Night shift fun

Well, I have continued to push my own limits, and last night was another night of fun and new exciting stuff. I am a nurse that works the night shift in a large hospital and was at work last night. As you know I am in my mid 50’s, Hispanic, have been getting wilder and wilder the past 5-6 years sexually, and have not found much I would not try. At how I don’t like wearing cloths, in public I am still pretty conservative (in the area I live) to keep up my good homemaker appearance, but outside my area, I love flashing and doing things that most women would not dream of. Last night at work was pretty slow, and most of my work was done by 1am, just setting at the nurses station looking at the computer and trying to kill time. We have interns and residents that cover at night, and they are pretty fun to talk to (average age is 25-28), will in walks Dr Jones, a young looking guy, pretty cocky, but fun to tease and flirt with. We are talking for some time, and I am doing a fair amount of sexual flirting with him, even thou I am older than his parents, I was just having a good time. He tells me that he has a movie that we were discussing in his call-room and if I wanted to borrow it for the night. Sounded good to me, so I followed him to the call-room and went in to get it. Once inside, Dr Jones turned around and grabbed both my breasts and kissed me on the lips – surprised the heck out of me.. He was a nice guy, but young, and this was work. I asked him what he was doing, and he became very flustered, and started saying sorry, over and over again – I thought that I must have hurt him or something, I told him it was all right, but that he needed to ask a women before he just grabbed her and started kissing. He looked so sweet with his head down and mumbling I am sorry. I sat him down on the bed and started talking to him to relax him a bit, he was really upset and said that he was not very comfortable around girls (can you imagine me being called a girl) and he just mumbling how sorry he was. I put my arm around his shoulders and he moved his head down onto my shoulder. I was trying to make him feel better, but I guess from the angle he was in he could see right down my scrub top. All at once he stopped mumbling and reached up and locked his hand back onto my breast and started squeezing. He was pretty clumsy, but it was working on me, I was getting excited. I figured, what the fuck, and pushed him back on the bed and pulled my scrub top over my head and dropped it to the floor. He was like a k** in a candy store, he lunged at my bra-covered breasts and almost ripped my bra off (I did help him by undoing it in the back before he hurt himself and me trying to undo it), he just latched his hungry lips to my nipple and started sucking like a baby. Now this really got me going, and I moved around and untied my scrub bottoms and they dropped to the floor followed almost immediately by my panties, He stopped sucking and pushed me down onto the bed and dove his hungry mouth straight into my hairy bush, what he wasn’t was good at oral sex, but he did make up for it in desire. His licking out my pussy only lasted a minute of two, before he came up for air and dropped his scrub pants showing off his average sized cock (to bad it couldn’t have been bigger), but he drove it straight up and into my cunt with one shove. He started pumping pretty hard and fast, I think he lasted all of 1 minute, and he came inside of me. He rolled off and there standing at the door was the intern who shared the call room with Dr Jones, cock in hand, masturbating himself. He looked at me lying there naked with cum oozing out of my pussy, and motioned to me if it was all right to take a crack at you pussy. I was hot, bothered and not satisfied by the first fuck of the night, so I said, “come on”, and he hopped on for a quick fuck. He slid in pretty easy (I was wet and the cum) and he started pumping. His cock felt bigger, and I think he had more experience than Dr Jones, He lasted longer – enough time for me to get off, and when he came, he to rolled off and I was able to catch my breath. I cleaned up as best I could, and got dressed – had a floor full of patients to care for, The rest of the night I had that quivering in my pussy, but I maintained control and finished up the shift. In the morning as I was getting ready to leave for home, I saw Dr Jones and the intern getting ready for rounds, they made eye contact with me and waved me over to them, They thank me for making their call memorable and that they hopped that they could do it again – perfect gentlemen. All the way home I played the events of the night in my head, had I crossed a line by fucking coworkers???

100% (7/0)
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9 months ago
great night shift slut
good of you to empty your co-workers balls for them:)XXXXXX
9 months ago