to sore

Fuck, fuck, fuck.. This is what me and my husband love to do. Two to three times a day for the past twenty- five years. I have never complained, but as I get older my fuck hole does not recover as fast as it used to. Yes, I use my mouth and throat, ( yes I swollow and enjoy it) but my mouth / jaws get sore. So, last week I tryed something new. My girlfriends were talking and I remembered from the past - anal sex. When my husband and I got married he talked about going into my butt, but I wasn't interested and we were doing fine every other way of sex. Well, as my other ( cunt and mouth) holes got sorer I decided I needed to use my third hole. My husband and me got down to some good oral and i told him my plan. He sure was up for it. I layed face down on our bed, feet on the floor and he got behind me. He sure was ready. I had already lubed up my butt hole and he moved in for action. He pushed each side of my butt apart and put his cock against my hole. He started to push his cock into my butt hole and boy did it hurt. I think the neighbors herd me scream. His cock head went in an he stoped. I was breathing hard, sweating up a storm with my breasts crushed into the bed and my face deep in my pillow. This i think was the first time i wished my husdands cock was smaller. He than slid in the rest of the way - not nearly as bad as the first bit of cock. Once he was all the way in ( as you can see from my pictures I have a flat ass) he got to work pumping away. It started to feel good for me and I was able to use my hand to finger my pussy. It didn't take my husband to long untl he came deep in my ass, but it was a new hole and I didn't hold that against him. He pulled out and yes my ass hole still hurt, but not to bad. Now I have a third hole to use when my cunt and mouth get sore and my hubby needs release. Not a hole for everyday fucking, ( still hurts to much, maybe hubby to big) but for special times. Let me know what you think of my stories.
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9 months ago
great story good of you to let hubby fuck you up the arse instead just giveing him a hand job and makeing him sore:)XXXXXXXXX
3 years ago
Great story thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
very hot....would love to hear more and see more
3 years ago
3 years ago
I love this! Lol, the first time you ever wished his cock was smaller!
3 years ago
To get your ass ready for regular use get a number of sizes of but plugs wear the daily working up in size read my story called jodie and bobs long talk and see how well it worked.