A Way to Keep Warm

A Way to Keep Warm
by Lola Bohemia

Chilly December winds blow over the partitions in the loft. It's difficult warming the place even when bundled up. Almost like the cold is penetrating you, getting inside you and your every vein is almost frozen.

I had gone to bed earlier than my husband craving the enveloping blankets that would hold me warmly. Even though I was cold I still wore silk to bed letting it rub up against my goosepimpled skin hoping the sensation would be distracting. It turned out to be, but not at that moment.

I remember being groggy and suddenly waking up feeling hot skin rubbing against me. A hand traveling up and down my thigh and gripping tightly. The hand went under my silk nightgrown and found it's way to my tits with it's perky hardened nipples, a result from the chill. As he is caressing me I feel him getting hard against my ass as he lifts up my nightgown and pressed it against me, his throbbing cock that was amazingly warm.

With all the rubbing we were grinding into each other and my pussy started to get wetter and warmer. It seemed that this was better than a blanket all of the sudden. Being against his body I held on tightly and began to moan. His fingers dug into my skin grabbing at my tits.

I rolled over and faced him while taking the straps off my gown and exposing my round tits, putting them directly into his face. His mouth latched on and he sucked my nipples turning them from icy cold to warm and wet. I grabbed his head and pulled him into my chest, pulled his body into me. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Get on that cock," he said and I promptly followed.

I love to straddle him and ease down slowly so he feels every little inch of me and also because my pussy is deliciously tight. I glide now and he lets out a moan when he's completely inside. This makes me wetter, hearing his moans and breath get more intense as I start moving around on him, getting ready to pound on top of him and use him to get off.

Having his cock inside me makes an amazing clitoral orgasm. He loves the fact that I use him to cum and I certainly make him my toy for the moment. Still on top I start rubbing my swollen clit and gushing on him. I knew it wouldn't take long for me to cum at all as I heard him start to beg.

"Oh yes, cum all over that hard cock, get it soaked. Drip on me!" he moans and grabs my thighs as I quiver and rub harder, ready to cum.

Rubbing harder I feel it building up. My body starts to curl up with intensity and suddenly my pussy is so tight around him I cum and cannot stop moaning. I keep rubbing and rubbing even after the initial orgasm and am still gushing and soaking him. As I fuck him more I can hear my juices splatter when my ass grinds against him.

I don't stop fucking him despite being completely out of breath. I hold onto his arms and fuck and bounce on his cock watching his face, his eyes rolling back, his mouth quivering. I tell him, "You are going to fucking explode."

I keep slamming onto him and I see him getting closer. He's about to blow.

I jump off his cock and quickly am beside him on my knees sucking the cum out of him. "Ohhhhhhhhh fuuucccckkkk," he says as I suck up mine and his cum while he shoots it into my mouth. I stroke him hard making sure it's all out and swallow every drop hungrily. So yummy was his cum and there was so much to swallow.

I fall back onto the bed and continue breathing heavily. I realize I am no longer cold as I lay against him, kicking off the blankets and holding on tight.
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2 years ago
I loved that story...my cock is hard
3 years ago
Short, very sweet & really gets to the point. I now have to go take care of something that just popped up. ;)
3 years ago
Incredible story, Goddess
3 years ago
very hot my girl and I dont stop there we lick each other clean, I love the taste of her cum mixed with mine so sweet