Crossing the Line

We'd been hanging out, having a few drinks and laughs. I love your sense of humor, your laugh. As you move my eyes take you in. I smile on the inside. After deciding to call it a night, I hunker down on the couch for a few hours of sl**p. You give me a blanket and go to bed. Images from the night, watching you, drift through my mind.. About fifteen minutes after you say your good night's, I'm laying there half awake. There is very little light, but I watch your silhouette as you quietly walk through the living room on your way to the kitchen. When you open the refrigerator to grab a drink, I can see you more clearly. The light also makes me a little clearer to you. I sense that you are wondering if I'm watching you. I don't think you can tell. I can see by the light that you have changed into a long t-shirt to sl**p in. It stops at the very top of your thighs, and I can see that you have no bra on, as the shirt loosely conforms to your body's shape. I can see your legs, and they look so soft. I wonder if you can see the excitement you are causing. As I lay with the blanket partially covering my body. You seem to linger a little longer than would be expected. Finally you close the door and it's dark again. As bl**d surges through my body, I can sense you there, in the barely lit room, not ten feet from me. I'm so excited I feel you must know it, and see it. As slowly and as quietly as I can, I slide the blanket off of me until I am open to you. I can hear breathing, but I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think it is. I can sense you move slightly closer. I'm not sure, but I think I can just barely see a certain look in your eyes. My heart is pounding as I think I can see the shadow of your hand reaching out to touch me. To hold me. I am throbbing as I sense the moment is near. A noise snaps us back to reality and I see your shadow withdraw quietly and swiftly from the room. I sense an air of disappointment that lingers a moment. I wonder how much of it was real. It was so dream-like that when we talk the next morning, I can't get a feel for if it had happened as I imagined, or not. We talk about normal things, have a few more laughs, and like a thousand times before, we move on with the day. As I say good-bye, and thanks, I look in your eyes for a hint of recognition. It's just barely there, I think. Or is it? I never really know. We make plans to do it again sometime, and I can't wait...

Another Friday night. We'd planned to get together and walk to the fair downtown. Again, the laughs, and drinks helped add to the night I'd looked forward to all week. As we walked, we sort of played around, flirting. some laughing, and playful shoving, having an all around good time. Watching you this way is great. Any chance to touch you, even "playfully" is the highlight of my month. I have no idea what's going on in your mind, but mine is racing. Then, before you know it we arrive at the fair. Just a great time. All the usual stuff. Cotton candy, rides, and a ton of laughs. We sneak off, on a few occasions to smoke a joint and drink a little peppermint schnapps. It's already safe to say this is one of my favorite nights ever. The fair, experiencing it all with you. I know already, I'll never forget this night.
When we finally decide to walk to your house, we're both a little tired, and more than a little stoned and d***k. We're still laughing and playing, just with a little less "vigor". I make a joke, and you shove me a little. Your hand stays on me just a hint longer than before. My heart and bl**d start to pump. A strange feeling is coming over me. Really, overwhelming me. In a moment, I look in your eyes, and we both draw closer until we slowly, softly kiss. As the seconds pass, my head begins to spin. My heart feels like it's pounding through my shirt. My hands reach around you and hold you. The soft warmth of your body is something I've dreamt about. As our tongues wrestle and our hands explore each other, the urgency intensifies. Our bodies feel as if they are meant to be together. The moment seems to last forever. As we finally part, I sense a part of you that needs to hold back. As hard as I know it is for me, and I sense it is for you, I know you're right. With no sense of regret, and a bit of sadness, we resume our walk together. It's more quiet and a little more serious now. Nothing will ever be the same.

Later on, as I'm restlessly laying on the couch, unable to sl**p because thoughts of you are racing through my head. I decide I can't take it anymore, and get up and head to your bedroom. As I slowly and quietly open your door. I see you. I come up on you smooth and fast. Before you really know what's happening I'm softly kissing you, under your hair, around your neck and ears. I breathe you in. I feel you swoon, and you giggle a little, not really sure yet just what's begun. As you pause and accept my advances, I press close to you. I know you can feel my hardening cock pressing against the soft warth inside your pants. Our midsections come together as if it was always intended. As I continue to kiss your face, your neck and lips, our passion grows more ardent. My hands reach around to your ass and I grasp and attempt to draw you even closer. My hands rub and massage your ass, and you began to grind harder into my cock. I need deperately to undo my pants as the discomfort I feel and pleasure at hand is more than I can bear. As if reading my mind, you unbutton my pants and unzip my zipper. Your hand reaches in and you start to stroke my cock. I am also busily working on getting your pants off. As we agree to pick one, I slide your pants down your legs, with your panties sliding down as well. With little hesitation, I start to lick and kiss your pussy. The scent is intoxicating, and your pussy is very wet. I begin to finger your pussy, while licking your clit. While I'm entranced in what I'm doing your hand is rubbing and massaging my cock. As you lay on the floor and open your legs my hand continues to massage, finger and feel your pussy and clit. I'm on my knees and I shift closer to your face, until you take my cock between your sexy lips. My cock has never been so hard. The feeling and sight of you taking my hard, thick cock in your mouth can only be described as the single most exciting thing I've ever experienced. Your tongue licks around the head and along the length of it. You playfully flick your tongue quickly across the tip. The sensation sends shivers down my spine. I decide I better not allow this to go on much longer, I fight the urge and draw away from you for the moment. The vision before me is awe inspiring. I move up between your legs, and your hand guides me inside of you. Almost immediately I slide fully into your hot, and extremely wet pussy. My cock throbs inside of you. As I glide in and out, I go as deeply as I can, and then withdraw almost completely, before doing it again, over and over. Your moans and motions add to my excitement. As we fuck, I use my finger to simultaneously rub your clit. I withdraw completely for a few seconds and your hand grabs my cock and strokes it. You then bring it back to your pussy and we begin to fuck again. We are now going at a faster pace, and you begin to moan louder. We are panting and groaning continuously now. As your moans grow to a peak, I can't hold back any longer. Just as you reach orgasm, I release my cum deep inside of you. I push as deeply into you as I can. Our bodies are pressed tightly together, and the sensation is heavenly. We continue to slowly rock together, continuing the motions, and enjoying the sensation. It feels so good, my cock remains hard, and we continuing our fucking for several more minutes. Finally, it hits us both, that quite alot of time has passed, and the others at the party (including our dates!) will miss us, if we don't get back quickly. We share one more passionate kiss, and attempt to straighten ourselves up. We look at each others eyes and are drawn to each other once again. We hug and kiss, but our bodies begin to react again, and we know we must stop. With one last peck on the cheek, you leave the room first. After waiting several more minutes I follow, and casually enter the main area where the guests are gathered. I see you across the room sipping a drink and laughing with some mutual friends. A buddy of mine comes up and asks, "Where the hell did you go?". I make a joke of it by saying, "What the fuck do you care?". We both have a laugh, and move on to other things. As I grab a drink my eyes search you out again across the room. This time I catch your eye. The devilish look and sly smile make my heart begin to pound again. I smile back and give you a quick wink. I know we each enjoy the occasional "get together's" our friends like to setup. I know I'm leaving my calender open for the next one. I hope you'll join me once again....
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