Out by the pool

Let me describe myself, I am a 50ish Hispanic female who is married and having a great time at this time of my life. I do not like the winter much because I must stay in more than I like due to the cold, but when it warms up I love to lay out by the pool and work on my tan. Well, spring is finally here and I have been able to start lying out by the pool and using the Jacuzzi. Our pool is somewhat secluded with walls and trees all the way around it. All the neighbors work during the day, so I have the place to myself. My husband has been away on business the past 4 days, so I was feeling pretty lonely and needed something to cool the burning in my pussy. I decided to head out and work on the tan, I put on my older bikini and out I went. What a nice day, warm sun beating down on me, no one around and just myself here to relax. I must have dozed off for awhile, and must have been dreaming about something very hot. Because I woke up with my hand rubbing the bikini bottom right over my cunt and it started to get very wet. I woke up and looked around, at first I wasn’t sure where I was, but I soon remembered that I was sunning myself in the backyard. I was very hot and horny because of my dream and thought about heading into the house to relieve myself with a little personal time, but It was such a nice day and no one was around. I do go around inside the house without cloths on, so who could it hurt to take my cloths off outside in the back yard. I am very shy about showing my body to anyone but my husband, but there have been a few accidental flashings, and again this is my own backyard. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and finally said to myself “what the fuck” and pealed off my top and than my bottoms followed. It is a strange feeling the first time you are naked outside in an area you normally wear clothing in, kind of exciting. I laid back on my towel and relaxed and let the sun warm my whole body, and I started to doze off again. That same dream must have started up again because I remember waking up thinking how wonderful it was being this excited and having the fingers of my right hand inside my now very moist pussy. I thought about finishing myself off, but I was outside and it just didn’t feel right. I decided to turn the Jacuzzi on and maybe this would help me relax. I turned on the Jacuzzi motor and headed into the Jacuzzi. As soon as my pussy hit the water I new that this might have been a mistake. I was so worked up and those jets pushing all that water out at me was just to much to resist. I slide all the way into the water and positioned one of the jets so that it was thrusting the water directly at my pussy. Oh, my god, it felt so wonderful. Not having a cock in my pussy for almost a week, and now this fantastic rush of warm water bouncing off my clit and into my cunt was just too much. I started to moan and squirm around – how it must have looked, a grown woman naked with her breasts out of the water and body facing the wall of the Jacuzzi moaning and building up to a much needed cum. Well, that is what was happening and I was really getting into it – kind of forgot that I was not inside the house. I was really moaning and getting into cumming. What I didn’t see was the meter man come into my yard to look at the electric meter. There he was standing no more than ten feet from this crazed women getting ready to have a massive organism. I was moaning and saying all kinds of nasty things and just as I was ready to cum I heard him take a deep breath. Those of you that now, once you are to a certain point in your cum, there is no stopping it and no turning back. I just let go, and had a very wonderful cum on front of this strange man. After I came I just went limp and dropped back into the Jacuzzi. Now was the uncomfortable time, here I am naked and having just had a very large noisy orgasm and now having to deal with this guy staring at me. As I was thinking of what to say, he broke the ice by telling me how wonderful I looked cumming and how he was sorry for interrupting my me time. There he was with his cock making a tent in his pants telling me how sorry he was. Can you belief that. Well now I was feeling bad that I got he all worked up and not helping him out with his hard on. I told him that he could pull out his cock and if he needed to he could jack-off to relief his hard on. Boy did he drop those pants in nothing flat and pulled out a good sized cock and he went to town. His face was turning red, and he was really working on cumming, but it felt funny just watching and not doing anything. So as he was jerking away I got out of the Jacuzzi and walked over to where he was standing and knelt in front of him and took his cock from his hands and took it into my mouth. I think he lasted all of 10 seconds before he came in my mouth and he opulled out and he squirted in my chin and chest. He pulled up his pants pretty quick and thanked me over and over as he headed around to the front on my house and back to his work. I went and laid back on my towel and relived what had just happened to my with this strangers drying cum fresh on my face and chest. What a wonderful spring day. Hope the rest of spring and summer sees many more days like this. Let me know what you think of my stories…

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3 years ago
mmmm, naughty girl
3 years ago
damn, that's hot, wish i was the one who found you
3 years ago
thanks fro the comments, I love them, I live in Hawaii, need more ideas
3 years ago
I like it. More please ..........
3 years ago
where do u live...