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Why your cam craps out...for dummies.

As a previous help desk consultant I got to view the upper class in a completely different light often thinking, "And how do these people make six figures?" while having to patiently deal with flustered professionals on the phone who couldn't figure out that their pitch black screen is due to the fact it isn't plugged in.

Anyways, I'm sure you get the point that even in 2012, there's still a large majority of people who have no idea how a computer works. Some admit to being computer illiterate however most will not take accountability for their ignorance point blank. My case in point...

As much as I broadcast myself on cam, I also watch them. I am a voyeur/exhibitionist fetishist. I even prefer to watch anonymously as an added kink. There is no hidden agenda aside from an odd perversion fueled by being an introvert and understanding people by observance and not questioning. Of course the better the cam, the better the experience. If I liked watching gas station surveillance footage I would work at such a place and happily "recycle" the film but I am sometimes baffled by the fact that there are people who cam and still don't realize why their cams and their machines suck.

If that were true, no one else could cam either. Everyone's stream would be as shitty as yours and no one would be happy.

Laptops are awful for camming, especially if you are connected via wifi. There isn't a strong enough upload strength (bandwidth) to make your stream smooth and skip free. This is why I have a 100' ethernet cord strung across my loft apartment...because I want people watching me to get the best experience. Also, purchasing an HD camera I know that I am streaming more info and need to compensate for that.

Different webcams won't necessarily screw up or slow down but there will be a difference in picture and sound quality.

What I'm getting irritated with are people who have 10 year old computers with mere MB's of RAM trying to stream a cam through the latest shit version of Internet Explorer (while probably having 10 other programs open at the same time as well, toolbars out the ass, and start up add ons they weren't even aware of) and things slow down on their end because the machine simply cannot handle the newer technology. VALUABLE INFORMATION: If your webcamming experience sucks, it's got something to do with your computer! Camming will just slow everything else down and eventually your stream will stop, skip, sound will cut out, etc. Most people don't understand how RAM works so this conclusion isn't generally apparent.

My usual bitch is that if you want to run a computer, you should know how to build one. Also, if you know your computer illiterate, take the time to admit that the reason your machine isn't working properly isn't something that's completely outside of's probably something you are ACTIVELY DOING.


NOTES: If you like camming...
-Logitech Webcams are fantastic. A low end HD model is $45. Spend the money.
-Have a hard line connection. If you need to tie an ethernet cord to your laptop and drag it around, do it. Your viewers will thank you.
-You need cable internet to cam. Don't fucking argue with me on that one.
-Don't play music off your computer unless your speakers are set up away from the mic.
-Have at least 4 GIGs of ram.
-Internet Explorer sucks for camming. Use firefox or Google Chrome. Both are lighter programs and take up less memory.
-Don't run a bunch of shit at one time unless you have some ridiculously fast machine.
Posted by LolaBohemia 3 years ago
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2 years ago
The hard wired ethernet connection is can get a 75' cable at monoprice for $8
3 years ago
Some people still have not heard the message... more bad feeds on Live Cams than ever before.
3 years ago
Perhaps, mrshark, you could describe what tests you have carried out to verify this remarkable idea of yours? You can't? Surprise.
3 years ago
well each IT guy has a different view on things
thou i can relate to yer husband's point guess i better throw up some cash at my system and get something beyond a core i7 xtreme to watch cams :)

ahh even the fastest pc i got is not able to stream the cam well

and as for temp file they are cleaned every day when i start my computer so even after eliminating those things i shouldn't lag right
3 years ago
I was soo figuring why we were havin problems with our cam. Mo didn't buy a new cam yet and she uses Firefox time to time and the speeds we get are crazy fast. I told her to turn off her bearshare & Spotify which plays music thru cus it lags her camera big time ..

3 years ago
TRUTH: (As stated by my IT guy super husband, I swear I'm not biased.)

People like believing the issue is systemtic. Emoticons and overspamming of text will not slow down a camera. Pages that are poorly coded, have advertisements, or you have excessive temporary internet files slowing down all of your browsing.

Unless xham is having a problem with ALL their cams, emoticons DO NOT effect speed in cam quality or performance. Period. Again the issue is not systemic. If you are having a problem broadcasting your cam and your cam is the only one that's's your computer. If you are having trouble viewing someone's cam and you are the only one with the issue, it's your problem, not the cammer's. Check your temp internet files, processes, System Idle time, and jiggle the damn handle.
3 years ago
well believe it or not it does effect
even on big cam sites excessive typing does effect the smooth flow
3 years ago
mrshark: I really can't believe that excess typing is significant at all. I'm not sure I would have believed that in the days of dialup.
3 years ago
my ethernet cord is only 85' lol
3 years ago
Yes, Logitech is best for cams, mice, keyboards, etc.
FYI, Sandisk is best for removable media... i.e., USB drives, flash memory cards, etc.

JMHO... :)
3 years ago
well the cam works fine but excessive typing does sorta slow down due to data transfer not everyone is on a 50mbps dsl line ya know
3 years ago
I agree with you somewhat shark. These things can impact the room but if your computer isn't totally ancient, it can still handle it but it will be slowed down...slightly. That doesn't mean the cam won't work. There may be issues in the chat but cam quality and functioning should stay the same.
3 years ago
100% true

but still can't eliminate the other factors like

1. excessive tying of the users
2. excessive usage of emotion icons
3. spams and repeating
3 years ago
You testify! I hope people read this.