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This past weekend, I had another one of my adventures, and as always they seem to be getting more exciting every time.  Let me describe myself, 56 yr old Hispanic, 5 foot 2 inches tall, weight about 140, 36 d breasts, flat ass, and nice naturally hairy pussy.  I like to camp and do many different activities, so I keep pretty fit for a lady may age.  We have a group of friends that we party with once or twice a month, and many of these parties get out of control and we all end up fucking each other.  We have been doing this for a couple of years now and we all love it.  There are 6 other couples that usually make up our group and we all are great friends.  My husband likes to set up what is going to happen at these get-to-gathers’ with some of the guys, so that there is always new and exciting things to do.  Living in Hawaii also means that the weather is usually real nice, and we can go outside, out by the pool or to the beach with our friends.  Last Saturday my husband let me know that we would be spending the day with our friends, and we would be out most of the day so I needed to pack a lunch and bring some beer and wine.  We do this often and it sounded like a lied back day out..  We were going to be picked up by Kim’s (my good friend) boyfriend, in his big van – the type with window all around – with heavy tinting on them – can only see outlines if you look in the windows.  We were the last couple to be picked up and the van was packed with people.  Before we even got started my husband said that we would be having a fun day, and that all the ladies in the van needed to strip naked.  Well this was a new twist, because we were all out in public and there was a real possibility of us being seen or caught.  Seats were changed, so that the 7 or us ladies were squeezed into the back to rows of the van, and we all striped naked.  We all new that you could not be seen through the back or side windows (tinted), but the front window and the driver and passenger side windows were not tinted – added to the excitement – plus us seven naked girls were all crammed together, lots of touching of naked parts and laughing.  We got a lot quieter once the van started driving, because it was just after noon, on a Saturday and there were cars and people walking all over the place.  It is very strange, being able to see out, and not being seen, but being completely naked with a bunch of your closest friends.  Stop signs and lights were the worst, because if people looked in from the front there was the possibility of them seeing us, the same as cars driving towards us.  We drove around for awhile; the guys had a great time seeing how embarrassed we were getting.  They pulled into a parking lot of a liquor store and told Kim to put on her t-shirt, nothing else, and handed her $5 and said to go into the store and buy some beer.  You could easily see her nipples showing through her t-shirt, and the length only came down to maybe mid upper leg.  She looked pretty scared, but her man told her to get going, they opened the side door – exposing all of us to the parking lot – lucky no one was there, and Kim and her man went into the store.  They were out in about 2 minutes, beer in hand, and her man laughing.  Once safely inside the van he told us how the clerk watched her like a hawk, and how he made her bend down to get the nice cold beer on the lowest shelve in the cooler, and how her little nipples were sticking out through her t-shirt when they paid.  The guys all loved this and decided that each of us should do this – we stopped at 2 more stores and we all ended up going in – in groups of 3s to the delight of our guys.  This was no big deal for me, because I have been flashing and doing things like this with my husband for the past couple of years, but it was very new stuff for many of the girls, and they were very scared.  After we had all the beer that we needed, the guys had more fun lined up for us.  They drove us out into the less populated area of the island, to a wilderness area with trails and waterfalls and even an ocean view from on top of the cliffs.  We were all given our t-shirts to wear and shoes, but nothing else.  Most of the girls had longer t-shirts, because they were using them as cover ups for their bathing suits, so they could move around a bit without their asses showing, but mine and Kathy’s were pretty short – even standing still with my arms at my side you could still just see the bottom of my ass, and in the front you could just make out a bit of pussy fir.  Kathy’s was about equal to mine.  This was a bit less than I usually go out with, but the guys were insistent and herded us all out of the van.  I was pretty nervous, because this is a very public area with a pretty full parking lot.  No one was around while we got out and organized, but there was a very real possibility that we would run into people being here.  The guys gave us all bags, towels, beer and such to carry.  What this did, was make it even more difficult to keep all our privates covered, plus it was hot out and we were starting to sweat.  