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How to instantly get on my bad side. Meet: qqqqvvv

So with the misfortune of people being able to look me up via location I run into some people who think that friendship is easily granted. Case in point, the ever so eloquent user: "qqqqvvvv". I'm guessing he let his doberman type out that username.

Go on, "meet" him:

Either way, I'm sent about 40 messages every time I log on. When I first signed up for the site I made the mistake of adding everyone who sent me a friend request not knowing there was a limit or understanding how later down the road it would affect me. With this knowledge, I am now picking about who I add and am very short with responses.

Here is the surefire way to get yourself roasted publicly
(note this is listed in descending order meaning last one is first, first message is last):

6:13 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
fuck you BITCH ((This is after I told him that basically trying to befriend someone without knowing them is not the way to go and that he should be fortunate to even get me on cam to himself considering my work on here.))

6:12 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
ok so let it go I have

6:12 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
understood be cool

6:11 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
this is not real is it?

6:10 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
does it matter? were not going to be friends

6:09 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
you were in my list and if you dont want to be friends oh well

6:08 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
just trying to have friends on here

6:06 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
wasup ((Video call starts))

5:29 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
all good fu ((He is telling me "Fuck you" because I denied his request, I don't know him. This is what starts the video call.))

4:34 pm, December 13 LolaBohemia
nope. ((Plain and simple, I don't know the guy))

4:19 pm, December 13 qqqqvvvv
hi your in box is full may i have a friend request....

I tried having a polite conversation with the guy but it seems that despite English being his first language, he still doesn't quite understand it or manners for that matter. I'll talk to whoever but chances are it's more likely if you actually get my shows, support me on here, or are encouraging. Being a massive dickhead is not the way to do it.

UPDATE: He did attempt to say "sorry...." but has me blocked without the ability to respond. Fail, dude. Fail.

Posted by LolaBohemia 2 years ago
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2 years ago
See you Got 4186 Friends , Right ? Do u know all of them ? lol .... let the response be YES .. and what did the man do of wrong ? he asked for your frienship that's all ... he started peacefully .. but suddenly u blocked all way of conversation ..eehehhehe i know u can remember just of 4186 Friends if they will be 4187 u'll forget them all lololll.. may be he's ugly at your eyes or black aren't ur style (I'm white but not racist and i guess u aren't too)... but u would give some chance to mister "Doberman" when your business partner is calling ... Not writing this and turn it to a popular constest since u got only the small cock and hairy and ugly men who are jerking for u and tips when u do ur show ....
Be honest and simple telling him u don't accept individual videocall... then if he bahves bad u can block him one for all . . .
Cam model is a character and good behaviour too , it is not only nice body with which u collect tips and token .....

i'm sure u will not read this ...but that's my view point
2 years ago
Well, you can't fault his persistence.
2 years ago
seriously, if you read this, let him know that this blog exists as I am still blocked despite him trying to say 'sorry' to me. LOL.

Also feel free to tell him he isn't a damn thug. Idiot.
2 years ago
Ha. That's hilarious as hell.
I have a few people like that who I screen captured
thru my notes on here. And they blocked me for saying something that's the truth or just rejection for a friend request.
2 years ago
So....are we all going to spam him with friend requests now ?
2 years ago
Whats funny, this guy is still messaging me with things like..


"u up??"

AND HE STILL HAS ME BLOCKED! What the hell? Who gave this retard a fucking computer? Please tell me he is at the library or some shit. Actually, wait, that's even worse...
2 years ago
wow sucks to be that dude. thanks for being my friend I haven't been around much laptop issues...
2 years ago
ahh so much win
2 years ago
lol oh to have been a fly on the wall lol
2 years ago
jerkoffs like him give us true perverts a bad name