me and nana

There are not alot of things im good at or i like, like spelling so sorry for any mistakes :3 anyway on with the story xD
For the record this IS a true story <3

i woke up at about 7:00 in the morning after a killer party... well i think it was killer i cant remember much of it,i got up took a slash,had a wash ect. at about 10:00 i got off my ass to go see my nana, ive always thought my nana was super hot as i have always had a thing for older women and i mean OLDER. I got to town got a got a coffee from Starbucks and head off to my nanas.

When i got to my nanas house i was just thinking about her big ass body and how sexy it is, i knocked on the door and when she answered the door reveled my nana with a see through silk full body dress(ill tell you now i havent had a wank in weeks when this happened)my cock nearly burst out my shorts.

she invited me in and we talked for 30 min and i could see her eyeing up my cock area but she probably saw me eyeing up her big titties and her nipples,but me being the honey bastard i was i got more of an erection and while it grew her eyes got bigger i tried to hide it but she said " nothing i haven't seen before, come here i need to show you something",now i got up and edged over to her and stood she went into her bag and brought out 5 to 6 condoms and asked which one, i stood in owe... after standing there for about 4 minutes i picked the chocolate condom so she picked it up and tore the packaging off and placed it in her mouth and the said " draw the curtains and take our cloths off" so i did what she asked and walked back over to her, she then said"ever had a girl before?" i shook my head then she said"great ill be your first"and smiled.

i was stood there for about 3 minutes until my nana grabbed my cock i nearly cumed there and then,she then put then place the condom on the table and placed her old lips around my young cock ... brb.....need a wank ;)

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