The t-shirts were already highlighting our breasts and nipples, and many of us had hard nipples, so our breasts were pretty evident through the shirts.  The guys were having a great time seeing all of us squirming.  They let us know we were going for a hike to an area they had heard of, and we would be having a picnic.  Off we went, 3 of the guys in the front and 4 following our little group of ladies,  None of the girls was talking only the guys, we were all to nervous and excited.  Walking along, I could easily see the ass of the girl in front of me, and looking at all my girlfriends I could see that as we walked, we were starting to get pretty wet from sweat.  Some of the t-shirt were getting a bit transparent, and this was getting more comments from the guys.  They really seemed to love how uncomfortable we were feeling.  About 15 minutes into our walk we cam across a couple walking down the trail,  They really got an eye full and this got the guys even more vocal and I could tell that many of the girls were mortified at being exposed in a public place like this.  Another 20 minutes or so we came to a clearing and we all stopped, there was a magnificent waterfall, with about 10 people standing around it, swimming in the pool at its base, and taking pictures.  The guys were really getting into our embarrassment, and had us walk right by the people and continue on with our hike.  As we went by the group, I could hear cameras clicking and I could see many of the girls in our group trying to shrink themselves so as to not be seen.  After another 10 minutes the guys took us off the trail and over to a small clearing surrounded by trees and bushes.  It was a relief for us girls to get off the trail and into a more secluded area, towels were laid out, and we set up the picnic.  After everything was set up the guys ordered us all to strip out of our shirts.  I am pretty comfortable naked, outside, but for many of the other girls this was a first.  There was a bit of bitching and moaning, but the guys insisted.  All the girls were now naked except for shoes, and were serving the guys their lunch.  After a few minutes most of the girls got more comfortable, and we were just like when we are at someone’s house, except you could feel the wind blowing and hear noises from nature.  After lunch, the guys were pretty frisky – seeing all that naked pussy and ass as we walked, so off came there cloths – guys find it so easy just to get naked.. And the fucking began.  It was an all out orgy, there were couples fucking all around us, and I was getting it from Kim’s boyfriend in my pussy and sucking on Cindy’s pussy.  There was lots of sex going on, for quiet some time.  After all the guys had fucked many of us girls, some many times, we were all pretty fucked out.  Looking around you could see guys and girls laying everywhere, cum on many of the girls, splattered across their asses, and in their pussy hair, and on their faces.  We just laid out there and relaxed.  As it got latter, it was time to head back to the van and home, none of us wanted to get up and move, but we new that we must, The guys allowed us to put our t-shirts back on, but not clean up any of the mess that they had made on and in us.  As I walked, I could feel cum oozing down my legs from my well fucked asshole and pussy, I could see many of the other girls were having the same problem.  I also saw that some of us had cum in our hair and across our faces.  God, after ad good group fuck, there seems to be cum everywhere.  We came back down the trail and when we came to the waterfall, we new we were in trouble.  There was easily 50 to 75 people there enjoying the buety of the falls, and the guys walked us right past them.  Again you could hear pictures being taking and lots of comments about what we looked like.  We walked a much faster pace to the van, passing many more groups that were on the way up from their cars to the falls. We were all scared, embarrassed and totally humiliated by the time we got to the van.  The guys were beside themselves with laughter and than to top it off, they made us strip right there in the parking lot to get into the van.  Once in the van, the guys were loud, and us girls were talking amongst ourselves, and they all said how totally exciting it was to be this vulnerable in public.  On the way home, my husband had them stop the van so that he could take me in to a small food store wearing my t-shirt, to pick up some gum – inside the store I was able to flash my cum stained face, legs, and pussy and ass to the 3 guys who were inside the store.. He made me pick up the gum container from the floor – bending at the waist so that all my goodies were in full view.  We left just as a carload of d***ken guys pulled up; opening the van door gave them all a great view of 6 totally naked ladies and me climbing in.  Off we drove, all laughing and having a good time.  We stopped at our house and we all had some more wine and talked about what we did.  It was decided that this was fun and super exciting, and that we would do things like this again.  Most of the couples stayed over the night with plenty of fucking going on.. Great weekend for all..
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damn hot story!