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My Thoughts About The Live Cams

This will probably be bouncing all over the place so please bear with me, it will come to a point eventually.

I've recently discovered the live cams and have become somewhat of a fan. I have always loved porn, magazines in the beginning then pictures when I got a computer and finally movies when the porn sites became more developed and internet/computer speeds increased. Now that I have found the live cams it takes porn for me to a different level. I don't jerk-off to them nor do I ever see my self doing that to cam shows, however it does stimulate my mind in the fact that I can actually... Continue»
Posted by reddogleader 3 years ago

[Story] A Way to Keep Warm

A Way to Keep Warm
by Lola Bohemia

Chilly December winds blow over the partitions in the loft. It's difficult warming the place even when bundled up. Almost like the cold is penetrating you, getting inside you and your every vein is almost frozen.

I had gone to bed earlier than my husband craving the enveloping blankets that would hold me warmly. Even though I was cold I still wore silk to bed letting it rub up against my goosepimpled skin hoping the sensation would be distracting. It turned out to be, but not at that moment.

I remember being groggy and suddenly waking up feeling hot... Continue»
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Men of xhamster: Do yourselves a favor...

and calm the fuck down. With the ratio of men-to-women probably already sitting at 100:1 or more, why does it seem like so many of you are hell-bent on driving the remaining women off of this site?(gay men not included, of course. This isnt directed at you guys.)It seems like every week, someone on my friend list has decided to close her account, and if Im able to catch her before she does so and ask her why, 99% of the time they give the same reason: disrespectful men. And lets not forget about the tons of women who dont even last a few hours before being scared off. Guys, I understand... Continue»
Posted by gimmecurves 4 years ago