body and shows off her long legs and round ass. Her nipples get quite pokey when she’s aroused, so I know that it will be easy to see them through the thi... Continue»
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